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Actions for Dec 14 - Jan 1, 2023

Action #1 - Chat with Clerk

SB418, the bill that requires voters to cast a provisional ballot if they come to the polls without photo ID or if they register same-day for the first time in NH, goes into effect in 2023. Clerks and election workers will need to learn and put in place these new procedures in a matter of weeks. The goal of this action is to continue relationship building with our clerks, and reach out to see:

1. Does your clerk need help implementing the new rules of SB418?


2. Do they need any extra poll workers for any upcoming elections (town meetings, school board, etc)?

We may be able to help clerks with extra resources about the law change, and/or locate additional poll workers.

Please let Sara ([email protected]) or Olivia ([email protected]) know by email if you talked to your clerks, and what they said, since we will not see you all next week for a report back. Reminder: Dec 16th is the last team meeting for 2022.


Action #2 - Share Jan 17 book club - Democracy Vouchers

The Open Democracy Book Club returns Jan 17th, 2023 at 7PM EST on zoom!

Please spread the word and join us, RSVP here:


Sample social/graphics:

Retweet us HERE

Share us on facebook HERE

Like us on Instagram/Share our post to your story HERE



Action #3 - Spread the Word! End of Year Giving

2022 is almost at a close, and the year has flown by! 'Tis the season when many do end-of-year giving, and as Team members you are the best spokespeople for Open Democracy/Open Democracy Action's work. Please share OD/ODA's opportunities for end of year giving below, and share your stories of action. We would be grateful for your contribution, as well - thank you everyone who supported OD/ODA financially this year!

Open Democracy:

Open Democracy Action:


*Bonus* - Call US Senators to pass the Electoral Count Act reform and funding for election infrastructure

The goal of this action is to pass the Senate's version of the Electoral Count Act reform (the bill that would close the loopholes exploited on Jan 6th, 2021) and pass a bill slated to send ~$400 million dollars in federal funding to states for election infrastructure upgrades before Senate/House turnover.

  • Senator Shaheen (202-224-2841)
  • Senator Hassan (202-224-3324)


Hi this is _____ from ____, NH. It’s absolutely essential that Congress update the Electoral Count Act and address the chronic underfunding of our elections before the year is over. We need to ensure another January 6 can never happen again, prevent a constitutional crisis following future presidential elections, and ensure our election workers have appropriate funding so that they can continue to run free and fair elections. Please pass the Electoral Count Act reform and forward election infrastructure funding!


Actions for Dec 7 - 14, 2022 

Action #1 - Congratulate Your Reps/Senator on their Win! (Start Relationship Building)

The goal of this action is to make initial, positive, contact with your newly elected Reps/Senator to start building a working relationship. You could send a postcard, email, make a phone call - any contact will do! Contact details for most Reps/Senators are under last week’s actions.

Sample language:

Dear Rep/Sen. ____,

Congratulations on your win at the State House! I am passionate about working to strengthen our democracy, and look forward to working with you on ______ issue.

Congratulations on your win at the State House! Thank you for being a pro-democracy champion, and consistently voting to protect our freedom to vote. Please continue to do so this year!

Congratulations on your win at the State House! I closely follow legislation related to voting rights, redistricting, and money in politics, and am curious to hear where you stand on these issues. What are your thoughts about _____ policy?

Action #2 - Bipartisan Relationship Building

The goal of this action is to start building a working relationship with 1-2 Republicans or Republican-lean Independents, to continue to build bipartisan grassroots support for our mission. The House/Senate are incredibly evenly divided in terms of partisanship this session, and we will need to bring in allies of all political persuasions to speak to legislators of all parties on our issues.

Step #1: Brainstorm

  • Who is in your circles that you might build a relationship with, or you already have a relationship with that you could call on during the legislative session? Is there someone you see regularly at a book club? At the gym? At your kid’s/grandchildren's school events? A neighbor you've already talked to about politics you want to learn more about?

Step #2: Take a step toward relationship building!

  • This might look different for the person/people you’ve identified, but the goal is to better understand where the person stands on democracy issues, and if they would be interested in taking action. See if they would be interested in a coffee and a chat, or some other collaborative activity that could get the relationship going. Figure out where the person has common ground on our issues, and as a stepping stone even invite them to an OD event! 

Action #3 - Tell us your 2023 schedule!

The goal of this action is to create a schedule for the Regional Democracy Teams that makes it possible for as many people to attend and get involved as possible in 2023. Please fill out THIS POLL HERE or select from options below and email [email protected]  what times/dates work best for you:

What time(s) during the week best for you to meet of the following? Select all that apply.

  • 12-1PM 
  • 1PM-2PM
  • 2PM-3PM
  • 3PM-4PM
  • 4PM-5PM
  • 5PM-6PM

What day(s) of the week would you be able to make a team meeting? Check all that apply.

  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Feel free to include any other details we missed!


Actions for Nov 30 - Dec 7, 2022 

Action #1 - Contact your Representatives/Senator, urge them to vote for a pro-voter Secretary of State

On Dec 7th, newly elected Representatives and Senators will come together to elect the next Secretary of State. This week is crunch time for this election, and a really powerful opportunity to take action and immediately see results to put a Secretary of State in place who will forward voter-friendly policies and strengthen our democracy.

Please find your county's Reps/Senators on the county spreadsheets below, and call/email them this week and early next week.


Senators: Senator Contact list HERE


Call script: 

Hi, this is _____, and I’m a constituent from ______. Is Rep/Senator _____ available?

Thank you for taking my call. I am calling to ask you to vote for a Secretary of State on Dec. 7th who will modernize our election system, and who will ensure that all eligible voters are able to cast their ballots. Have you given thought to who you will be voting for?

[Yes, voting for the pro-voter candidate] Thank you for voting for the pro-voter candidate! Have a great day.

[No/Not Sure] I am a member of an organization that works with the Secretary of State's office regularly and we have noted that there are areas in significant need of improvement, including (pick something to talk about from the list here).

Can I count on your vote for a pro-voter candidate? Thank you for voting for a pro-voter, pro-modernization and transparency Secretary of State!


Email script: 

Rep/Senator _____,

Congratulations on securing your seat in the NH legislature! It is my understanding one of the very first things you will do will be to elect our next Secretary of State on December 7th. I hope you will vote for a candidate who will protect our freedom to vote, and modernize our election system and office of Secretary of State so that voters are able to get election information in an easy and timely manner.
After volunteering with an organization that works with the Secretary of State's office regularly, I have noticed there are areas in significant need of improvement as outlined here:
Please cast your vote for the candidate who can and will make these improvements.
Take care,
Name, Town


Action #2 - LTE urging your Reps/Senator to vote for a pro-voter Secretary of State *last call!*


An Ideal Secretary of State [~150 words]

On Dec 7th, our Representatives ___ and NH Senator ____ will cast their votes for NH's next Secretary of State. This lesser-known race is crucial for NH, as the person who holds this office has the power to influence how well our elections are run, and the ability of voters to exercise their freedom to vote. For the well-being of our state, having a pro-voter, pro-democracy candidate in this role is extremely important!

The ideal candidate would be a person committed to ensuring all eligible voters are able to cast their ballots, committed to modernizing the office so information is easily accessible for voters and election workers, and someone who would be transparent when recommending changes to election law. Of the candidates, there really is only one option. I hope our Reps ____ and Senator ____ will cast their votes for the only pro-voter, pro-modernization candidate.

Actions for Nov 16 - 30, 2022 

Action #1 - Share Giving Tuesday for OD + ODA Auction

Giving Tuesday:

Giving Tuesday, the international day of giving, is coming up Nov 29th! Please share OD's donation link for Giving Tuesday - this is a long-term action, since we will not have any team meetings between now and Nov 29th after this week. As always, financial support will go directly towards forwarding OD's mission of political equality for all!

Donation link:

You can also retweet us HERE or share our facebook post HERE to spread the word!

ODA Auction:

This week is the LAST WEEK for ODA’s online auction. Link:

To spread the word via social media: share our instagram post HERE, retweet us HERE, or share any one of the amazing posts Doreen is making on facebook:


Action #2 - LTEs to spread the word about the Secretary of State election Dec 7th, and encourage 

The first Wednesday in December, Dec 7th, the NH Senate and NH House will elect the next Secretary of State. The Secretary of State's job involves, among other things, election worker training, updating the Election Procedures Manual, voter education, candidate filing, and maintenance of the campaign finance reporting system. In short - who holds this position has the power to influence how well our elections are run, and the ability of voters to exercise their freedom to vote. Having a pro-voter, pro-democracy candidate in this role is extremely important!

Please customize the sample LTEs below. The Open Democracy Action Legislation Committee has also put together this handout with an outline of the ideal SOS candidate, from which you could pull points to incorporate into an LTE.

Sample LTEs:

There’s ANOTHER election coming up!

[Word Count: 182]

New Hampshire does free and fair elections right, and I am incredibly proud to have been one of the 626, 823 voters who participated in the record-breaking turnout this midterm election. But wait, just when you thought election season was over, in NH there’s more! Keep your democracy hats on folks, because there is another, lesser known, election coming up - the election for NH Secretary of State. The Secretary of State is the person and office that puts into practice our election law, and that runs NH’s campaign finance tracking system.

While only NH Senators and NH Representatives get to vote on the next Secretary of State on Dec 7th, voters, really, still have the power here. Your legislators are elected to work in your best interest! Please call your legislators this week and ask them to vote for a Secretary of State that will continue NH’s great legacy of free and fair elections, high turnout elections, and who will continue to implement election laws in a way that makes it possible for all eligible voters to exercise their right to vote.


What’s the Secretary of State?

[Word Count: 189]

Secretary of State races were a big deal this year across the United States, but what about in New Hampshire? We, too, have a Secretary of State election coming up, but unlike other states our Secretary of State is elected by NH Senators and NH Representatives on the first Wednesday of December. The Secretary of State's job involves, among other things, election worker training, updating the Election Procedures Manual, voter education, candidate filing, and maintenance of the campaign finance reporting system. In short - the person who holds this position has the power to influence how well our elections are run, and the ability of voters to exercise their freedom to vote. 

A Secretary of State who respects the will of the voters, who respects the democratic process, and who will fully embrace their role in supporting voters to be able to cast their ballots is extremely important for the future of NH’s elections. Please call your legislators this week and ask them to do their homework, find out who is running, and to vote for a candidate who will listen to and be responsive to the needs of voters!


An Ideal Secretary of State

[Word Count: 223]

Secretary of State races have made headlines across the US, but in NH our Secretary of State race has yet to be decided. On Dec 7th, NH Senators and NH Representatives will vote on the next Secretary of State - the person and office that puts into practice our election law, and that runs our campaign finance tracking system. Ideally, with the power the office holds over election law, our next Secretary of State would be a person committed to protecting our freedom to vote, and a person who would embrace their responsibility to respect the will of the voters and certify free, fair, secure elections.

Additionally, an ideal Secretary of State would also modernize the office; update the website so that it is easy for voters to find information, make it easier for voters to track the money to see who is funding elections. An ideal candidate would also, when commenting on potential changes to election law, be fully transparent in their support or opposition and provide testimony based in fact and current law.

An ideal Secretary of State must, in short, work to continue NH’s strong tradition of free and fair elections, while balancing modernization of NH’s election process with continued election security. Please call your legislators and ask them to vote for a Secretary of State that can achieve these goals!



Action #3 - Talk about democracy with 2 people over the holiday week!

A record number of Granite Staters voted in this midterm election, and top of mind (thanks to YOUR hard work!) was the future of our democracy. Your holiday task, should you choose to accept it, is to keep the conversation going! 

Will you be visiting folks from out of state? Compare how NH’s election went with theirs. Do they have any pro-voter policies or campaign finance regulations that NH might consider? 

Will you be visiting with folks/community groups locally? Bring up the Secretary of State’s election! 

Will you be sharing the week/weekend with folks who have different points of view on the democracy topics we work on? Take the opportunity to learn a new perspective, or, take it as an opportunity to practice the kind of conversation you might have with your legislators if your district did not elect pro-democracy candidates.

Have a lovely week next week everyone! :)


Actions for Nov 9 - 16, 2022 

Action #1 - Thank your election workers!

In whatever way makes sense to you - by phone, postcard, social media, or in-person. In NH, election workers are our friends/neighbors, people we know in our communities. We hope that by acknowledging their work with gratitude, election workers will continue coming back year after year to support our democracy.

To look up the names of your election workers, either call your town/city clerk and ask for names, or look up the results of recent municipal elections. The town/city clerk might also send you addresses, ask you to send cards to town/city hall, or, you can look up addresses in your town/cities voter registry which is a public book with information on all your town's voters often located at town hall.

Sample social media:

Retweet us HERE with your own spin, or share our Facebook post HERE. Downloadable graphics can be found under last week's actions.


Action #2 - Join NH Ranked Choice Voting’s Depolarization Seminar

Come hear from experts about how polarization is becoming a tipping point in our state and country, and how electoral reform, namely Ranked Choice Voting, can help address this critical problem November 17th from 2:30-4:30PM. We will do an abbreviated Regional Team Meeting that day from 2-2:30PM.


Action #3 - Email Voter Confidence Committee **deadline noon 11/15**

Granite Memo reported that the Committee on Voter Confidence’s draft report as of last working session includes a report of the testimony received. The report-out includes snippets of testimony containing mis/disinformation, restated by the Committee without fact-checks, and laid out in such a way that it would be easy to lift from the report and continue to spread. Our CVC action this week is to email the Committee and request that the final report share the testimony received in such a way that the mis/disinformation does not continue to spread. The Committee's next meeting is 11/16.

Email: [email protected]


Dear Committee on Voter Confidence,

Thank you for taking time this summer and fall to listen to the concerns and confidence of Granite Staters on our elections. I heard it reported recently that the draft report from the Committee will include a report-out of testimony the Committee received. While I agree that the Committee should act transparently and share what you all heard, please do your due diligence and fact-check the testimony presented to you. I am concerned that re-sharing out publicly testimony you heard, but that has been proven to be false, will only serve to potentially undermine confidence in elections. Perhaps an addendum or a log on the Secretary of State’s website with a full and complete listing of public testimony is a more appropriate place and way to share what was heard, coupled with disclaimers where testimony was heard that has been disproven as false claims, rather than a summarized reporting of the testimony received as is compiled currently by the Committee.


*Bonus* Action - Share ODA's auction!

Share ODA's online auction, live from 11/9-11/21! The proceeds of this auction will support the work of the teams and action taken toward political equality for all. See what's on the auction page here:

A good place to find a holiday gift! Sara, Olivia, & Doreen are putting the below picture in our email signatures. Join us! To do so:

  • Navigate to your email browsers "settings" tab (the cog/wheel icon in google mail)
  • Navigate to the "email signature" section
  • Click the "insert image" icon (usually a square with a small image of mountains and a sun)
  • Insert the image below (you can download the image from the action page by clicking)
  • Highlight the image
  • Click the "insert link" icon (looks like a link of a chain), paste: into the link field
  • Save
  • Send yourself and email to double check it works, then you're done!


