Getting big money out of politics: Where do we go from here?

By Rick Bourdon
Co-chair, Open Democracy Action

Americans get it. We are divided on many issues, but the need to reform the way campaigns are funded is not one of them.

In a Bloomberg Politics national poll last year, 78 percent of respondents agreed that the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision−the ruling largely responsible for the deluge of political spending since 2010−be overturned. Eighty-seven percent want a campaign finance system in which the wealthy have no more political influence than the less well-off. Answers varied little by respondents' party affiliation or ideology.

Such results underscore broad consensus on the twin threads of this country's democracy movement: (1) curbing corruption and (2) ensuring an equal voice for all. The problem is understood.

But what about the solution? I wish I could say that simply overturning Citizens United will cure all ills. It won't. The real answer is−well, it's complicated. No standalone measure can do the job. We must move on a number of fronts both in Washington and here in New Hampshire.

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