2020 Granny D Week Activities

Granny D Week Actions & Events Jan. 21 - 28

Twenty years ago, a 90-year-old New Hampshire woman walked into Washington, DC after an epic 14-month, 3,200 mile walk from California to sound the alarm on corruption in our Democracy.   

This coming week, you can honor Granny D's love for our country by taking action yourself and attending one or more events around the state.  Remember that Granny D said, "Democracy isn't something we have; it's something we DO!"


Tuesday, January 21 - 10th Anniversary of Citizens United

10:00 AM   Hearing for HCR 8, celebrating August 26, 2020 as the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which guarantees that the right to vote shall not be denied on the basis of sex.  Election Law Committee, Rm 308, Legislative Office Building (LOB)

10:30 AM  Show support at the hearing for HB 1191, defining what campaign funds can and cannot be used for.  LOB, Concord.

11:00 AM  Attend this important hearing for HB 1643, a bill banning corporations  and special interests from making donations directly to candidates using unrestricted funds.  LOB, Concord.

RIP_Democracy_w_type.jpg11:30 AM - 12:30 PM  "Funeral for Democracy If we'd only done something sooner!"   Please help us with some street theatre.   We need mourners, dressed in black, to carry Democracy's coffin (Yes, we have one) down the sidewalks in downtown Concord, then have a funeral at noon in front of the State House.  We'll have eulogies from James Madison, Betsy Ross, Gerry Mander, Sue Pression, who will wonder if we could have saved Democracy if we'd only taken to the streets to take action before the people's power was taken from us by special interests.  We need lots of pictures taken and shared of this one.   Don't miss it!   RSVP Here

1:00 PM   A hearing on HB 1525, which requires registration and reporting of groups spending $2500 or more of political activity in New Hampshire to register with the Secretary of State's office.   Show your support and help us shine a light on Dark Money!

Wednesday, January 22

6:30 PM   Campaign Finance Corruption Chorus practice and action.    The CFCC will be showing up to candidate events, the Democratic Debate, and strolling in Manchester in the last few days of the NH Primary.  Singers needed no matter your skill level!   RSVP here

Thursday, January 23

12 Noon   Granny D Day Luncheon with NH Legislators, St. Paul's Church basement, Concord.    Join NH State Representatives, Senators and citizens for a free luncheon honoring Granny D's birthday, and hear a reading of the Governor's proclamation of Granny D Day.   Also speaking will be Doris's grandson, Lawrence Haddock, her co-author, Dennis Burke, a friend and supporter of Doris, Francie Von Mertens.   RSVP here. Oh, and please personally invite your legislator to come  -- here are the details on how to ask.

Friday, January 24  -   Doris "Granny D" Haddock Day in New Hampshire

11 AM - 1 PM   Monadnock Action Cafe, Monadnock Co-Op cafe, Keene. a cooperative action with Rights & Democracy Monadnock.  We're going to "veto-the-veto" of last year's HB 706 and demand the governor approve the new independent redistricting commission bill, HB 1665, and take other actions on other issues as well. RSVP Here

3 PM - ODA Seacoast Regional Democracy Team Granny D Birthday visibility holding Granny D and money-in-politics signs, Market Square, Portsmouth, NH.   Bring your straw hats and signs, or use one of ours!    Want more information on our Regional Democracy Teams?  Go here

7 PM  - Showing of the 30 min. documentary, "Granny D Goes to Washington," presented by ODA Monadnock Regional Democracy Team,  followed by a discussion.   RSVP and more information here

Tuesday, January 28

10 AM  - IMPORTANT HEARING for HB 1665, another effort to overcome partisan gerrymandered cheating and give NH fair voting districts.   Please show your support at the Election Law Committee,  Legislative Office Building, 10:30.

Remember, TOGETHER, WE FIX IT!  Hope to see you at one of these important events!

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