Actions for Nov 2 - 9, 2022 

Action #1 - Get Out The Vote!

Sweet and simple, remind everyone you know/come across in the next week to:

  • Vote!
  • Tell 3 friends to vote
  • Bring proof of citizenship, domicile, age, and a photo ID (or know that they can sign an affidavit if they lack any of these documents) to register same-day, if they aren't already registered. More on documents needed to register HERE.
  • Check their sample ballot HERE (and explanations of the ballot questions HERE)

Action #2 - Thank your Election Heroes

Make a "thank you election heroes" plan this week. It could be a shout out on Nov 7th, Election Heroes Day, via social media, a postcard, or an in-person thank you when you see your election workers at the polls on Nov 8th.

Sample post:

NH runs the best in the nation free + fair elections because election workers from both sides of the aisle work hard to ensure we are able to cast our ballots safely and successfully. Thank #OurElectionHeroes today and on election day! #ThankYouElectionHeroes #OurElections

Action #3 - Spread factual information about the election & flag mis/disinformation + suppression

We are flooding the airwaves with confidence-boosting, factual information to drown out any mis/disinformation or messages of voter suppression that might surface over these next two weeks, both leading up to the election and as the results come out.

Our OD+ODA platforms are sharing content everyday - please retweet us on twitter, share our posts on facebook, and share our posts to your story on instagram. Share factual information about your local elections, as well, in community groups you are a part of on social media, or in whatever way news reaches your community. 

Flag any mis/disinformation and voter suppression you see, whether from social or traditional media, on NHCVR's flag form HERE. 


Actions for Oct 26 - Nov 2, 2022 

Action #1 - Last Chance for Election LTEs!

LTE to boost voter confidence and inspire turnout

We are seeing more mis/disinformation in the lead up to the election, and election deniers on the debate stages. As a trusted voice in your community, this is our last chance before the election to get confidence-boosting LTEs in your local papers to bring voters correct information and drive turnout. No need to reinvent the wheel! If you wrote testimony to the Committee on Voter Confidence, this would make a great LTE too.

Sample LTE - please customize this or write your own!

LTE submission tool:

My Vote Matters [~174 words]

I am proud of our local election officials, many of whom I know firsthand, and how securely and efficiently they run our best in the nation elections. I know the person who has checked me in the last few elections, I know my moderator, and I know my vote is counted by our ballot tabulators. On the debate stage these past two weeks, I am disappointed to hear federal and state candidates tear down NH's free and fair elections, and our community poll workers. We should not stand for this as [town/city] residents. Do not let political rhetoric dissuade you from casting your vote. In [town/city] we can cast our ballots with confidence, and can do so on Nov 8th at [polling location] between the hours of [hours]. Call our town/city clerk at [phone #] for rules about absentee voting if you are unable to vote in-person. If you are not registered, also inquire with our town/city clerk what documents you need to bring on election day to register to vote.

OR, LTE to educate voters on where gubernatorial and federal candidates stand on democracy

Debates have been ramping up in frequency, and many moderators are asking the candidates questions (likely from many of you!) about the state of NH and US democracy. Below are a few key quotes/moments from recent debates, and sample LTEs. There is just enough time for LTEs to be read and published before the Nov 8th general election, and we need voters to vote informed about where their candidates stand on democracy.

Debate quotes:

Sample LTEs - please customize these or write your own! I will try to add to these as the debates happen Thursday and Friday.

LTE submission tool:

Only One Issue - Democracy [153 words]

I am an Independent voter, and have historically flip flopped between Red and Blue. In past elections there were many issues I judged candidates on, but this year the decision is simple. There is only one issue - democracy. We can’t do anything about any other issues, can’t enjoy the freedoms and liberties that make NH so great, if politicians don’t respect the democratic will of the voters.

Whether you typically vote Red, Blue, or Purple, please consider where candidates stand on protecting our freedoms by protecting our democracy, and our ability to vote and have that vote respected. It seems to me there are certain candidates who are eerily comfortable questioning or even overturning the will of the people, and there are certain candidates who are intent on protecting our freedoms by protecting our vote. Don’t just vote Red, or Blue this year - vote for candidates who accept the will of the voters. (feel free to be more targeted/specific/partisan in this paragraph)

Election Worker View/SB418 Rebuttal [154 words]

As an election worker, I was surprised to hear Governor Sununu at this week’s NHPR debate justify his signature of provisional balloting (SB418) as flexibility for the local level. Election workers, at the local level, opposed this bill for the exact opposite reason; the bill puts an extra burden on local election officials on and after election day, makes our elections more costly, and undermines the freedom to vote for many qualified Granite Staters.

What flexibility at the local level actually looks like is an online registration system, complete with measures to verify voter integrity, which is a proposition that Senator Sherman proposed at the same debate. Online voter registration saves election workers staff time and costs, and protects every Granite Stater’s freedom to vote. NH voters should have, and do have, incredible confidence in our local elections, and an online voter registration system would only make our elections more free, fair, and local.

My Vote “Wasted”: NHPR + Gov Debate [141 words]

Many Granite Staters like me may find they now live in a new grouping of communities for representation at the state house, because this year was a redistricting year. An especially interesting piece came out of NHPR this week, which analyzed the Senate districts and concluded that this decade’s Senate map is gerrymandered for partisan gain. That piece is available here:

Later that same day I tuned into NHPR’s gubernatorial debate, where I heard Governor Sununu state that he is against gerrymandering, even though he signed the gerrymandered Senate map into law. Curious, that. NHPR’s article concluded that many votes are “wasted” in gerrymandered districts, but I will certainly not be wasting my vote this year. I will be selecting a Governor who supports my freedom to vote, and would not pass gerrymandered maps.



Action #2 - Last Call! Get Out The YOUTH Vote

Last week we shared with you the report from The Civics Center that found only 13.2% of 18 year olds in NH are registered to vote. We are making one last round of relationship building/outreach to increase that percentage before the election Nov 8th. Many of you have already success with registration drives in your own town/city (amazing work!!), and if that's the case take a new route - pick a neighboring town to contact a high school to inquire about registering 18 year olds, tell your friends/family who may know 18 year olds, make a local sign for the upcoming election, post to social media about the report, or however makes sense for you to Get Out the YOUTH Vote. A reminder that folks can register same-day may also be necessary!

Sample Post:

When 18-24 year olds are registered to vote, they participate fully in elections. But, in NH currently, only 13.2% of 18 year olds are registered to #vote. Parents, families, friends, community members - make sure those around you just turning 18 are registered to vote! And remember, anyone can register at the polls on election day Nov 8th:


Action #3 - Share OpenSecrets Research on Money in Midterms 

On social media, or, by whatever means makes the most sense to you. Print out a fact sheet to share with friends over the weekend, make it a topic of conversation at a community group you're a part of, post it on local announcement boards, or something else entirely!

Sample post:

State-level money in politics on track to exceed $7 BILLION raised. When fundraising demands so much of a candidate's time, how can they also take time to hear the needs of their constituents? Voters, you have the power to demand a fix. Call your legislator for publicly funded elections!



Slides from briefing:


Other Research from OpenSecrets:


*Bonus* - Carve a Pumpkin for Democracy! 

Happy (almost) Halloween! Print out the template below, carving away anything in WHITE, to make a pumpkin for democracy. If you get trick-or-treaters, remind any who are 18+ to register and vote!


Actions for Oct 19 - Oct 26, 2022

Action #1 - Attend and/or Share - Renewing Trust in Democracy, Equal Access to Justice

What does “equal access to Justice” really mean? Who has it…and who doesn’t? And what happens to our democracy if we don’t live up to this fundamental promise?

UNH's conversation between Deputy Assistant Attorney General Maggie Goodlander and Laura Knoy will shed light on these questions and more. Maggie has a unique and deep perspective on American law and politics: She’s clerked at the U.S. Supreme Court, worked in both houses of Congress, served as a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy reserve, and now - she’s a Deputy Assistant Attorney General at the U.S. Department of Justice, and a key advisor to Attorney General Merrick Garland.

The event is taking place at the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law in Concord, NH at 6:00pm on October 25th. Please arrive by 5:45pm if you are going in person, but there is a virtual Zoom option for those not able to attend in-person. Please be sure to indicate below if you are attending in person or virtually. Audience participation is welcome!

You can share our facebook post about it HERE  or our tweet HERE.


Action #2 - Attend and/or Share - Nonpartisan Election Monitor Training Nov 1, 7PM

Nonpartisan Election Monitors survey polling locations for proper set up and conduct on election day, to ensure every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot, and a few will stay after the election to watch hand-counting of ballots. Join Open Democracy to learn how to be a Nonpartisan Election Monitor in New Hampshire, and help ensure our democratic process runs smoothly. RSVP:


Action #3 - Plug in Election Protection Team members

Open Democracy's Election Protection Team currently has an amazing 150 member and counting, but we're asking for your help to get them plugged in! Some of these folks have already joined election worker, nonpartisan election monitor, and social media monitoring trainings, but others have been sent our way and have not yet gotten involved.

Can you call a handful of volunteers this week and see how they would like to get involved?

Sample script:

Hello is this [potential volunteer name]? This is [your name] calling from Open Democracy. I see through Common Cause you signed up to do election protection in New Hampshire. We have a couple of ways to get involved, do you know what you are most interested in?

Volunteer: I am not sure how I want to get involved, what are my options?

That's okay! There are three ways. One, you could volunteer to be a poll worker. As a poll worker you might check in voters, help count ballots, or greet voters depending on the needs of your clerk. Two, you could volunteer to be a nonpartisan poll monitor. Nonpartisan poll monitors survey different polling locations for proper conduct on election day, and might watch the hand-counting, to protect every voter's right to vote. Three, you could monitor social media for election mis/disinformation, to ensure every voter has the information they need to cast their ballots. What of those are you most interested in?

Volunteer: I am interested in...

Great! I will connect you with Sara from OD who will email you information about how to be a [poll worker/election monitor/social media monitor]. Thank you for your help!

Let Sara know how the folks you talk to want to get involved, and I will send them the relevant information below:

  • Election Worker: If they are interested in being an election worker, they can watch THIS RECORDING of the Oct 6 Election Worker Overview for an idea of the different types of poll workers. They can call their town/city clerk HERE and leave their information to be a volunteer. Tell them to leave their information, even if the clerk says their town doesn't need help - there may be last minute openings!
  • Nonpartisan Election Monitor: If they are interested in being a Nonpartisan Election Monitor, they can join our Nov 1st training HERE to learn more! 
  • Social media monitoring for mis/disinformation: Join a social media monitoring shift Tuesday, Friday, or Saturdays HERE or monitor social media on your own and submit mis/disinformation to this form HERE.

Alternatively, I can give you emails and phone #s and you can send them this information directly!


Actions for Oct 12 - Oct 19, 2022

Action #1 - Submit a Question for Gubernatorial, US Senate, and US House debates

The last week of Oct, NHPR and New England College are hosting a series of Gubernatorial, US Senate and US House debates. This is a great chance to press candidates on the issues of money in politics, voting rights, and redistricting reform!

For NHPR debates, questions can be submitted directly to the moderators/hosts (sample email below). Details TBD for the New England College debates.

NHPR: 10/25, 10/27, 10/28

Live from noon-1PM, rebroadcast at 8PM:

Hosts/moderator contact info (also linked on debate schedule page above):

Josh Rogers: [email protected]

Ethan DeWitt: [email protected]

Amanda Gokee: [email protected] 

Todd Bookman: [email protected]

Annmarie Timmins: [email protected]


Sample email:

Dear [host/moderator],

Good evening! Thank you for hosting the upcoming [Gubernatorial/US Senate/US House] debate. I am excited to hear how all candidates stand on policies that impact our daily lives as Granite Staters. An issue I and many others are deeply concerned about is where all candidates stand on strengthening our democracy. To that end, I hope you will ask the candidates the following questions:

[birddog questions of choice- see document above or make your own!]


Name, town


New England College:

October 26, 6pm – Governor | Tickets


Action #2 - Uplift the House Jan 6th Committee's findings and watch hearing Oct 13th at 1PM


We are all well aware that our democracy is on the ballot Nov 8th. A part of our work this week is to highlight this, and the findings of the Jan 6th Committee, for all Granite Staters. Please share the findings of the Oct 13 hearing however you choose - tell a friend, post to social media (sample hashtags = #Jan6Justice #OurFreedomsOurVote), write an LTE, or more.

A reminder that Open Democracy is also holding visibility in Concord from 4-5PM, Oct 21, joining Kent St.'s regular visibility at the corner of Center and Main St., to uplift the Committee's findings. RSVP here:


Action #3 - Share the Secretary of State's Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese voting materials

Every vote matters, and with this action you will help make sure every voter can cast their ballot. Please contact your clerk/moderator to make them aware of the Secretary of State’s voting information in Spanish, French, and Mandarin Chinese. Encourage them to have a copy of these materials at each polling place, and share these materials with groups in your community who might need multilingual election information:

Sample social: Retweet us HERE or share us on Facebook HERE.


Actions for Oct 5 - Oct 12, 2022

Action #1 - Share One4All Accessible Voting System Trainings

Future in Sight is hosting trainings of One4All, NH's accessible voting system, Oct 25, 26 and Nov 2. They also have training videos available for One4All, as well as trainings on how to vote via accessible absentee ballot. The vote of every Granite Stater matters - please share these trainings so that no one is prevented from voting based on ability.

Training detals:

Sample social media:

@FutureInSightNH is hosting walkthroughs of NH's accessible voting system Oct 25, Oct 26 and Nov 2. The vote of every Granite Stater matters! Make sure every Granite Stater can #vote on Nov 8th and share these trainings. Details at:


Action #2 - Book the Vote at your Local Library

Writers for Democratic Action is an organization of more than 3000 writers, 150 partner bookstores and libraries in most of the fifty states, that brings together readers, writers, publishers, booksellers, and librarians to shore up the structures of American democracy.

The New Hampshire chapter of Writers for Democratic Action is partnered with ten bookstores on the Book the Vote project, a nonpartisan effort to encourage citizens to register to vote, and to vote. Book the Vote's next steps are to reach out to libraries and encourage displays of voting/democracy-related materials and books - that's where Open Democracy comes in.

To help Book the Vote along, please contact your library this week with the following documents:

The cover letter explains Book the Vote's mission, and the "Menu" explains several ways libraries can get involved displaying registration information, voting/democracy related books, and more to encourage library goers to get involved in our democracy.

Please feel free to share with the library any of Open Democracy's voting resources as well! The "Menu" of activities does not have to be limited to what is listed.


Action #3 - Save the Dates: Oct 13  + Oct 21  = Jan 6th Actions

Oct 13: House January 6th Committee hearing 

The next hearing is scheduled for Oct 13 at 1PM. Livestream:


Oct 21: Jan 6th Justice Visibility, Concord, NH

After the next Jan 6th Committee hearing, Open Democracy is joining groups nation-wide in visibilities highlighting release of the Jan 6th Committee's report, and reaffirming our commitment to our democracy.

