Regional Democracy Teams

Thanks for considering being part of an Open Democracy Action Regional Democracy Team here in New Hampshire.   If you are outside of New Hampshire, there are other ways for you to help, but our regional teams are working in their towns and neighborhoods here in the Granite State only.

Open Democracy Action just launched its Regional Democracy Teams in November of 2019, and we're still sorting out the infrastructure and mission.   Your voice is important at this critical time as each team decides what activities are best within each region.       

Go to the Regional Democracy Teams sign-up page

Our organization, founded by New Hampshire campaign finance reformer Doris "Granny D" Haddock, who at 89 years old in 1999, set off on a walk across the United States to raise the alarm of how our campaign finance system was creating a system of legal bribery, particularly at the federal level.   She was a critical part of kindling nationwide support for the McCain-Feingold campaign finance reform bill, which passed in 2002.   Granny D died in 2010, but unfortunately lived to see the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, which rendered her work for McCain-Feingold moot.  But Granny D remains a hero, not just here in New Hampshire, but for reformers all over the country, for showing what one ordinary person can do to make change.

Our Regional Democracy Teams will work around their areas on a variety of activities, but all of it related to strengthening our Democracy:

  • Exhibiting at local fairs and festivals
  • Walking or doing street theater in parades (We've done "SuperPAC Man" and "Senator Philmore Pockets" in past parades)
  • Speaking to school, civic and religious groups about our issues
  • Calling state reps when Democracy legislation is pending
  • Writing letters to the editor in your area
  • Talking with other activist groups, such as climate, pipeline, healthcare, or other groups which get blocked by Big Money interests.
  • Hosting an annual Granny D Day walk on January 24th, or reading one of her speeches on the steps of your town hall.
  • Do a screening of one of several money-in-politics movies at your local library
  • and whatever else you can dream up to further our cause!

If you're ready to take action, go to our Regional Democracy Teams sign up page, confirm what region you're in, and sign up.   You'll be doing your part to help save our republic by getting our democracy back in the hands of the PEOPLE, not special interests or corporations.

As Granny D said, "Democracy isn't something we HAVE, it's something we DO!"

Time to Take Action!


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