2018 'Voter Dollars' Bill - Polling Data

According to a December 2017 poll of Granite State voters:

  • 80% believe ‘Big Money’ is a problem in New Hampshire elections, including
    • 85% of independent voters
    • 74% of Republicans
    • 79% of Democrats
  • 80% believe special interests have more influence than voters, including
    • 76% of independent voters
    • 86% of Republicans
    • 83% of Democrats
  • 63% support a system of public funding for campaigns like the “Voter Dollars” bill, including
    • 68% of independent voters
    • 50% of Republicans
    • 60% of Democrats
  • 64% would be more likely to vote for a candidate who participates in the public funding program, including
    • 66% of independent voters
    • 59% of Republicans
    • 71% of Democrats


In the exit poll of voters in New Hampshire’s 2016 Presidential primary:

  • 88% of voters in the Republican primary described themselves as either “dissatisfied” or “angry” about the way our federal government is working – half were looking for a candidate “from outside the political establishment.”
  • 61% of voters in the Democratic primary described themselves as either “dissatisfied” or “angry” about the way our federal government is working – 26% were looking for a candidate “from outside the political establishment.”


In a March 2018 nationwide survey by Harvard’s Institute of Politics:              

  • 77% of millennials who are likely voters cite “money in politics” as a top factor responsible for problems in America today.


In a March 2018 nationwide poll for Axios:

  • 55% of respondents say the influence of campaign contributions “challenges their faith” in our country’s form of government, including
    • 53% of independents
    • 48% of Republicans/lean Republican
    • 65% of Democrats/lean Democratic
  • 37% of respondents say they have already “lost faith” in democracy – and another 8% say they “never had any faith” in democracy, including
    • 44% of independents have “lost faith” and 13% “never had any”
    • 30% of Republicans/lean Republican have “lost faith” and 6% “never had any”
    • 43% of Democrats/lean Democratic have “lost faith” and 7% “never had any”


In polling by Ipsos before the 2016 general elections:

  • 92% of respondents believed elected officials pay more attention to donors than voters
  • 79% believed we need major changes (“sweeping laws”) to reduce the influence of money in politics
  • 70% said American democracy is likely “at risk” if nothing is done to reform the influence of money in politics, including
    • 75% of independents
    • 66% of Republicans
    • 77% of Democrats


According to The Committee for Economic Development of the Conference Board, a business-led policy organization:

“If the country’s democracy cannot make itself sustainable, then the country’s capitalist system cannot be sustainable. Similarly, the American ideal and American prosperity both will die. We hold our future in our own hands.” (from their recent book, Sustaining Capitalism)

CED calls for public funding of federal elections to “make it possible for our elected policymakers to run without reliance on big-dollar donors.” https://www.ced.org/policyissues/money-in-politics