Open Democracy's visibility will be in Concord from 4-5PM, Oct 21, joining Kent St.'s regular visibility at the corner of Center and Main St. Details, more background, and RSVP here:


Actions for Sept 28 - Oct 5, 2022

Action #1 - Scorecard Sharing, round two!

Thus begins a series of actions aimed at voter education in the leadup to the general election Nov 8th! Part one of voter education will be sharing the scorecard, again, with your communities, so voters know who amongst your primary winners is a pro-democracy candidate.

*New* There is also a new Scorecard for the Governor's Race HERE!


Toolkit (with LTEs, social media posts, and image files of scorecards):


Action #2 - Bird-dog candidates, round two!

Take a look at the League of Women Voters' running list of candidate events from now until Nov 8th, and choose one to attend and bird-dog your local candidates on money in politics, fair redistricting, and protecting the freedom to vote:

Sample bird-dog questions

Action #3 - Social Media Monitoring on own + resources

For those of you interested in social media monitoring, but who can't make the set dates/times for the Common Cause-sponsored monitoring HERE, below is a list of resources that will help you monitor social media for election mis/disinformation on your own!

Actions for Sept 21 - Sept 28, 2022

Action #1 - Join us Oct 6 at 7PM for an Election Worker Overview workshop

Have you ever wanted be an election worker, or know of anyone who is interested, but are not sure how to get involved? This is the workshop for you!

Join Open Democracy to hear firsthand from a panel of Election Workers about the different jobs elections workers do on election day in New Hampshire. Election workers are our fellow community members and local heroes, who do the important work of running free and fair elections. Leave the training with a better understanding of all the roles election workers fill, which role you could fill, and with knowledge of how to become an election worker.



Action #2 - Join a Social Media Mis/Disinformation Monitoring Shift 

Open Democracy is partnering with Common Cause on social media mis/disinformation monitoring shifts, all part of our Election Protection work leading up to the general on Nov 8. Shifts run on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, and there is a pre-monitoring huddle where you will learn what to look for and how to handle the mis/disinformation. Sign up for a shift here, or share this link with others:


Action #3 - Share Open Democracy's Fellowship Applications

Open Democracy has an opening for a fall, spring or summer Research and/or Organizing Fellow. Know anyone who might be interested?!

Please share the applications:


Actions for Sept 14 - Sept 21, 2022

Action #1 - Thank yous to Election Workers & National Voter Registration Day: Social Media

Election workers did a FANTASTIC job Tuesday ensuring the primary went smooth! Please take a moment this week to thank your election workers - whether via social media post, phone call, hand-written letter, etc.

Sample Post:
Thanks to many, many hours of work by dedicated election workers and volunteers, NH's party primary went smoothly this week. THANK YOU ELECTION WORKERS! We appreciate the time and effort you put into upholding our democracy and free and fair elections.

AND/OR, celebrate National Voter Registration Day on Sept 20th! Book the Vote, Global Citizen’s Circle and NH Writers for Democratic Action are hosting a dialogue between two democracy defenders, Jahnavi Rao and Robert Jay Lifton. RSVP here:
Retweet OD’s post HERE or share OD’s facebook post HERE.


Action #2 - Did Pro-democracy Candidates Win Your District’s Primary?

Take a look through the winners of your district's primary, and report back to us next week what your slate for the general looks like. Are there any pro-democracy candidates? And let us know if any election deniers won in your community, as well.


Action #3 - DISCLOSE Act 

We are expecting a Senate vote in the coming weeks on the DISCLOSE Act, and it's time for us to raise awareness and push Senators to vote for the Act.

There are a couple of options for this:

  • Call Senators Shaheen (202-224-2841) & Hassan (202-224-3324) to thank them for their support, and urge them to work across the aisle for support of the Act in the Senate.
  • Write an LTE to educate your community about the act (and urge others to call in support). LTE tool HERE, summary of the provisions of the Act HERE.
  • Post to social media to raise awareness of the need for the DISCLOSE Act, sample posts HERE towards the end of the toolkit.
  • Join DFAD's Twitter storm Sep 21 from 12-1PM. Toolkit HERE.

Please remember what action you took, and let us know either at teams next week or in an email so we can report our actions to our national coalition.


Actions for Aug 31 - Sept 14, 2022


Action #1 - Sept 13 Primary Outreach

The primary is almost here!!!!!

Make sure your friends, family, networks, communities know how/where to vote on Sept 13, and where their candidates stand on strengthening our democracy. Don't forget to make a plan to vote for yourself while you're at it!

The following is a non-exhaustive list of sources of factual information to share about the primary, and/or topics to cover:


Action #2 - LTE for Voter Education on Political Advertising/Campaign Donations

To remind voters to “follow the money” as they assess candidates. August campaign finance reports are out and available HERE

Sierra club LTE submission tool:



Will candidates receiving campaign donations from out-of-state sources have the best interests of Granite Staters when in office? Take the Make Liberty Win PAC, for example. The group, based in Virginia, just spent over a quarter of a million dollars in direct support of 70 candidates here, even purchased a $10,000 billboard for one. How will voters hold elected officials accountable, when those officials no matter their party have sold out to the highest, out-of-state, bidder?

Luckily, campaign finance reports are public information, available on the Secretary of State’s website. Look into the groups funding political advertising; ads are required by law to list who paid for them. Let’s elect candidates who have the best interests of Granite Staters at heart, not candidates who are beholden to their most lucrative or out-of-state donors. Follow the money and be an informed voter on Sept 13 and Nov 8.


Make Liberty Win Campaign Finance Disclosures: Candidates, Billboards, Balance Sheet


Action #3 - Submit Testimony/Recommendations to Final Committee on Voter Confidence Meeting

The CVC is coming to Keene on Sept 6 at 1PM. In-person and zoom addresses available HERE.

This is the final call for testimony, either in-person or via email. The committee will next convene to draft their final report, so submissions for recommendations about the final report are also welcome. You are welcome to submit testimony more than once! Or, help a friend write testimony.


Action #4 - OD Book Club Sept 15 at 7PM EST: Daring Democracy

Join us to discuss Daring Democracy by Adam Eichen and Frances Moore Lappé! We are grateful to have BOTH authors joining us for what promises to be a hopeful, action-based discussion on how our democracy got here and solutions to strengthening it.


Shareable graphic:


Actions for the Week of Aug 24 - Aug 31, 2022

Action #1 - Join the Election Protection Team!

We have started coordinating our 2022 Election Protect Team! There are openings for Election Workers to work the polls, Mis/Disinformation monitors to survey social media and ensure voters have correct information, and Nonpartisan Election Monitors who survey polling places on election day to ensure all voters are able to cast their ballot. 

Choose the role(s) that you prefer, join one (or all!) of the following trainings, and bring a friend! Invite the friend you bring to the Election Protect Team to our Regional Democracy Teams - they can email Sara Lobdell, [email protected] to get involved.

August 31 - 7PM EST: Mis/Disinformation Training


Sept 8, - 7PM EST: Nonpartisan Election Monitoring Training

Nonpartisan Election Monitors ensure every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot by surveying the polls for proper conduct on election day. Join Open Democracy for a training on how to be a Nonpartisan Election Monitor.


Oct 6 - 7PM EST: Be an Election Worker Training

Join Open Democracy to hear about the different roles election workers fill firsthand from several New Hampshire election workers, learn who to contact to become a poll worker, and why election workers are essential to NH's free and fair elections.


Nov 1 - 7PM EST: Nonpartisan Election Monitoring Training

Nonpartisan Election Monitors ensure every eligible voter is able to cast their ballot by surveying the polls for proper conduct on election day. Join Open Democracy for a training on how to be a Nonpartisan Election Monitor.



Action #2 - Coordinate a high school voter registration drive

September 19-23 is national High School Voter Registration week! We are replicating our get out the vote effort in high schools from June, and hoping to facilitation voter registration for anyone turning 18 by the fall elections.

Sample steps:
1. Reach out to school contact-
Hello___teacher/principal_____, my name is _____ and I am participating in national High School Voter Registration Week this Sept. to encourage students who will be 18 to register to vote. Is ___school_______ planning on holding a voter registration drive for your students in Sept?

[Yes] That is great to hear, thank you!

[No] I can reach out to our ____clerk/Supervisors of the Checklist_____to stop by and register students, what are protocols for visitors to the school? What dates would work well?

[Still no] I understand. A partner in national High School Voter Registration Week has emailed a flyer with information on voting to all schools in New Hampshire. Please be on the lookout for it, and let me know if you would like me to send it to you again. 

2. Reach out to clerk/Supervisors of the Checklist:
Hello___clerk/Supervisors_____, my name is _____ and I am participating in national High School Voter Registration Week this Sept. to encourage students who will be 18 to register to vote. Our high school_________is interested in hosting you to register students on _____. Would you be able to attend, or suggest alternative dates?

[Yes] Great! I will relay that information back to ___teacher/principal____, and connect the two of you to finalize the details. How is best for ___school contact___ to reach you?

[No] I understand. Thank you for the work you do, have a great summer!


Action #3 - Help us Build a Multiracial Democracy

Share AARP and NH Latino News' Aug 30th event "Community Conversation: Voting in the New Hampshire Primary and General Election" with a local group whose audience consists of Spanish-speaking and/or immigrant groups. The panel for this event includes Eva Castillo, Director of NH Alliance for Immigrant and Refugees, who will likely answer common questions/issues these groups face in the voting process. Also, AARP has a Spanish-language "How to Vote" resource to share.

Event information and RSVP here:


Actions for the Week of Aug 17 - Aug 24, 2022

Action #1 - Share the Scorecard

Share the 2021-22 NH Democracy Legislative Scorecard with one community group, your local paper, and/or family and friends (and encourage them to share!!). Our goal is to inform as many voters as possible about how their legislators and governor voted from 2021-22 on issues related to money in politics, the freedom to vote, and redistricting. Did your legislators/governor vote to strengthen our democracy?

Scorecard page HERE

Scorecard toolkit, with sample LTEs, sample email outreach, and sample social media posts with graphics HERE


Action #2 - Attend the Aug 31, 7PM Mis/Disinformation Training 

Please join Open Democracy, Common Cause and ReThink Media for a special 1-hour training session on how to spot Misinformation and Disinformation in social media, the difference between the two and how to react to and report it.

And invite your community!


Action #3 - Make a Social Media Post to Recruit Poll Workers

Based on your input, at least the following poll workers are still needed in:

  • Franklin Ward 2 - 2x Supervisors of the Checklist
  • Nashua Ward 8 - 8 Poll workers

Please make a social media post directing your networks to contact their town/city clerk to volunteer to be a democracy hero and work the polls! If you know anyone in Franklin, Hollis, or Nashua especially, please have them contact their town/city clerk.

Sample post:

National #PollWorkerRecruitmentDay was Aug 16, but it's not too late to volunteer! Poll workers are our community heroes who make our elections free + fair. Contact your Town/City Clerk to be a poll worker today.


Actions for the Week of Aug 10 - Aug 17, 2022

Action #1 - Call the White House for an Executive Order on disclosure

The DISCLOSE act was introduced in the Senate, to be voted on after August recess (details on the DISCLOSE act under June 15-22 week actions). In the meantime, DFAD (Declaration for American Democracy) and other national allies are calling on President Biden to pass an Executive Order requiring federal contractors to disclose ALL of their political contributions, including donations that have until now been secret. DFAD notes -  "the top 10 federal contractors were paid more than $8,620 in taxpayer money for every disclosed dollar they spent on politics in 2020, so we can only wonder what is being spent in the secret money sphere."

Please call the White House to urge President Biden to support increasing disclosure of political spending as outlined in the DISCLOSE act, and to issue an Executive Order to require greater disclosure for federal contractors.

Comment Line #: 202-456-1111

Open Tuesdays-Thursdays 11-3PM ET


Action #2 - Invite 5 friends to the Granny D Memorial Walk

Happening SATURDAY at 9AM! All details and RSVP:


Action #3 - Post a Sign with the Upcoming Election Dates

Find a place in town with lots of foot traffic, or your local paper, or post to a social media community group, with a reminder about the upcoming elections. We are only a MONTH away from the Primary!


Ready to vote? We are one month away from the Primary Election Sept 13!

Call your Town/City Clerk for polling location(s) and how to register to vote.



Actions for the Week of Aug 3 - Aug 10, 2022

Action #1 - Thank your Elected Officials for Voting 100% for Democracy!

The 2021-2022 ODA Democracy Legislative Scorecard is out! Thank you David Andrews for your amazing work on this. Please review your county card below, and send a thank you to your legislators who voted 100% for democracy (all green checks).

*Please email Sara ([email protected]) if you see any errors!

Overview of Bills HERE.

Scorecard landing page:

Action #2 - Get Out the Vote to your local Meals on Wheels

In 2020, Team members distributed “How to Vote Absentee” Flyers to Granite Staters participating in Meals on Wheels. We are replicating the effort this election cycle, to get Absentee Ballot Request Forms sent to homes with meals in as many Meals on Wheels programs as we can. Folks in these programs receive their meals in their homes, and the thought is to bring the ballot directly to them, as well.

Please reach out to the contact personnel for your local Meals on Wheels program and ask if they would be interested in distributing Absentee Ballot Request Forms to their Meals on Wheels recipients. Explain that these forms would allow the recipients to vote in the upcoming election, that Meals on Wheels distributed this information two years ago for the 2020 election, and that this is a nonpartisan, get out the vote effort.

The Absentee Ballot Request Form is available to download HERE.

If the Meals on Wheels program does not feel comfortable distributing the Request Form, but would distribute information on how to access the form and vote, that information is available HERE.

Please reach out to Doreen ([email protected]) if your Meals on Wheels program would prefer to receive printed copies of the Absentee Ballot Request Form and/or voting information form, rather than email PDFS. Doreen can make those copies to mail, just let her know how many you need and where she should send them.

Action #3 - Celebrate the Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act

On August 6, 1965, the Voting Rights Act went into effect, dismantling barriers that suppressed especially Black citizens from voting. The anniversary of this landmark piece of legislation is Saturday, but since its passage in 1965 key pieces of the Act have been struck down by the courts (details from NPR HERE) that again affect the ability of Black, brown, and Indigenous voters to cast their ballots. Please celebrate the anniversary of the Voting Rights Act by calling Senators Shaheen and Hassan (or really any of your legislators!) to double down on their support of legislation to strengthen our democracy and protect the freedom to vote.

Senator Shaheen:

506 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

(202) 224-2841

Senator Hassan:

324 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510

(202) 224-3324


NHCVR Social Media Toolkit


Actions for the Week of July 27 - Aug 3, 2022

Action #1 - "Sign-Making" 3 options:

A. Sign Making Party for Granny D Memorial Walk: August 8th, 11am-1pm, Depot Square Peterborough

Bring your ideas, we'll bring the supplies! Please RSVP:

B. Sign in Your Town with the Upcoming Election Dates

If you can't make it to the sign making party in Peterborough, or can't attend the Granny D Memorial Walk, you can create a sign informing readers about the upcoming election to post near you. Please include dates (Primary: Sept 13th, General: Nov 8th), and polling location.

