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-  Updated Feb 3, 2021 -

This week's Action

Valentines for H.R. 1 / S1  -  This week, we're sending valentines to our Congressional delegation for H.R. 1 and S. 1, and our national coalition friends, the Declaration for American Democracy are rolling it out nationally!   H.R. 1 is one is one of the boldest Democracy reform bills in our lifetimes, and Congressional leaders have prioritized it as one of the first big legislative packages for 2021.   Learn more about it  We have several resources for you below, starting with messaging, then some graphics created.  Send ASAP by postal mail to:

Annie Kuster
18 North Main Street
Fourth Floor
Concord, NH 03301
Chris Pappas 
889 Elm Street
Manchester, NH 03101
Maggie Hassan 
1589 Elm Street
Third Floor
Manchester, NH 03101
Senator Shaheen
2 Wall Street, Suite 220
Manchester, NH 03101


  • We LOVE what you do for Democracy  - Thanks for supporting H.R.1
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, for your commitment to Democracy, we thank YOU!   Thanks for supporting S1
  • Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Democracy isn't something we HAVE, it's something we DO!    Thanks for making H.R. 1 happen!
  • You might not be able to fix a broken heart, but we CAN fix Democracy!    We love that you support H.R. 1!
  • New Hampshire LOVES H.R. 1!    Thanks for your support!
  • I'd love you if only you'd reform  -- our Democracy!     Thanks for supporting S1
  • Doris "Granny D" Haddock:   "“Let us choose life and love, and happily use our selves up in loving service to one another.”   Thanks for your service, and thanks for supporting H.R. 1
  • Doris "Granny D" Haddock:   “There are two kinds of politics in the world: the politics of love and the politics of fear.”   Thanks for serving NH, and for supporting H.R. 1
  • Doris "Granny D" Haddock:  “Love is about cooperation, sharing and inclusion. It is about the elevation of each individual to a life neither suppressed nor exploited, but instead nourished to rise to its full potential--a life for its own sake and so that we may all benefit by the gift of that life.” - Don't let Granny D's effort be in vain -- be a champion for H.R. 1!

Make Your Own Card

We've made a generic HR 1 Valentine in PDF for which you can craft your own message, or one from above.      "We LOVE what you do for Democracy"   This quarter folds into a standard note card envelope, and you can add your own message.

Or you can make your own card from scratch, or using some of these graphics.   (Thanks to Joe & Melinda Bagshaw for the graphics.)  Have fun with it! 




If you enjoy this action and want to do more, consider joining an Open Democracy Team.   Our six regional teams are briefed each week for an hour and given 1-3 actions each week, but with more learning and strategy involved.   Actions include writing letters to legislators, letters to the editor, working with your local election officials on issues, calling your state reps and senators, and fun actions like this signs, walks, parades and festivals.   You can choose your level of commitment, but you'll be a smarter, more engaged, more powerful citizen as a result!  Check it out

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