About Open Democracy Action

Open Democracy Action's mission is to bring about and safeguard political equality for the people of New Hampshire. This will only happen through an open, accountable, and trusted democratic government, “of, by, and for the people,” that is free from the corrupting influence of big-money politics. Where elected officials are accountable to the voters, not wealthy special interest groups.

We work to do this by:

  • educating and informing the public, civic, and political leaders about legislation and other actions needed to replace the big-money political system, which perpetuates political inequality, with a system of people politics that encourages equality;
  • advocating with elected officials and the public to enact specific reforms that will create political equality; and
  • supporting and mobilizing groups, candidates, and elected officials who support the reform agenda.
Open Democracy Action is led by a volunteer board of directors and energized by committed advocates from throughout New Hampshire. Please join us!