C. Post on Social Media

Another option (or you could do all 3!) is to create a social media post with the election dates and polling location, to remind those in your network to vote! Your post could include a reminder to register with the town/city clerk before election day, and that it's possible to register the day-of at the polls.


Action #2 - Tell us what poll worker vacancies there are in your community

Please fill out this google doc, or email Sara ([email protected]) directly if you can't access the doc, the poll worker vacancies you found in your community, so that we can help fill them.


Action #3 - Write an LTE about Granny D, directing readers to the walk on Aug 13th

Granny D's legacy is important to share, especially today. We hope an LTE or two in your local papers will give readers hope that we can achieve a government "of, by, and for the people," hope that everyday people can make big positive changes, and that that hope will inspire readers to join our Granny D walk on August 13th.


About Granny D ->

Granny D blog ->

Granny D Memorial Walk RSVP ->

Sierra Club LTE Submission Tool:



Actions for the Week of July 20 - July 27, 2022

Action #1 - Poll worker recruitment

In light of the upcoming election season, NH is in need of poll workers. Call your town clerk or moderator to find out what staffing is needed in your community. If the clerk or moderator responds that they are unable to determine yet which staffing positions are vacant, gently remind them to do it sooner rather than later. 

If you would like to reach out to towns other than your own, Kelsey Douville from NH Coalition for Voting Rights can get you set up to do so: 603-370-8336
[email protected]

Action #2 - Watch the Jan 6 Hearing on Thursday, July 21

Tune into the next Jan 6 Hearing on Tuesday, July 21 at 8pm.

Here is a link to a live, virtual watch party for the hearing this Thursday:


Action #3 - Testify at the next voter confidence hearing

The next Committee on Voter Confidence hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, July 26 in Laconia, at Laconia Public Library, 695 N Main St. If you have thoughts on voter procedures, election laws, and/or steps election officials take to ensure our elections are secure and run smoothly please provide testimony to the committee in-person or via email: [email protected]


Schedule of upcoming hearings


Zoom link to livestream:


If you haven't already, please sign on to the NH Coalition for Voting Rights' platform for election improvements, to be presented to the Committee.


Actions for the Week of July 13 - July 20, 2022

Action #1 - Birddog candidates 2022

Here are some topical, hard-hitting questions you can and should be asking of candidates running in 2022.

We have a special opportunity for New Hampshire voters to influence political dialogue. By asking a variety of detailed questions, common citizens have an opportunity to get candidates on record giving their stance on key issues. Ask questions of all candidates running for office. 


Action #2 - Granny D walk

August 13, 2022

Please save the date for Open Democracy’s Granny D Walk on August 13, 2022 at 9am in Dublin, NH. The theme of this year’s walk is Walking to Fix Democracy. The walk from Dublin to downtown Peterborough is 6 miles, but walkers are welcome to join us for just the last mile, or to meet us at the rally in Depot Square for lunch, ice cream and guest speakers. 

RSVP here. 


Action #3 - Town Surveys due July 15

This is a reminder that this Friday, July 15, town website surveys are due. If you are unable to complete them in time, send Kelsey Douville ([email protected]) an email and she will assign them to someone else. 

If you have already completed your surveys and would like to complete some more, Kelsey is looking for volunteers. See her email below:

“We're at 154/240 towns returned, with the deadline of this Friday - roughly 65% to goal! Need  a few more volunteers to take on this last batch of towns, which I am hoping to assign out this afternoon. 

Right now, I have 7 volunteers on my list who have said they would like more towns assigned to them. Could use 3-4 more volunteers in order to lighten the load on the volunteers who have signed up to take on more work! If folks have others who would like to complete more towns, please email [email protected]


Bonus Action - Take the Practicing Democracy Pledge

You can take the pledge here.


We invite you to join our weekly, online, regional team meetings. As our numbers grow, so will our ability to help restore and defend our democracy. We will keep you abreast of current pro-voter legislation and grassroots efforts to end the corrupting influence of Big Money in politics. You will see first–hand how ODA works in unison with other NH and national grassroots groups so that all voices can be heard. We will give you suggestions and guidance for small steps you can take each week to promote pro-voter legislation. Together we will make a difference!

If zoom meetings are not your thing, you can go directly online at your leisure to pick and choose suggested activities that interest you. Either way, we could really use your help, and are asking for a bit of your time and your treasure as we continue this long, steep climb. Please pledge a monthly small donation of 5, 10, or 15 dollars a month or whatever amount you choose. We are asking that you share your time and treasure with us for the sake of democracy and of our future.


Actions for the Week of June 29 - July 13, 2022

Action #1 - Attend the Annual Seacoast Walk on July 10 + invite a friend

Join us for our Annual Seacoast Walk on July 10. Please be sure to RSVP!

Speakers will include Rekha Mahadevan, vice president of the Seacoast NAACP Youth Council, and Nur Shoop, Civil Rights Volunteer Guide at the Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire.

You can find more information and RSVP here.



Action #2 - Attend and provide testimony for the Committee on Voter Confidence on July 12

Your testimony can be based off of your LTE from last week. Sample LTEs for reference

Sign the NHCVR Petition  to tell the CVC that NH already has safe, secure elections.

NHCVR Talking Points


The Commission on Voter Confidence has begun its meetings! Public testimony will be taken at each meeting, that can be submitted in-person or electronically, and there will be listening sessions around the state. 

The next meeting will be July 12th at 1PM at the State Archives Building (9 Ratification Way, Concord, NH 03301). The Commission will hear a presentation on the voter procedures panel and state election laws, after which public testimony will be accepted.

If you have thoughts on voter procedures, election laws, and/or steps election officials take to ensure our elections are secure and run smoothly please provide testimony to the committee in-person or via email: [email protected]

Zoom link to livestream:


Action #3 - Save your political mail

We are checking to make sure the “paid for by” organization that is sending out the mailers has registered to do political spending. This is helpful for campaign finance research, but also to call out organizations that don’t disclose.

Drop it off at the office or mail it to us at 4 Park St, #301 Concord NH 03301.

Your home address will be blocked out, although you may choose to block it out before delivering if you wish. 

Bonus Action - Call the Governor to oppose SB 302

SB302 passed. It's on the Senate Present desk but will shortly move to Governor Sununu desk. Urge him to veto  Senate Bill 302, an anti-transparency bill that would make it more difficult for the public to know who is spending big money to influence New Hampshire government and elections. See CLC letter for more talking points. 


Office of the Governor
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

Actions for the Week of June 22 - June 29, 2022

Action #1 - Stop by an OD table to say "hi" at Pride

Come say “hi” to Open Democracy volunteers tabling at NH Pride events this Saturday, June 25th in Nashua, Portsmouth and North Conway.

More information on each event can be found here:



North Conway



Action #2 - Social media post about DISCLOSE Act

Write a post to social media to increase awareness of and support for the DISCLOSE Act, and to encourage your friends and followers to take action!


Sample post:

In America, voters decide. But secretive groups paid for and organized the rally before the Jan. 6 attack, and they’re trying to sabotage future elections. The Senate must pass the #DISCLOSEAct to stop dark money that undermines the will of the people


Action #3 - Write an LTE on the Jan 6 hearings/Committee on Voter Confidence

The goal of these LTEs is any/all of the following:

1) Continue to raise awareness of the Jan 6th hearings so they are widely viewed

2) Pick out key points from the hearings to highlight

3) Connect the dots between these national hearings and the Committee on Voter Confidence

4) Encourage readers to vote for democracy in 2022 and beyond


Sample LTES here:

Sierra Club LTE Submission Tool:


NHCVR toolkit with more LTEs, sample social media


NHCVR CVC talking points:

NHCVR petition:



Actions for the Week of June 15 - June 22, 2022

Action #1 - Attend National Briefing on Jan 6th Hearings, Thursday at 7PM

Public Citizen, People For the American Way, and The Not Above the Law Coalition are hosting the experts at Right Wing Watch Thursday at 7PM to present their analysis of the hearings so far, and how we can all make these findings break through the busy news cycle and reach the general public. RSVP here.


Action #2 - Thank Senators Shaheen and Hassan for cosponsoring the DISCLOSE Act

DISCLOSE act text here.


A campaign finance reform bill that:

  • Prohibits foreign nationals from participating in the decision-making process regarding an election expenditure, and expands existing foreign money prohibitions to include disbursements for paid web-based or digital communications, federal judicial nomination communications, ballot initiatives and referenda.
  • Makes it unlawful to establish or use a corporation, company, or other entity with the intent to conceal an election contribution or donation by a foreign national. A violator is subject to criminal penalties—a fine, a prison term of up to five years, or both.
  • Requires covered organizations (e.g., corporations, labor organizations, and political organizations) to, within 24 hours, file reports with the FEC to disclose campaign expenditures of more than $10,000 during an election cycle.
  • Requires organizations to provide additional disclosures regarding political advertisements, including the donors who contributed the most money to that organization in the last year.

Sample letter:

Senator Shaheen/Hassan,

Thank you for cosponsoring and supporting the DISCLOSE Act. After watching Monday's January 6th Committee hearing, I am struck by how profitable the Big Lie was, and continues to be, for those spreading this disinformation. As voters, we should know exactly how our campaign contributions are spent, and whether our elected officials are taking campaign contributions from foreign nationals who, unlike us, do not vote in the US. The VOTERS must have the greatest say in our elections, and who are elected officials are accountable to while in office. Let's get this Act passed!

Thank you,

Name, City/State 

Senator Shaheen:

506 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC 20510

(202) 224-2841

Senator Hassan:

324 Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20510

(202) 224-3324

Declaration for American Democracy (DFAD) is also hosting a briefing on the DISCLOSE act Thursday at 3PM, if anyone is interested to hear from the act's prime sponsor about the bill and coalition efforts to ensure the act moves forward. Register here.

Action #3 - Join OD/ODA "Thank Bank" Tuesday, June 21st 4 - 6:30PM

OD/ODA board and members will be calling our donors on June 21st, from 4-6:30PM to thank them for supporting our mission over the past year. No asks for money - just thank yous!

Zoom link:


Actions for the Week of June 8 - June 15, 2022

Action #1 - Watch January 6th Committee Hearing June 9, 8PM EST

According to CNN, the first hearing will be a broad overview of the Committee's 10-month investigation and set the stage for later hearings which will have themes. Streaming is available HERE online, or you can watch on most TV news stations.


Action #2 - Join the NH Town Website Project! Info Session June 20, 7PM EST

The NH Campaign for Voting Rights and groups therein are launching the Town Website Project, to ensure town/city websites are communicating accurate election/voter information. Join the info session on June 20th at 7PM on zoom to for a walkthrough of the survey we will be using. If you cannot make the session, but still want to survey towns, let Sara know ([email protected]).

Action #3 - Do Something Restorative

We have heard that several of you are feeling emotionally drained from news of the many recent shootings and persistant attacks on our democracy. We want to encourage you to do something restorative this week alongside your work making the promise of democracy real for us all. Take a few deep breaths, go for a sunny walk, listen to music...whatever it is, take some time to restore so that, together, we can continue doing this important work.


Bonus Action - Attend the Global Citizens Circle: In the Footsteps of Giants

Global Citizens Circle invites you to join Dr Shanita Williams who will moderate this inspiring conversation with Yolanda Renee King (only grandchild of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King) and Khandace Wilkerson, Leader in Training at Camp Harborview and Senior at Boston Latin Academy. Yolanda and Khandace are among many young people of their generation tackling critical issues they are passionate about, at a time when the ballot is being undermined and technology is being weaponized to distort the truth. Yolanda and Khandace represent a generation of new voices strengthened by the lives of those who paved the way.

June 13th, 9:30-11:00AM, Zoom link HERE


Actions for the Week of June 1 - June 8, 2022

High school senior registration (Thank you Susan and Judy!!):

Email text:

Dear Principals,

Congratulations on bringing another tumultuous school year through to a healthy close for all of your students, and particularly for the Class of 2022!

As your seniors step into their adult lives, I’m hoping you’ll help them assume an important right and duty of adulthood - that of participating in our democracy by voting. I am working with several volunteer, non-partisan groups of Granite State citizens to encourage eligible high school students to register to vote.

We’ve created the attached certificate, congratulating your seniors and clarifying the voter registration process for them. We’re hoping that you are willing to email it to your senior class. Voting is a fundamental right and responsibility in our democracy. Helping seniors to register is an important parting lesson - a priceless gift that you can give them as part of their launch from high school into the world.

Thank you for your time, your help and all that you do for our new generation of citizens.


Action #1 - Attend & Provide Testimony to Committee on Voter Confidence

June 7th at 1PM the Committee on Voter Confidence will meet in Portsmouth at the City Hall Council Chambers (1 Junkins Ave, Portsmouth, NH 03801). City clerks will be called to speak at this meeting. 

All meetings, times, and locations are updated HERE.

Going forward, we are hoping to connect the dots for the Committee as relates to the work we have been doing on campaign finance reform. What is driving some Granite Staters' distrust in government, and elections?

It's not an accident, but a deliberate campaign to sow distrust in government so that a few, the very wealthy and large corporations, can maintain power at the expense of the masses. A few key points are listed below, but an exhaustive recap of this process exists in The Sum of Us by Heather McGhee and Democracy in Chains by Nancy MacLean.


Since at least the Voting Rights Act of 1965, Democrats and Republicans have been increasingly polarized about race, class, and identity in politics (called "Zero Sum" politics by Heather McGhee, where the myth is that rights for BIPOC voters can only come at the expense of rights for white voters when, actually, policies can be made where we all benefit). Bad actors have capitalized on this polarization to ignite certain bases of voters to vote for candidates who claim they will improve life in the U.S. (think MAGA), but who end up only working for the wealthy interest groups that got them elected. 

The Big Lie is the most recent iteration of "Zero Sum" politics, where bad actors are igniting race, class, and identity tensions while also claiming to voter fraud, stoking fear and distrust in government. Who wins when we don't trust our government? The wealthy, wealthy special interest groups, and businesses/corporations when can then easily elect sympathizers to improve life only for the wealthy and businesses. An NH example - Mike Lindell as of Dec 2021 has spent $25 million of his own money peddling the Big Lie. Mike Lindell participated in a fundraiser with the NH Voter Integrity Project, which was also the group that sent out mailers for this year's town elections urging voters to vote down ballot counting machines. 

A lack of trust in elections from repeated messaging, coupled with the fact that campaigns are getting more and more expensive, makes candidates beholden to the wealthy special interest groups who fund their campaigns. An NH example - Senator Shaheen raised almost $19.4 million dollars in 2020 for her campaign. There are only ~1.4 million people in NH and not all that of voting age, so a majority of that money had to come from special interest groups. Sen. Shaheen is then liable to their interests when in office as they funded her campaign, even though it was the voters not these groups who got her elected.


