Hearings for Senate (SB 240) & Executive Council (SB 241) Redistricting Maps

The House Special Committee on Redistricting will hold public hearings on SB 240: the Senate redistricting map and SB 241: the Executive Council redistricting map Thursday, April 14th. 

The public hearing for the Senate map is scheduled for 10 am, and the Executive Council map is scheduled for 10:30 am in the Legislative Office Building, room 201-203. 

These maps will influence elections for the next 10 years. If drawn fair, every NH voter will be given a voice in who they choose to represent their interests in government. Gerrymandered, as they are now, the voices and needs of many voters will be silenced. We need you to testify and hold signs for fair maps!



RSVP below, to be taken to a volunteer sign-up page where you can choose to testify in-person, submit written testimony and/or join us to hold signs. If you choose to attend in-person to hold signs and/or testify, please plan to show up at 9:30 am. 


The Map-A-Thon's independent analysis of the maps will help you craft testimony and write signs.

Links to Senate maps information:

The Senate map is the worst of the worst of the redistricting maps, likely locking in a veto-proof partisan supermajority in the next election. Many districts are not drawn concisely or along communities of interest. Senators elected in these districts will have a hard time listening to the many, diverse needs of ALL their constituents, and may not adequately represent their entire district in the legislature.

Links to Executive Council maps information:

For the Executive Council map, though the glaringly gerrymandered "Dragon" district 2 no longer looks like a dragon, it still steams of gerrymandering. District 2 is still packed with Democrat-leaning towns, watering down the Democrat vote and making Republicans essentially voiceless. The opposite story can be said about District 4, where the Republican lean waters down the votes of Republicans and makes the Democrat vote meaningless. The Executive Council map was also passed in the Senate without a public hearing, not allowing voters input or transparency in a process that determines the next 10 years worth of elections.

All Map-A-Thon analyses here: https://www.opendemocracyaction.org/maps

April 14, 2022 at 9:30am - 12pm
Legislative Office Bldg Room 201
David Erikson Bev Cotton Ellen Farnum Linda Bundy Sara Lobdell

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