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-  Updated April 19, 2021 -

This week's Action

Tuesday, April 20, NH Secretary of State William Gardner will be testifying to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, and we anticipate a diatribe against HR 1/S1 For the People Act, and we'd guess a story telling us how NH doesn't prevent access to the ballot.  The bills just passed and proposed in the NH legislature shows this is not true.   This will undoubtedly be covered by NH media.

Our Open Demcracy Teams have been posting the graphics below for about 10 days, and we need you to also begin posting them via your social media channels and in local Facebook groups for town political committees.   These use themes and language for widest audience, based on advice and polling from our national allies

Please post one or two per day, beginning as soon as possible.   We cannot let the misinformation being peddled by Big Money to bring down the For the People Act, one of the most important pieces of Democracy legislation in our lifetimes. 

If you need more information about the For the People Act, visit author and prime sponsor, Rep. John Sarbane's summaries and videos.   

Walk on!  

Brian Beihl, Deputy Director, Open Democracy Action


(Right click on the graphics and Save Graphic As to download, then copy and paste the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter-friendly graphics into your post)

Word has it that in one redistricting cycle, the sitting NH Congressmen personally negotiated the lines of the Congressional Districts--Politicians picking their voters, not voters picking their politicians. The #HR1 #S1 #ForthePeopleAct would do it fairly.


Many people can't spare earnings from their paycheck to vote. #HR1 / #S1 For the People Act helps hardworking Americans to make sure their voice is heard in our country's policy decisions, and makes sure billionaires aren't making decisions for us. #NHPolitics

Ever wonder who is behind the awful ads - like the ones being run against #HR1 and #S1? The For the People Act would require those bad actors to disclose WHO is behind them. #NHPolitics. Learn more

The #HR1 #S1 For the People Act will protect our freedom to vote by making sure that voting options are equally accessible across all 50 states, make sure our voices are heard. #NHPolitics Learn more:


#HR1 & #S1 For the People Act proposes something NH already has, Same Day Registration, which NH has done for years without issues. This helps makes voting accessible to all Granite Staters. In fact, @GovChrisSununu calls NH's election system the "gold standard." #NHPolitics

Think of the scandals we've seen in the last few years: Insider trading; self-dealing to profit from legislation; bribery; quid pro quo. #HR1 / #S1 #ForthePeopleAct strengthens ethics rules in all branches of the federal government, including SCOTUS and White House.

We're all sick & tired of "Americans for Apple Pie " running untruthful ads about our candidate. The #HR1 / #S1 #ForthePeopleAct makes Dark Money Groups say who is bankrolling the ads. Sunshine is a good antiseptic! #NHPolitics


The FEC has been a mess for years. It's been purposely left with stalemated numbers, so no action can be taken. The #HR1 / #S1 #ForthePeopleAct will reform the FEC to do what it's supposed to do: Keep bad actors on the straight and narrow.

You shouldn't have to sell your soul to run for a federal office. The #HR1 / #S1 #ForthePeopleAct has a provision which helps candidates of ANY PARTY to run for office. The candidate raises funds, then gets matched. That way, candidates aren't owned by special interests.

You've seen the lines in Georgia, heard about the removal of drop boxes in Texas, and now, more requirements for using an absentee ballot. This is not about "election integrity." It's about stopping some voters from exercising their freedom to vote. #HR1 /#S1 ends the barriers.


Patriotic Americans want to see their freedom to vote protected, equal access for all voters, keep billionaires from buying our elections, and ethics reforms to keep our politicians working for us. That's why smart voters support the For the People Act, and are calling their U.S Senators at 888-453-3211 to tell them to do what it takes to get it passed.




If you did this action and want to do more, consider joining an Open Democracy Team.   Our six regional teams are briefed each week for an hour and given 1-3 actions each week, but with more learning and strategy involved.   Actions include writing letters to legislators, letters to the editor, working with your local election officials on issues, calling your state reps and senators, and fun actions like this signs, walks, parades and festivals.   You can choose your level of commitment, but you'll be a smarter, more engaged, more powerful citizen as a result!  Check it out

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