Our government of, by, and for the people is increasingly becoming a government of, by and for wealthy donors and wealthy interest groups. Campaigns are expensive, and once in office elected officials are then beholden to the wealthy interest groups who funded their campaigns rather than the everyday voters who got them in office. 

It is understandable that some lack confidence in elections, when voters see elected officials taking no or negative action on issues that voters support, to appease the interest groups that got the official elected.

Confidence in elections will come when voters see that their votes actually matter; that they are able to elect officials who will work in their best interests when in office.


The Secretary of State repeatedly and officially stating that elections in NH are sound and secure.

Adoption of voter-owned elections, where elected officials are accountable to the people who elected them by limiting the influence of wealthy special interests in campaign financing. Voter-owned elections ONE PAGER. (A majority of Granite Staters believe wealthy campaign donors have more power in elections than voters, according to Public Policy Polling's 2017 study HERE, OD toplines HERE.)

Adoption of ranked-choice voting, where every voter is given greater choice in who represents them. What is ranked-choice voting?


Action #2 - Thank Governor Sununu for vetoing SB200 & HB52

Governor Sununu followed through on his commitment and vetoed SB200 & HB52, thanks in large part to YOUR advocacy over the past year for fair, competitive maps! Please take a moment to celebrate this win! Afterwards, send along a thank you message:


Office of the Governor
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301


Action #3 - RSVP and bring a friend to OD/ODA's Annual Meeting!

June 15th at 5PM OD/ODA will celebrate the year's successes at our Annual Meeting, outdoors at the home of Arnie Arnesen (15 Rumford St., Concord, NH). Join us for food, song, speakers, and camaraderie as we reflect on the story of the year and where we go from here! RSVP, and bring a friend!


Actions for the Week of May 25 - June 1, 2022

Action #1 - Contact local Election Officials to sign letter to Gov. to Veto SB418

                                       NHCVR letter HERE. 

                                      NHCVR press conference HERE.

                                       Clerk search HERE. 

                                       Talking points HERE.

Sample call script:

Good afternoon! I am reaching out as a part of non-partisan, pro-voter non-profit Open Democracy Action and the NH Campaign for Voting Rights. I am calling to see if you have heard about SB418, the bill that would create a provisional ballot system for NH, and are concerned?

[Answer. If yes...] We are as well. Clerks, moderators, and poll workers across NH are signing onto a letter to send to Gov. Sununu urging him to veto Sb418. I can email you the letter, would you add your name?

[Answer. If no, haven't heard about it...] I can tell you a few highlights of the bill. Our primary concern related to election officials is that the provisional ballot process will make your jobs more difficult. The provisional ballots require explanation of a packet of information for provisional ballot voters that will take time to explain, could cause long lines, and discourage many from voting. We are also very concerned that voters who vote overseas in our military would be disenfranchised if this bill becomes law. The provisional ballot process would make it almost impossible for overseas military to return their ballots on time for a general election. We are asking local election officials to sign on to a letter for Governor Sununu, urging him to veto Sb418. If I email you the letter with information about the bill, would you add your name?

[Answer. If no, not concerned/I am for provisional ballots...] Thank you for your time. 


Action #2 - Ask 5 friends to call Gov. Sununu to Veto Congressional Districts (SB200)

Map HERE. CD1 is more competitive, CD2 leans very Democrat. Info on the map HERE.

or, encourage your friends to join the 603Forward phonebank for Fair Maps May 26th at 5PM HERE.


Sample Call Script:

Hello, my name is ___ and I live in _____, NH. I am calling to ask Gov. Sununu to keep his word. He has said he will veto uncompetitive maps, and I urge him to make sure NH stays purple and veto SB200, the latest Congressional map. Thank you!

Action #3 - RSVP for the book club June 9th at 7PM and bring a friend!

Heather McGhee’s specialty is the American economy—and the mystery of why it so often fails the American public. From the financial crisis of 2008 to rising student debt to collapsing public infrastructure, she found a root problem: racism in our politics and policymaking. But not just in the most obvious indignities for people of color. Racism has costs for white people, too. It is the common denominator of our most vexing public problems, the core dysfunction of our democracy and constitutive of the spiritual and moral crises that grip us all. But how did this happen? And is there a way out? RSVP


Actions for the Week of May 18 - May 25, 2022

Action #1 - Call your NH Representative and Senator to oppose SB302 and SB200

SB302 and SB200 have passed their Committees of Conference and will be vote on by both the House and the Senate next Thursday, May 26th. 

Find your Rep HERE and your Senator HERE, and urge them to oppose SB302 (because it makes government less transparent, and dark money darker) and SB200 (because the Congressional districts are still gerrymandered for partisan gain, with CD1 still a Republican-lean and CD2 Democratic-leaning).

More on the latest updates to the Congressional districts (SB200) here:

and here:

ask your Rep/Senator to ask for a roll call vote.

Action #2 - Send a postcard to Gov. Sununu, urging him to veto SB418 for Memorial Day

Memorial day is coming up! On this day every year we remember those who served and lost their lives in war. This year, Sb418 is on track to disenfranchise overseas military - service members who are defending the very right that is being taken from them, and the right that those we are honoring on Memorial day died to protect.

Sample script:

Dear Governor Sununu,

On this Memorial Day, I pause to honor the lives of those in our overseas military who have given their lives to protect our freedoms, especially our freedom to vote. We cannot allow them to lose the very freedom they have given their lives to protect. Please veto SB418, so that our overseas military are able to cast their ballots and have those votes counted.

Thank you,



       Click for PDF Postcard


Office of the Governor
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301


Action #3 - Recruit a pro-democracy candidate for the next election!

The filing period for the November 8, 2022 election is June 1-10, 2022

We are hoping to expand our pools of pro-democracy candidates/democracy champions in the State House, to move our campaigns forward. Please think about folks in your town, in your networks, and invite them to run!

Share this information page about filing:

We need pro-democracy candidates everywhere, but *especially* the following town that have been identified as "swing" towns that, with the right candidate, are winnable:    

Martin's Purchase                       Low and Burbank's Grant

Pinkham's Grant                         Randolph

Sargent's Purchase                    Shelburne

Winchester                                Success

Dublin                                       Thompson and Meserve's Purchase

Jaffrey                                      Easton

Fitzwilliam                                 Lincoln

Richmond                                  Livermore

Troy                                          Woodstock

Berlin                                        Ellsworth

Bean's Grant                              Thornton

Bean's Purchase                         Waterville Valley

Chandler's Purchase                   Campton

Crawford's Purchase                   Hampton

Cutt's Grant                              Rochester Ward 6

Gorham                                    Brentwood

Green's Grant                            Amherst

Hadley's Purchase                     Milford

Brookline                                  Greenville


603Forward is hosting a "you've decided you are going to run for the State House, or another office soon - now what?" workshop Sunday, May 22, 2022 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM ET. Once you'd identified a pro-democracy candidate, you can share this workshop for an interactive, all-day workshop that will give candidates the tools to run a successful campaign. Link HERE.

Actions for the Week of May 11 - May 18, 2022

Action #1 - Call Gov. Sununu to veto SB418, SB302, and SB200+amendment 1702h

SB418: Provisional ballots bill

SB302: Bill that reduces ability to track who is funding who in elections/government

SB200+amendment 1702h: Newest Congressional districts ("I-93" map)

Details of all bills, as well as reasoning for veto, available here:

Sample script:

Hello, my name is ___ and I am a voter in __[town]___. I am calling to thank Governor Sununu for protecting our freedom to vote, by speaking out against provisional ballots. I ask that he please follow through on this commitment and veto SB418, the provisional ballots bill, when it reaches his desk.

I am also calling to thank Governor Sununu for supporting the ability of all voters to have a fair say in elections, with his commitment to veto any redistricting map that isn't competitive. I hope he upholds this commitment to veto SB200 with amendment, the newest Congressional Districts, that are almost identical to the ones he vowed to veto. I also urge Gov. Sununu to veto the equally uncompetitive Senate and Executive Council districts, on their way to his desk.

Finally, I ask he please veto SB302, to ensure we continue to enjoy the high standards of government transparency we have here in the Granite State. Thank you for your time.



Action #2 - Bring a friend to the OD/ODA Annual Meeting

The joint Annual Meeting of Coalition for Open Democracy and Open Democracy Action will be held on June 15, 2022, 5-7 pm at the home of Arnie Arnesen, 15 Rumford St., Concord, NH. The evening will include speakers, food, songs, and much needed comradery. Tickets are $22 to help cover the cost of food and location. RSVP here, and invite your friends!

Action #3 - Organize an event of your comfort level for the Jan 6th Select Committee hearings

The Committee is holding 8 hearings prime time and during the day in June, starting with a hearing at 8PM EST June 9th. There was mixed interest in hosting watch parties - with concerns over the audience that might show up, Covid-19 safety, and concerns by hosts about watch parties being viewed as partisan. ODA feels these hearings are important to watch, spread the word about, and digest in community, but would like you all to stay safe doing so!

Potential ideas:

  • Watch party at local library
  • Smaller house or pod watch party
  • LTE, Op-Ed, and/or social media posts to raise awareness that these hearings are happening
  • Watching solo, and getting together with folks afterward to debrief
  • And more!

Organizing toolkit HERE


Actions for the Week of May 4 - May 11, 2022

**Every week** Sign in on bills here:

Action #1 - Call Gov. Sununu to veto SB418, SB302, and SB200+amendment 1702h

SB418: Provisional ballots bill

SB302: Bill that reduces ability to track who is funding who in government.

SB200+amendment 1702h: Newest Congressional districts ("I-93" map)

Details of all bills, as well as reasoning for veto, available here:

Sample script:

Hello, my name is ___ and I am a voter in __[town]___. I am calling to thank Governor Sununu for protecting our freedom to vote, by speaking out against provisional ballots. I ask that he please follow through on this commitment and veto SB418, the provisional ballots bill, when it reaches his desk.

I am also calling to thank Governor Sununu for supporting the ability of all voters to have a fair say in elections, with his commitment to veto any redistricting map that isn't competitive. I hope he upholds this commitment to veto SB200 with amendment, the newest Congressional Districts, that are almost identical to the ones he vowed to veto. I also urge Gov. Sununu to veto the equally uncompetitive Senate and Executive Council districts, on their way to his desk.

Finally, I ask he please veto SB302, to ensure we continue to enjoy the high standards of government transparency we have here in the Granite State. Thank you for your time.



Action #2 - 2022 Voter Challenge

ODA signed up to participate in the 2022 Voter Challenge, run by The Civics CenterThe Civics Center is dedicated to building the foundations of youth civic engagement and voter participation in high schools through education, organizing, and advocacy. Their goal is to make every graduate a voter.

The challenge, should you choose to accept it: ask every high school senior you know to register to vote before graduation!

Examples of ways you could do this: ask friends/family friends, reach out to folks you regularly interact with at businesses, comment on social media graduation photos with a link to town clerk, contact your high school's principal and/or teachers with THIS FLYER (email accompaniment for Flyer HERE).

Social media toolkit HERE (don't use anything with a QR code, not set up for NH).


Action #3 - Commission on Voter Confidence Testimony for May 13th

WMUR coverage:

The Commission on Voter Confidence has begun its meetings! Public testimony will be taken at each meeting, that can be submitted in-person or electronically, and there will be listening sessions around the state. 

The next meeting will be May 13th at 1PM at the State Archives Building (9 Ratification Way, Concord, NH 03301). The Commission will hear a presentation on the voter procedures panel and state election laws, after which public testimony will be accepted.

If you have thoughts on voter procedures, election laws, and/or steps election officials take to ensure our elections are secure and run smoothly please provide testimony to the committee in-person or via email: [email protected]

Zoom link to livestream:

Actions for the Week of April 20 - April 27, 2022

**Every week** Sign in on bills here:


Action #1 - Write or Ghost Write LTE on SB418

The full NH House passed SB418, and now it goes to House Finance Committee. We are asking folks to write and submit an LTE (or ghost write an LTE for a friend to submit) urging Governor Sununu to veto SB418 if it makes it to his desk.

Click for:

Sb418 Talking Points

Sample LTEs to customize  (End with "Call Governor Sununu to VETO SB418: 603-271-2121")

LTE Submission Guidance


Action #2 - Teams Outreach - table an event or help table in May!

ODA is hoping to continue to grow the regional teams this summer. Are there events in your community you could table, to attract a few more team members? We are happy to provide outreach materials, but it would be great for you all to speak to your communities first-hand about your involvement with the teams and the amazing work you've done.

Alternatively, ODA is tabling at Franklin Community Day Saturday May 14th, and at the Monadnock Volunteer Recruitment Fair May 17th. It would be great to have 1-2 team members at each of these events to talk to folks about the teams - let us know if you're interested in joining either!

Monadnock Volunteer Recruitment Fair is May 17, 3-7PM (set up is 2-3PM, take-down is 7-8PM) at Keene Ice.


Action #3 - Lift up High Schooler to lead voter registration drive - Before Graduation

Steps to consider:

1) Identify potential student - a friend of the family? someone active in the community? part of a relevant school club?

2) Student would contact Principal/relevant school body to make sure event okay and to coordinate planning

3) You or student - Bring in Supervisor of the Checklist

4) You and/or student - Event outreach

5) Student - Host event

6) Celebrate success/Thank all those involved!

In addition to or in lieu of registration event, you could send THIS FLYER to your school's Principal, to include in graduation materials for the class of 2022. Email accompaniment for Flyer HERE


Action #4 -  Call Governor Sununu to commit to veto the Senate (SB240) and Executive Council (SB241) districts

The Senate and Executive Council districts passed the NH House this week, and are on their way to the Governor's desk. Call/email the Governor to double down on his commitment to vetoing gerrymandered maps. These maps are both gerrymandered for partisan advantage - info on both maps here.

603-271-2121, [email protected]


Actions for the Week of April 13 - April 20, 2022

**Every week** Sign in on bills here:

Action #1 - Senate and Exec. Council redistricting maps - by April 14th -

The Senate and Exec. Council redistricting maps are up for public hearing Thursday, April 14th. 

Testimony & Sign-ins:

Please sign-in in opposition to these bills and send testimony to the House Special Committee on Redistricting here:

If you're able to read your testimony in person, even better! Please submit your testimony electronically, but also print out copies to hand to the committee during the hearing. The hearing is in the Legislative Office Building, room 201-203. The Senate map will be heard at 10AM, the Exec. Council map at 10:30AM.

All the info on both maps can be found here:

And a one-pager for both maps here:


Exec. Council


Join us April 14th from 9-10AM outside the Legislative Office Building (or in front of LOB room 201-203, if raining) to hold signs for fair maps! Bring your own sign, or borrow one of ours. RSVP here:


Action #2 - Share to social media your photo for Thank Election Heroes Day

Keep the message going! We've sent (or are in the process of sending) thank you cards to our election heroes. The final step for this day is to post a photo of you writing these letters, or a general post thanking your election heroes, to your social media.

