NH Democracy Legislation Scorecard

How did YOUR reps vote on Democracy in the 2019 Session of the Legislature? 

Open Democracy Action's 2019 NH Democracy Legislative Scorecard has been posted to the ODA website and it has been distributed to our members via email and social media.

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The good news is that 145 NH State Representatives had 100% scores on the roll call legislation, representing 36% of the legislature. The bad news is that 142 members have a 0% score.  To find out how your state reps, senator and govenor scored, visit the 2019 NH Democracy Legislative Scorecard page. Knowledge is POWER!

Take Action! After reviewing your legislators' voting record on the Scorecard, write a letter to the editor to your local paper pointing other voters to this important information. Also, if you could take the time to call or write your representatives and senator, please thank those who voted for Democracy reform legislation, and ask those who voted against that legislation why they did so, given that most voters support such reforms. Thank you! You'll feel good about letting them know how you feel!

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