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Monadnock RDT


Monadnock RDT Google Group or

Email:  [email protected]

Brian Beihl, 603-620-8300

Laura Lynch, 603-703-8796

Shared Google Calendar for All Teams, including Zoom Links for meetings and Action Cafe meet ups


Seacoast RDT


Seacoast RDT Google Group

Email: [email protected]

Brian Beihl, 603-620-8300

Upper Valley RDT


Upper Valley RDT Google Group

Email: [email protected]

Olivia Zink, 603-321-7654

North Country RDT


North Country RDT Google Group

Email: oda-north-countr[email protected]

Brian Beihl, 603-620-8300

Ellin Leonard

Central NH RDT


Central NH RDT Google Group

Email: [email protected]

Brian Beihl, 603-620-8300

Jim Howard, 603-491-8131

Southern NH RDT

(Towns served)

Southern NH RDT Google Group

Email: [email protected]


Brian Beihl, 603-620-8300



RDT Action & Information Pages

Contact Your NH Senator Tool

GenCourt's Contact Your NH Rep Tool 

Letter to the Editor (LTE) Resources from the Sierra Club

Voting Rights / Absentee Ballot / Voter Registration

Action Links:

RDT Action Page for No Excuse Absentee Ballot / Covid 19 Voting

Green Light to Share!   How to Vote with an Absentee Ballot in NH is the Landing page for the public for the "Don't Let COVID-19 Keep You for Voting" campaign.  SHARE this early and often!

SOS One-page voter guidance on Covid 19 Voting, Registration & Party Affiliation

New! Social Media & Printed Materials for the "Don't Let COVID-19 Keep You for Voting" campaign.  These are for you to use to create your own posts to your networks, for community pages and for groups to which you belong.

Education Links:  

New!  Final report of the Select Committee on 2020 Emergency Election Support

Home page for the Select Committee on 2020 Emergency Election Support - Links to the hearings

FAQ for Supervisors of the Checklist on Sept. State Primary preparations

Olivia Zink's written testimony on May 12 to the Emergency Election Support Committee

Memo from the SOS announcing the "Select Committee on Emergency Election Support"

Open Democracy's Memo to the "Select Committee on Emergency Election Support"

SOS page with CARES $3.2 million grant & HAVA information

Memo from the SOS & NH Attorney General Allowing Use of "Physical Disability" as an excuse for voting absentee

Brennan Center on How NH's Preparation Compares wtih Other States

Brennan Center's specific recommendations for states and municipalities for voting during Covid 19



Redistricting / Gerrymandering / Independent Redistricting Commission

Action Links

Action page for HB 1665 Advisory Independent Redistricting Commission

Education Links

HB 1665 Information Handout

Untangling Gerrymandering & Redistricting - Olivia Zink, Lucas Myer, Kyri Claflin. Liz Tentarelli and Henry Klementowicz

Money in Politics

Action Links

Education Links

How Public Financing of Elections works, and why it's key to ending corruption  - Olivia Zink, Adam Eichen & Nick Nyhart


Regional Democracy Team Recruiting and Team Management Information

Recruting Page for Regional Democracy Team members:  SHARE!

List of NH Towns in Each Regional Democracy Team

Link to ALL Democracy in Action workshops and handouts

Team Management Training by Gerri King, 2020 Democracy in Action Conference

The Art of Facilitation -

What every organizer must know to build power & Move Members to Action - Isaac Grimm,  Louise Spencer,  Arnie Alpert & Olivia Zink

Recruiting, Keeping and Using Volunteers Effectively