Use the #ThankElectionHeroes

Sample messages under "Tweets" (you can post to any social media, not just twitter):


Actions for the Week of April 6 - April 13, 2022

**Every week** Sign in on bills here:

Action #1 - Thank You Cards for Thank Election Heroes Day 

On April 12th ODA will be celebrating Thank Election Heroes Day to thank our election officials for protecting our democracy. Choose a community to adopt, select the election officials you'd like to thank (Clerk, Monderator(s), Supervisor(s) of Checklist, etc) and send some Thank Yous!

Please fill out THIS FORM so we can get you the postcards/postage you need. You can write from home, or gather April 12th at noon in Concord (4 Park St. #301) with other team members to write postcards together.

Add the contact information of the officials in the town you're adopting to  this google sheet.

Sample messages:

Thank you [election official] for the essential work you do protecting our democracy.

Thank you [election official] for the work you do, supporting our democracy and protecting our right to vote.

Thank you [election official]! I want to let you know that I appreciate all the work you do, and continue to do, to ensure the voting process runs smoothly.

Thank you [election official] for ensuring our elections are secure, and that all votes are counted.

Thank you [election official] for being the backbone of our democracy, ensuring our elections run smoothly and efficiently, even in the face of pandemic and political threats.

Election officials are under more pressure than ever before, and rarely get the appreciation they deserve for the work they do to ensure our elections run smoothly. A study recently conducted by the Brennan Center found that 1 in 5 election officials are likely to quit before 2024 due to harassment, safety concerns, and lack of state and federal support. 

Action #2 - Sb418 - testimony, sign-ins, and visibility

Sb418 is scheduled for a public hearing Friday in House Election Law at 11AM, providing another opportunity to oppose this dangerous bill for voting rights. 

Please register your opposition, and sign in on all the bills here:

SB418 Info Session, April 7 at 7PM: Join members of the NH Campaign for voting rights for an information session on SB418 to have your questions answered and help you prepare testimony:

April 8, 9-10AM: SB418 visibility: Please bring your voting rights signs and stand with us Friday, outside the Legislative Office Building, as we gather to encourage NH House Election Law to vote SB418 "Inexpedient to Legislate."

Actions for the Week of March 30 - April 6, 2022

        **Every week** Sign in on bills here:

Action #1 - Thank Election Heroes Day: Adopt a community to send thank yous

April 12th, 2022 is Thank Election Heroes Day of Action! Public Citizen and other national voting rights allies, including League of Women Voters, spearheaded the day, the goal of which is to come together to thank our election workers, the workers our democracy depends on, and let them know how grateful we are that they count every vote and protect our freedom to vote. A study by the Brennan Center found that every 3 out of 10 election officials knows someone who left their job due to threats, intimidation, or fear for their safety, and 1 in 6 election officials have experienced threats themselves. Thank Election Heroes Day is a day to thank our election officials, and say we stand by you and support the important work you do.

Please fill out THIS FORM so we can get you the postcards/postage you need. ODA is hosting an in-person thank you writing gathering in Concord (4 Park St. #301) April 12th at noon. Join us to write in person, or adopt a community and write from home! Add the contact information of the officials in the town you're adopting to  this google sheet.

If you are not able to adopt a community, you can also celebrate Thank Election Heroes Day by recruiting an election official/poll worker.



Action #2 - Email Chair Barbara Griffin to hold the public hearings on the Senate/Exec Council Maps in the evening

The NH Senate and Executive Council redistricting maps are headed for a public hearing in the NH House Special Committee on Redistricting. Please email the committee's chair, Chair Barbara Griffin, and ask to hold the public hearing for the Senate and Executive Council redistricting maps in the evening.

In November we were successful asking Rep. Griffin to hold the redistricting hearings in the evening. As a result, more folks were able to attend these hearings and have their voices heard, particularly working folks and younger folks. Another pro of having hearings in the evening is that parking in Concord is free.

Email: [email protected]


Action #3 - Join us for the OD book club on April 14th at 7PM, and share the invite!

Open Democracy Book Club, How Democracies Die, April 14th @ 7PM: Since the days of ancient Athens, democracies have arisen and disappeared, often suffering violent deaths. In How Democracies Die, Harvard professors Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblat teach us that democracy no longer ends in a shower of bullets but with the slow, steady weakening of critical institutions and the erosion of long-standing political norms. The culprits are not wild-eyed revolutionaries or foreign adversaries, they are us, or at least a sub-set of us. They give us clear examples of how some democracies have died in the last century and invite us to consider what lessons these fates offer for our own country. This is the way democracy ends, not with bang but a whimper. RSVP HERE


Actions for the Week of March 23 - March 30, 2022

        **Every week** Sign in on bills here:

Action #1 - Thank the Governor for his commitment to veto...and ask him to keep his veto pen ready!

Last week Governor Sununu publicly committed to veto the Congressional redistricting map shortly after the Senate passed it. Recap HERE. We hope you've all taken a moment this week to celebrate - this win is a testament to all the time and effort you've put into the fair redistricting campaign over the past many months.

Now it's time to keep the pressure on. As you thank Gov. Sununu for his commitment to veto the Congressional districts this week, ask him to keep his veto pen ready for the NH Senate and Executive Council maps. The Senate maps are the worst of the worst - guaranteeing a veto-proof super majority, and though the Executive Council was amended this week the amendment still locks in Democrats in District 2, and creates 4 easier-win districts for Republicans.

Please include an ask for transparency as well; if any new amendments come forth, the public MUST be allowed additional public hearings. We will have these maps for the next 10 years, it's important the public has as many chances as possible to weigh in.

Contact Governor Sununu directly:

Email with the ACLU:


Action #2 - Social Media post about redistricting

Click images to download.


@GovChrisSununu we agree - ALL Granite Staters deserve competitive maps that ensure voters get the best elected officials for their communities. Call @GovChrisSununu and thank him for his commitment to veto the Congressional districts. And urge him to keep his veto pen ready! The NH House, NH Senate and Executive Council maps also don't pass his "smell test" and must be vetoed if they reach his desk: 603 271 2121

LTEs/Op-Eds: Click to download

David Holt: LTE Concord Monitor

Corinne Dodge: Op-Ed In-depth NH

Steven Borne: Seacoast Online LTE

Bev Cotton: LTE Concord Monitor

Joanne Emus: LTE Hollis-Brookline News

John Cross: Op-Ed Telegraph

Susan Varn: LTE Concord Monitor

Joanne Emus: LTE Telegraph

David Andrews: LTE/Op-Ed Union Leader

Corinne Dodge: LTE Concord Monitor

Kate Coon: Op-Ed Monadnock Ledger Transcript

Sara Lobdell: LTE Keene Sentinel

Email [email protected] if you need a copy of any of these behind the paywall.

Connect with other team members on social media HERE.


Action #3 - Attend Map-A-Thon Briefing Sunday, March 27th at 2PM

The NH Senate redistricting map will be heard in the House soon (date TBD), and the NH House Election Law Committee could use your testimony to make these maps competitive and fair. Join the Map-A-Thon team Sunday to learn community-specific information about the NH Senate map, and to help craft testimony for the upcoming hearing. Share this invite to anyone who might be interested!


Register at:



Actions for the Week of March 16 - March 23, 2022

        **Every week** Sign in on bills here:

Action #1 - Call your NH Senator to oppose SB418

Earlier this week SB418 was voted Ought to Pass with amendment in Senate Election Law, meaning it's now headed for a full Senate vote. Please call your NH Senator and urge them to oppose this bill before the full Senate vote on the 24th.

SB418 Talking Points*

*The only way the amendment changes the talking points, is that same-day registrants are NOT required to take a provisional ballot. All other talking points are still accurate.

Action #2 - What did your NH Senator/the Governor say?

For the last few weeks we've done LOTS of calls to our Senators/the Governor on redistricting. Now we want to hear from you - what did your Senators/the Governor say about the Congressional/Executive Council districts?

Click HERE to add your information to the google form.


Action #3 - Lift up a high schooler to lead a voter registration drive for folks who will be 18 by the primary

Click HERE to read inspiration on how Ella Muller coordinated a voter registration drive at her high school.

     Steps for student:

1) Contact Principal/relevant school body to okay event in school

2) Contact/bring in Supervisor of the Checklist

3) Event outreach

4) Host

5) Celebrate success

Or, send THIS FLIER to your school's Principal, to include in graduation materials for the class of 2022. Email accompaniment for Flier HERE


Action #4 - Thank the Governor for his commitment to veto...and ask him to keep his red pen ready!

Thursday, shortly after the Senate voted to forward the gerrymandered Congressional districts, Governor Sununu released a statement that he would veto the map. Congratulations all!! This is a testament to all your hard work, making calls and pressuring the Governor.

Let's keep the pressure on!

Please thank the Governor for his commitment to veto the Congressional districts. Ask him to keep his red pen ready; the gerrymandered NH House maps are on their way to his desk, and the supermajority-guaranteeing, gerrymandered NH Senate maps must be vetoed if they make it through the House unamended. 

Contact Governor Sununu:

Thank Sen. Jeb Bradley as well! Sen. Bradley was the only Republican who voted in opposition to the CD map:

Actions for the Week of March 9 - March 16, 2022

        **Every week** Sign in on bills here:

Action #1 - Call your NH Senator to amend the Congressional (HB52) and Executive Council (SB241) redistricting maps

Monday, the NH Senate Election Law Committee voted "Ought to Pass" on the Congressional redistricting maps, where CD1 is packed with Republicans and CD2 is packed with Democrats. It now heads to a full Senate vote.
     The Committee also voted "Interim study" on the Executive Council map SB241, the map that is the same as the 2010 Executive Council map. This map now heads to a full Senate vote as well, where we think it will be Tabled. Tabling SB241 means that, with no action taken, the Executive Council districts will default to the 2010 map. So either way - if SB241 is tabled or if it's passed as is, voters will get the gerrymandered 2010 map with the "Dragon" district 2. 
     Both of these bills are on their way to a full Senate vote. We are asking for you to call to your NH Senator this week and urge them to amend both bills for more competitive, fair Congressional and Executive Council districts.

Map-A-Thon Analysis of both maps

Action #2 - Write an LTE on redistricting

Thank you to everyone who has already written an LTE or Op-Ed! Your submissions have elevated the conversation on redistricting. The public and elected officials are listening (even if the latter aren't taking action to create fair maps). We are asking you to continue keeping the public's eye on redistricting through LTE this week. Submit one you've already written to another paper, write a brand new LTE, or dust off and old one and update it with the latest status of the redistricting maps. We want as much of the pubic's eye on these maps, and pressure our legislators to do what is fair for their constiuents.

Sample redistricting LTEs

Sierra Club LTE submissions guidance

List of papers that will take submissions from out of region


Action #3 - Help Grow the Teams!

It's aaaaaaaalmost Spring! While you're thinking about growing your gardens this weekend, let's plant a few seeds for democracy and grow the teams. Have you seen an LTE in the paper from a non-team member on our issues? Invite them along! Have a neighbor who you've inspired to take action in the past? Bring them back in! Reach out to your networks and, even if you might not think folks are interested, you never know until you ask.

Over the next week, let's try and bring at least one new person to each group.

Actions for the Week of March 2 - March 9, 2022

        **Every week** Sign in on bills here:

Action #1 - Email/Call Clerk and/or Moderator to Oppose SB418

We are continuing opposition to SB418 again this week, this time bringing in town clerks. SB418 creates a provisional ballot system that makes voting more burdensome for voters who register same-day, as well as election officials who would be required to verify same-day voter information up to 14 days after the election. It is important the NH Senate Election Law Committee hear voices of election officials, especially town clerks and moderators, who could speak first-hand to the negative consequences of this bill.
Sample script:
Hello, my name is _____ and I am working with the nonpartisan voting rights groups Open Democracy Action. We are/I am concerned about a bill in the Senate, SB418, that has the potential to disenfranchise same-day voters. Can I speak with you about the potential consequences of this bill? [share info] Would you be able to email/call the NH Senate Election Law Committee with your opposition to this bill? [Share contact info below]. Thank you.


Action #2 - Mail "Thank yous" to Sec. of State Scanlan

Sec. of State David Scanlan has recently made comments in support of bills that have the potential to restrict voting access, including the provisional ballots in SB418 and the use of residence rather than domicile. We are mailing letters to thank SOS Scanlan for his past and current work protecting Granite Staters' right to vote, while nudging him to do more. We are encouraging him to oppose bills with the potential to disenfranchise, and to support inclusive, accessible elections.
Sample script to customize:
Secretary of State Scanlan,
Thank you for the great job your office has done increasing voting access in Covid-19 times. NH elections are sound. I am grateful we don't have many of the troubles folks experience in other states.
I am reaching out to ask you to continue the good work. One bill I have been following and am particularly concerned about is SB418 (can use another bill/quote if you'd like. check to see if there's SOS testimony could pull from. HB testimony: here. SB testimony: search bill here, find testimony under docket/hearing notes.). The provisional ballot system this bill lays out is dangerous for the privacy of voters, may impact our First in the Nation status, and makes the polls less accessible for same-day voters. I heard your testimony on this bill, and was taken aback that you said you have complete confidence in New Hampshire elections, yet support this bill that offers a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. Voters heavily utilize and are comfortable with our current same-day registration system - it ain't broke as they say, so there's no need to change it. 
Elections in NH run smoothly, and that is a testament to your leadership. Please continue to utilize the tools of your office to make voting as accessible as possible for Granite Staters. We have appreciated the work you have done and ask you oppose bills like the provisional ballots bill that has ANY potential to disenfranchise, and support bills that make it easier for voters to vote.
Thank you for your time,
Your Name
Your Town

Mailing Address:

Office of the Secretary of State
State House, Room 204
107 North Main Street Concord, NH 03301

Action #3 - Share UNH Poll on Congressional Redistricting

UNH released a poll last week with results on public perception of the Congressional redistricting map. Of the Granite Staters polled who have seen the Congressional map, 80% think the districts are unfair. These findings cross party lines; 97% of Democrats and 91% of Independents who have seen the map think it is unfair, while 36% of Republicans think the map is unfair and 33% are unsure.
These results are a testament to your time and efforts raising awareness of these gerrymandered maps - bravo!! Please share these findings widely - especially with NH Senate Election Law, the Governor and in your LTEs - so we can continue to raise awareness and pressure for an amendment to this gerrymandered map.
Among those who have seen the maps (N=357), a large majority (80%) believe they are unfair while only 10% think they are fair. Nearly all Democrats (97%) and Independents (91%) who have seen the maps think they are unfair, while even Republicans are divided in their opinion: 36% find them to be unfair, 31% think they are fair, and 33% are unsure.

Actions for the Week of Feb 23 - March 2, 2022

     Every week - Sign in on bills here:

Action #1 - LTE opposing SB418: a bill that would create a provisional ballot system with potential to disenfranchise same-day voters

We are continuing to raise awareness about and oppose SB418, this week in LTE form. Please pick one or two points from the talking points document for your own LTE. There is still time to do last week's SB418 action and email the Senate Election Law Committee, as well. Scroll down to last week's action for details. 

SB418 Talking Points

Hearing testimony

Support: 82  |   Oppose: 177   |  Neutral:  0

Sierra Club LTE State-Wide Publications & Specs

Sample LTEs Here

NHCVR Sample LTEs Here


Action #2 - Email for Public Hearing - Congressional and Executive Council Redistricting Maps

The NH Senate Election Law Committee's next meeting is March 7th. The Executive Council (SB241) redistricting maps have to be acted upon by the Senate's mid-March deadline to act on bills, but we are not sure whether or not we will see an amendment to this map. The Congressional (HB52) redistricting map does not need to be acted upon by the March deadline. We think we may see an amendment to HB52 - potentially later, if not by March 7th.

We have been asking for amendments to these gerrymandered maps, and this week we are pushing the members of NH Senate Election Law Committee, Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, and Senate President Chuck Morse to hold public hearings on any amendments that may be forthcoming. The public has the right to another gerrymander-check, to make sure these maps are fair, competitive, and transparently made.

Senate Election Law Committee: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Senate Majority Leader Email: [email protected]

Senate President Morse Email: [email protected]

Customize sample -

Dear _______,

Please amend and hold additional public hearings on further amendments to Congressional (hb52) and Executive Council (sb241) redistricting maps. These maps are obviously gerrymandered, and voters across the state have been calling for fair, competitive redistricting maps. Amendments to the Congressional and Executive Council redistricting maps are sorely needed so voters can pick their politicians, not the other way around. The public must also be provided a public hearing to weigh in on any forthcoming amendments. We will have these maps for the next 10 years, and it's important we take the time to get it right, now.

Your Name

Your Town


Action #3 - Call President Biden - state of our democracy at State of the Union

On Tuesday, March 1st 2022 President Biden will deliver the State of the Union. We are calling the White House's comment line this week, asking President Biden to speak on the threats to our democracy as well as his plans for protecting our right to vote and strengthening our democracy.

Possible script - please customize with the democracy-related issues near to your heart:

My name is ___, calling from ___. I am deeply concerned that the right to vote is threatened by laws being introduced and passed in states around the country. I urge President Biden in his State of the Union address to express his commitment to protecting voting rights and our electoral processes by using all tools at his disposal, including executive actions.

Comment Line #: 202-456-1111

Open Tuesdays-Thursdays 11-3PM ET

Spread the message through social media here.

You can also send a message here if you can't get through.



Actions for the Week of Feb 16 - Feb 23, 2022

Action #1 - Post to Social Media for Governor

To remind Governor Sununu of his opposition to gerrymandering and previous commitments to veto gerrymandered maps, please post and share the redistricting graphics from the NH Fair Maps Coalition or any of Open Democracy's Governor-related Graphics of the Day. You can download graphics from the toolkit/images below, or share anything posted to Open Democracy Action's Facebook/Twitter.

NH Fair Maps Social Media Toolkit:

To post to the Governor's Facebook Page as a PUBLIC post:

1. Search for Governor Sununu's facebook page
2. Click "comment" on a post
3. Start your comment with @GovernorSununu, then type your message. End your message with "ALL Granite Staters deserve fair, competitive voting maps!"
4. Attach an image (click the camera button). Fair Maps Coalition or OD graphic.
5. Hit "enter" or post. Steel yourself - you may get comments on your comment. Some of them may be supportive, some likely not.

To post to the Governor as a PRIVATE message on Facebook:

1. Search for Governor Sununu's facebook page
2. Click "message" at the top of the page
3. A box will pop up for you to type. Start your comment with @GovernorSununu, then type your message. End your message with "ALL Granite Staters deserve fair, competitive voting maps!"
4. Attach an image (click the camera button). Fair Maps Coalition or OD graphic.
5. Hit "enter" or send. You will not likely get a message back, but you will be able to tell if your message was read. 

Governor Sununu on Twitter@GovChrisSununu

Click image to download -

Congressional Districts Graphic:

Granite Staters don’t love it either, @GovChrisSununu. Join us in calling Governor Sununu at 603-271-2121 for #FairMaps to protect our democracy. ALL Granite Staters deserve fair, competitive voting maps!

Executive Council Graphic:

We join @GovChrisSununu in calling on the legislature to change the glaring gerrymandering that is Executive Council District Two. ALL Granite Staters deserve fair, competitive voting maps! Call your Senator to oppose gerrymandered maps -

Graphic House Map:
When 54 towns are denied their constitutionally-guaranteed district for NH House representation, the process is not "representative@GovChrisSununu. Call Governor Sununu 603-271-2121 and ask him to veto the gerrymandered NH House/NH Senate maps. ALL Granite Staters deserve fair, competitive voting maps!
Graphic Senate Map:
Granite Staters agree @GovChrisSununu, the NH Senate redistricting maps don't pass the "smell test." NH is a purple state. ALL elections should be competitive, not rigged to guarantee NH Senate wins!

Action #2 - Email Senate Election Law Committee to Oppose SB418

SB418 is a Big Lie bill intended to do an end-run around New Hampshire's Qualified Voter Affidavit system, which NH chose to do to accept Help America Vote Act (HAVA) fund. It creates a system of provisional ballots of a different identifying color which will be deducted from the count if the voter fails to return with adequate documentation proving identity and domicile. This bill adversely affects students and the poor, resulting in disenfranchisement. With the hearing on this bill concluded (see results below), it will soon be voted on by the Senate Election Law Committee. Please send an email to the members of the Senate Election Law Committee asking them to oppose SB418. 

Hearing testimony

Support: 82  |   Oppose: 177   |  Neutral:  0

SB418 Talking Points

Email all members of the committee: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Sample email, please customize:

Dear Chairman Gray and Members of the Senate Election Law & Municipal Affairs Committee:

Please oppose SB418 - relative to verification of voter affidavits. I am grateful that the past few elections I have voted in have run smoothly and felt very secure. I am worried that SB418 will compromise the privacy and security of NH elections, as it requires those who register same-day to take a different ballot than voters already registered. These ballots might then be reviewed by election officials to confirm the information of same-day voters - but then those election officials could know how that person voted! Further still, ballots of same-day registrants could be given tracking identification to cancel those ballots after the election if need be. What's to stop election officials from canceling someone's no-longer-anonymous ballot willy nilly?

Please oppose SB418 - relative to verification of voter affidavits, so we can continue to have private, secure NH elections.

Your Name

Your Town


Action #3 - RSVP to "Live From the Frontlines: Protecting American Democracy, a Conversation with Journalist Ari Berman" Wednesday, February 23, 7:00-8:00 PM ET

Open Democracy Action is Co-Sponsoring this conversation with Ari Berman, senior reporter at Mother Jones and author of the award-winning book Give us the Ballot.

State voter suppression laws, hyper-partisan racial gerrymandering, extreme actors taking control of election administration, and the Supreme Court’s recent decisions are threatening our democracy and laying the foundation for minority rule. In January the Senate sidelined federal voting rights legislation that would have addressed these attacks, choosing to protect the filibuster over the right of millions of Americans to cast their vote and have it counted. Voters of color, young voters, rural voters, physically challenged voters, and poor voters are particularly impacted.

Join us to learn how we got here, what’s at stake, and how “we the people” can protect American democracy at this crucial moment. Please feel free to share this event with any democracy-minded groups you are a part of.




Actions for the Week of Feb 9 - Feb 16, 2022

Action #1 - A blizzard of postcards to the Governor

Send a postcard to Governor Sununu asking him to keep his word and veto gerrymandered maps. The gerrymandered NH Senate and NH House maps were voted Ought to Pass in committee, and we expect they will be voted on by the full Senate on Feb 17. The Governor has stated he wants changes to the Executive Council and Congressional maps, but so far there have been no amendments proposed.

Time is of the essence. We want to pressure Governor Sununu to keep his word and oppose unfair maps. Please mail your postcard as soon as possible, and share this action with your networks so we create a blizzard of postcards!

Sample messages and more details here:


Action #2 - LTEs on NH Senate and NH House Maps

Both the NH Senate map (sb240) and NH House map (hb50) were voted Ought to Pass in committee this week. We expect both bills will be voted on by the full Senate on Feb 17, and we may see the Congressional & Executive Council maps with amendments by Feb 24.    ASAP, we are asking you to write an open letter LTE to your local paper to put pressure on the Senators to respect their constituents wishes and vote to oppose these unfair maps on Feb 17 and Feb 24.   Remember, at the public hearing for the NH Senate map (sb240) 609 members of the public opposed sb240 and only 11 supported, and SB 241,  585 opposed, only 10 supported.   The NH Resolution for Fair, Nonpartisan Redistricting was passed by 74 towns representing 561,000 NH voters.  

Please submit an LTE as soon as possible - we want to have them printed before the Feb. 17 or Feb. 24th Senate votes.

Sample LTEs here  

Sierra Club LTE State-Wide Publications & Specs


*Bonus Action* - Absentee voting for Town Meetings?

We have heard from the SOS that voters who cannot risk Covid-19 exposure can still check "disabled" to vote by absentee. We want to make sure clerks know about this guidance, and to publicize it if it applies for upcoming March town meetings.  If you have a March town meeting, please call or email your clerk and ask if voters can vote by absentee ballots by checking "disabled" to avoid risking exposure to Covid-19 attending in-person.  

Hi, ______________________:

Open Democracy Action has learned that the "disability" excuse can still be used to request an absentee ballot, even though the Governor's emergency order has expired. Guidance to this effect was published by the Secretary of State's Office in the 2022 Absentee Ballot Information, attached. We want to make sure you're aware of this, and would urge you to get any clarification you need from the Secretary of State's office prior to town meeting.

Even though the numbers are starting to drop, there are many people who are not otherwise disabled who may need to use an absentee ballot to vote.  Thank you for helping our more vulnerable citizens to exercise their patriotic duty to vote.

Thank you!

Your Name

(Click these links to open and save the pdfs to your computer to attach to an email)

Absentee Ballot Instructions_2022

Absentee Ballot Application_2022


Actions for the Week of Feb 3 - Feb 9, 2022

Action # 1 - Postcards to Senators and Governor

Big Ask - Postcards to Senators -- We need four volunteers to each write 24 postcards to our NH Senators by next Wednesday. Because of the Senate's tight schedule, We're asking for a lot here:
- We're asking you to print out the postcards in color on your printer, four to a sheet, on card stock, which some of you may have - 6 sheets to make 24 postcards.
- ODA-printed cards will be available Monday morning outside the office door, if you want to help. See the details.
- We're asking you to acquire the .40 postcard stamps locally
- We're asking you/you and a friend to write 24 cards, address them and mail them.
- Details, messages, printable postcards on a PDF sheet are here:
- We are happy to reimburse you for materials & postage.
- Please don't share this message outside the family
- Confirm to Brian if you can help with this: 603-620-8300 or [email protected]

Little Ask - Postcard/Notecard to the Governor -- We're asking all team members to help us shower the Governor with postcards & notecards. Kent Street is blasting this out, and we will be asking other groups to help, too. Details, messages, printable postcards are here:

You may use ANY postcard or notecard, Open Democracy Action postcards, but please NOT Open Democracy postcards.
No need to confirm with Brian to do this action. Have at it! You MAY share this action with Democracy-friendly groups.


Action # 2 - Call or email the NH Senate Election Law Committee urging them to oppose HB 50, HB 52, SB 240 and SB 241

Calls: 603-271-3077
Email all members of the committee: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Please customize the script - this is another good place to include bits of your previous testimony or LTEs! Check out the work of other team members here if you'd like more material, but a direct ask to oppose and amend is also valuable. Click for Updated Mapt-A-Thon analysis of HB50 and HB52.


Dear Chairman Gray and Members of the Senate Election Law & Municipal Affairs Committee:

I am opposed to the proposed redistricting maps (HB 50 , HB 52, SB240 and SB241) and the proposed Congressional maps that are en route to your committee. Every voter's voice must be heard, and voters want their votes to count. Maps that rig elections for partisan gain deny voters their fair say. As a Granite Stater who believes in our democracy, I urge you to amend these gerrymandered maps and commit to passing fair, competitive maps.

Your Name

Your Town


Action #3 - Call Governor Sununu (603-271-2121) ask for Fair Congressional Maps. 

Please customize the below script, these are just possible points to bring up on a call. This is another good opportunity to bring in points you previously made in testimony on HB52, in your LTEs, or to highlight points made in the NH Bulletin article here.

Hello my name is ___ and I live in ___, NH. I wanted to call over my concern for the Congressional District Maps. I am appalled by the blatantly gerrymandered Congressional maps that were passed in the New Hampshire House. They do not pass your "smell test."  I ask you to call on the Senate to amend HB52 for a more competitive map.  

The House passed maps deny over 140 years of New Hampshire tradition ensuring two competitive, fair Congressional districts and ignore the will of voters. Even Gene Chandler, the former Republican Speaker of the House, called the maps "radical."  Former Congressional District 1 Republican candidate and NHGOP Vice Chair Matt Mayberry also vocally opposes them. I urge you to commit to vetoing any map that is not two competitive districts. 

Reject these gerrymandered maps, and any maps without competitive districts. 

Thank you for your time.


Actions for the Week of Jan 26 - Feb 2, 2022

Action # 1 - Testimony, Sign-In, Visibility for Monday 1/31 NH Senate Hearing --  We're mobilizing for next Monday, Jan 31, 1 -4 pm for the NH Senate's redistricting hearing for the HB 50 House maps, the HB 52 Congressiona maps and expected amendments, and an amendment (which may not be better) to the Executive Council.  We are looking for sign-ins and testimony at this hearing. 

RSVP to help, then you'll be taken to a volunteer page up to testify in person or in writing, do the visibility, and/or other actions.  Start here:  

If you've already written testimony for House or Congressional maps  Many of you have already written testimony to the House Special Committee.   It's OK to dust those off, update them, and resubmit them for this hearing.   If you need help, you'll find guidance for testimony on those pages. 

We're also asking you to sign in on these bills, but you won't be able to do that until we've had a chance to analyze the amendments.     The amazing Map-a-Thon Mapping and Tech team is standing by to do that, and we'll put our recommendations in the Registraton Action page by Friday at noon.  

Action #2  -  ASAP - LTEs Targeting Your Senator - We've received intel that the NH Senate map will NOT be amended, despite have superior, competitive map compromise amendments being available.   It's a partisan power grab, because these maps are not only bad, they're worse than the 2010 maps.   We need to get LTEs out to your local papers to put pressure on your senator not to support the rigged maps.   We've amped up the tone a bit, as you'll see in our Sample LTEs.   Here's the NH Sierra Club's LTE tool to help you with specs and contact emails.

Action #3  - Signing in on Bills -  Go to the Legislation Action page:

3a  -  There's still time to sign-in before tomorrow - Thursday 1/27- hearing to support HB 1014 in House Judiciary, which allows participation by the public in ONLINE hearings, as well as authorizing remote participation by legislators.  

Updated by Friday at noon - Sign in when we've posted guidance

3b -   Jan 31 Senate Election Law redistricting bills before Monday at 9 am hearing Now updated - sign in!

3c -   Feb 2 Education Committee bill allowing voter registration of IEP Students

3d -   Thursday Feb 3 - There are *nine* Big lie "audit" bills in NH House Election Law -- While some of these are extremely bad bills, we will NOT be asking for you to come to the State House.  We are expecting the Stop-the-Steal/Anti-Vax/Anti-Mask crowd to be there and don't want to put you at risk.  We may ask for testimony, especially from those of you who volunteer at the polls, to say what nonsense some of these bills are.  


Actions for the Week of Jan 17 - Jan 25, 2022

Action # 1 - Sign in on Next Week's House/Senate Hearings  -- [Now Updated!] The calendar will be released Thursday night from the GenCourt staff.   We will be writing up the bills and making recommendations on Friday late mornings.   The sign-in actions will be listed here:  along with updates from last week's bills.   FYI, 83 people signed in support of the public funding of elections bill heard today with 4 opposed.  BAM!

Action # 2 - Write the NH Senate Election Law Committee members on NH Senate & Executive Council Redistricting -  The intel is that the NH Senate Election Law & Municipal Affairs Committee will not be voting on the NH Senate & Executive Council maps until Jan. 31.   The Map-a-Thon team does have a couple amendments we've proposed to the Senators for the NH Senate and Congressional maps as honest brokers for a compromise.    ASAP, please write a letter / note  to the Senators on the election law committee at their home address.  This has been written for both Dems & Republicans, however, feel free to customize to the party/region.   Here's a sample message to get you thinking, but please don't copy it.   

Here are the addresses for the Senators on Election Law & Municipal Affairs, which are marked in Column G:

Dear Senator ___________:

Thank you for your work on the redistricting maps.   I know this has been a long process, but a very important one to New Hampshire voters like me.  

I've now had a chance to look at all the maps being proposed, both yours and the maps coming over from the NH House.   I must say, I'm disappointed that we couldn't just work on one map in the same room and come up with a compromise like it used to happen in New Hampshire.    In particular, the Republican version of the NH Senate map wiggles all over the place, and it looks like somebody is trying to put Hanover and Plymouth into the same district!   That makes no sense at all.   The Executive Council map didn't get changed at all, even though Governor Sununu has said he doesn't like them.   And the Congressional map, well, we KNOW what that's about, and the attempts to defend it are laughable.

I'm hoping that your committee brings compromise amendments forward that can fix some of these maps, so the voters of New Hampshire can be proud of its legislature's work.   We want to see real races, not elections like the Russians run.  

Thank you for work on the voting district maps, and for your service to the state of New Hampshire.

Your Name

Your Town


Action # 3 - Contact Sens. Shaheen & Hassan after action in the U.S. Senate on the Filibuster & Freedom to Vote/John Lewis Voting Rights acts  --

It's clear now that the filibuster rules and the voting rights bills are stopped for now.   There is still energy to get this fixed however, and we want to thank our Senators for their positions, but look for further for opportunities to take action.  Please write to our Senators and thank them for their support for voting rights, but also urge them to continue to push forward.   Remember not to cut an paste the sample, which is there for inspiration!

Dear Senator Shaheen (Hassan) -

I was heartbroken to see that a majority of your Senate colleagues refused to stand up for the American voter, whose rights are under attack right now.   I want to thank you for your efforts to fix the filibuster and pass voting protections and reforms, and also speaking out about it so publicly.   It makes me proud to see you fight so hard to protect our freedom to vote

Legislators in NH are trying to pass even more Big Lie bills this term here in New Hampshire, rigging the voting districts, ending same-day registration, and allowing citizens to sue to remove their town election officials when they don't like the results.  These crazy bills must be stopped, so please don't stop trying to find a way to pass these or other voting rights protections. 

Thanks again, Senator for courageous stand for our Democracy.  Keep up the pressure, and eventually what is morally right will prevail.

Your name

Your Town

FYI, Maggie Hassan was on with Rachel Maddow Tuesday night, and this was the transcript:

MADDOW: Let me first ask you if you could just share with our audience your expectations, what you think people should be watching for here and what do you think is going to happen at the end of the day?

HASSAN: Well, Senate Democrats are united in supporting this critically important voting rights and election protection legislation. And one of the things we are focused on is, this is the fourth time this year that be have tried to have this debate. And in the past three times, Republicans have blocked the effort.

We found a procedural way to start debate without their support. That`s what we are doing right now. We will continue to make the case for these bills. I, as you know, am particularly concerned about the accelerated attempts at the state level to subvert our elections, to interfere with the fair count and certification of free and fair elections.

And so, that was part of my evolution because what is at stake is, of course, our democracy. So, we will have this debate tomorrow. And if the Senate Republicans continue to block us being able to actually vote by majority on this critical legislation, we will then propose a relatively modest and limited change to our rules so that the Republicans, all of whom are trying to block this legislation, will need to come to the Senate floor and explain their reasons to the American people.

MADDOW: When you say a modest and limited change to our rules, can you give us a preview of what the change might be?


Is that still in flux? Is it being worked on? Or do you know what the proposed rule change will be?

HASSAN: Well, the proposal as I understand it -- and, of course, there`s room for tweaks and last-minute adjustments. But we would return to the talking filibuster. And we would use the talking filibuster only for voting rights. This is saying that this is such a foundational issue for our country, free, fair, impartially administered elections, that it is important that if a group of senators decide to block even a debate on the issue, and then a final vote on the issue, they need to come to the Senate floor and they need to explain why.

And, historically, the Senate rules say that every senator has a right to speak twice, but when the speaking stops, you can call the question, and then you have a straightforward majority vote. Now, there are details and permutations between the beginning of a debate and when the speaking stops. But that`s what this proposal is intended to do.

It`s intended to say, if you are going to block a vote on critical legislation that affects the foundation of our democracy, the access to the ballot and the impartial administration of the election process, then you need to come to the floor of the United States Senate and explain yourself. And that`s really what we`re trying to do here is have the kind of debate that the filibuster was supposed to encourage, but over the course of the last several decades, has had the opposite affect.

MADDOW: New Hampshire Democratic U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan, right in the middle of it, tonight, as I said, presiding over some of the debate tonight -- and as you were describing, it will go on through tomorrow. We are expecting that modest and limited rules change to be proposed, debated on out loud so we can hear history happen.

Senator Hassan, thank you for being here tonight. I know this is a kind of fraught, high pressure time in the Senate. Thanks for helping us understand your perspective.

HASSAN: Well, thanks so much. It`s really important that all of us come together to protect our democracy.

Actions for the Week of Jan 12-18, 2022

Action # 1 - Big Lie Bill Alert!  Before Thursday, please register your opposition to HB 1064, heard in House Election Law at 2 pm, Jan. 13.    Here is the link to the full docket.  This is one of our priority bills, and it will be heard at 2pm.

  • HB 1064 is a bill that would outlaw the use of ballot counting machines during elections, forcing election workers to hand count every ballot. It’s likely tied to the various attempts in towns across the state to eliminate voting machines via special town meetings.

  • Please ask your groups and social networks to oppose to HB 1064 via remote sign-in

Hearing Date 1/13/2022
Committee House Election Law
Legislation 2:00 pm - HB1064
I am OPPOSED to this Bill
If you have time and want to sign in on any of the other bills before the committee, here is the list:
9:30 AM CACR17 relating to ballot measures. Providing that upon petition by voters, a question may be placed on the ballot of a statewide election.
10:00 AM HB1482 relative to ranked-choice voting.
10:30 AM HB1264 establishing ranked-choice voting for state party primary elections and municipal elections.
11:00 AM CACR22 relating to elections. Providing that all elections in New Hampshire shall be by ranked-choice voting.
1:00 PM CACR15 relating to elections. Providing that the age to vote in the primary election be reduced to 17 for those who will be 18 by the general election.
1:30 PM CACR19 relating to paper ballots. Providing that all elections shall be conducted through paper ballots.
2:00 PM HB1064 requiring the use of hand-marked, durable paper ballots in elections.
2:30 PM HB1157 relative to electronic ballot counting devices.
3:00 PM HB1247 relative to folded ballots.


Action # 2 - Send a letter or card to your NH Senator at Oppose SB 240 & 241 - In the hearing on Monday, there was NO support for the majority's SB 240 Senate Maps or the SB 241 Executive Council maps.  ODA is working to get an alternative amendment proposal before the committee, but until then, this is our message, which we'd ask that write in your own way:

Dear Senator ____________:

I attended /was told there was no support in the Senate Election Law redistricting public hearing on January 10 for either SB 240 and SB 241.   I would have thought the right thing to do was to make the maps better than the 2010 maps, not worse, for the Senate and the Executive Council.   Surely there is a compromise map that would keep a level playing field and the principle of competition in our elections.   I hope you'll find a sensible solution.

Your name, Your town.

Please don't copy and paste this, or copy it verbatim.   We want to the messages to be unique and genuine.   

Go here to see our NH Senate Contact tool, which includes the Senator's home addresses:


Action # 3 - One More Time, With Feeling!!  We're contacting Sens. Hassan & Shaheen one more time on the filibuster and the Freedom to Vote Act, but this time we're going to urge them to also talk about voting rights at the MLK events they'll be speaking at this weekend and next week.     Word has it that the phone calls to Senators is tilting to "no" calls, so we're driving in some additional messages.  Time is short, so CALLS or EMAILS on this effort.

Dear Senator Hassan/Shaheen:

I know the push is on to fix the filibuster, and pass the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights act.  Thank you for getting this done, because coming in the 2022 NH Legislature are MORE Big Lie bills and the rigged redistricting maps.   For your sake, and for the voters' sake, these Big Lie bills must be neutralized.  

One more request.  When you speak to Dr. Martin Luther King Day celebrations, will you please honor the King family's wishes and speak on voting rights?  New Hampshire's Jonathan Daniels would have wanted you to do that, too.   We need voters of all colors and parties to stand up for our freedom to vote, and urging from you would help a lot.  

Thank you for your work, Senator, and thank you for your service to our county.

Your Name

Your Town



U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen

Ph: (603) 647-7500


U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan

(603) 622-2204


Actions for the Week of Jan 5-12 2022

Action # 1 A  - Register your Opposition or Support for the Senate's proposals! - Everyone, whether in-person or at home, should register a position on the bills. ASAP, please follow the instructions below and whether you do testimony or not, at least register your opinion!   Check out the Map-a-Thon's analysis on the NH Senate & Executive Council maps from each party.

SB 240 - Majority's NH Senate Map  - ODA Recommendation = OPPOSE   Makes  Senate districts even less competitive than 2010

SB 241 - Majority's Executive Council Map = OPPOSE  Identical to 2010 map which includes the packed "District 2"

SB 253 - Minority's NH Senate Map = NEUTRAL -  Competitive, but has some sprawling districts and maps to protect incumbents which is not best practice

SB 254 - Minority's Executive Council Map = SUPPORT - Competitive, and takes communities of interest and county lines into account

a.  Go to

b.  Click on "Jan 10" then select "Election Law" as the committee, then add your name and town, and what bill you are supporting/opposing. 

c.  Repeat the steps for all four bills. 

Action #1B -  Testimony for Senate Election Law & Municipal Affairs committee on Redistricting   --

"The Dragon" Executive Council D2 Proposed AGAIN for 2022!   Your In-Person and/or Written Testimony Needed for Jan 10 Senate Hearing on Proposed NH Senate & Executive Council Districts

Even the Governor has said that Executive Council map "doesn't pass the smell test," yet here we are in 2022, and the majority on the Senate Election Law & Municipal Affairs committee has proposed the SAME GERRYMANDERED EXECUTIVE COUNCIL MAP as 2010!   This coming Monday January 10,1-4 pm, this map and the NH State Senate map will have a public hearing at the State House, and we need you to speak up!

1)  RSVP to help -- We're coordinating actions, so if you would, please RSVP here, after which you'll be taken to a page to volunteer for specific actions, including writing testimony. 

2)  Prepare Testimony - Whether you intend to give your testimony in person or in writing, we would like you to prepare written testimony in PDF form.  If you don't have software to make a PDF, send it to Doreen and she can do it for you.  Below, we have links to previous testimony, and to talking points which we'll be updating with more specifics as the Map-a-Thon Mapping team analyzes the maps.

Proposed gerrymandered NH Senate Map >>>>

We encourage in-person testimony in the large Representative's Hall room, but if you are unable to attend, definitely submit written testimony. 

See the Map-a-Thon Analysis of the NH Senate & Executive Council maps

Talking Points - NH Senate

Talking Points - Executive Council

See redistricting testimony from others for inspiration

3)   Email it in PDF to the Senate Committee -  Email Entire Committee, the Senate Election Law & Municipal Affairs Committee.  Address as:   "Dear Chairman Gray and Members of the Senate Election Law & Municipal Affairs Committee: 

4)   Give Us an Electronic Copy CC Open Democracy Action by January 9 by emailing Doreen. Open Democracy Action will make copies of it for you and will submit it to the committee.

5)   Present it In-Person at the January 10, 1-4 pm If you're willing and able, we'd encourage you to give your testimony in person.

  • The hearing is being held in Representatives Hall at the State House. 
  • It's pay parking with 3 hour max on the adjacent streets, and longer in the State Street parking garage two blocks to the east, accessible by either State or Green streets.
  • Entrance to Reps Hall is on the 2nd floor, then up a a couple of steps or up the ramp into the chamber.
  • We'd recommend double masking and social distancing while in the chamber.
  • It's also OK to remind the committee that you would have preferred to testify remotely.

Extra Credit!

6)   Send your testimony to your local paper as a Letter to the Editor (LTE).   You may need to edit for length, but it amplifies your message.  (See the NH Sierra Club LTE tool for emails & specs)

7)   Post your testimony to your social media channels & groups.  Paste your testimony not only to share your thoughts, but to encourage others to do so, too. 

8)   Send your testimony by email to any of your groups:  Town political committees, Open Democracy Teams, Kent Street, Indivisible, etc.   Sharing encourages others to get involved!

9)   Send it to your NH Senator, whether or not they are on the committee, to make sure they know their constituents don't want rigged voting maps!

Thank you for helping with this critical fight!  We stand by to answer your questions!

Action #2 - Call the White House  -- Declaration for American Democracy has NEW NUMBERS to call the White House and Senators: numbers.  Go here for details on what to do:

We will not hold briefings the week before Christmas, Dec. 19-25, and will hold only two briefings the week after Christmas, on Wednesday, Dec. 29, 7 pm, and Thursday, Dec. 30, 2 pm, as we prepare for the January 6 redistricting votes in the NH House.

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