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2024 birddog sample questions

Actions for Sep 18-22

Action #1: Letter to FEC opposing rules change

The FEC (Federal Elections Commission) is the government agency charged with administering and enforcing the federal campaign finance law. 

Current FEC Commissioner Allen Dickerson is pushing a rules change that would make more difficult/slow the agency’s ability to investigate campaign finance violations.

Currently, the Office of General Counsel must come to the commissioners with its initial findings and get permission to move forward with an investigation. The new rule would require investigators to submit a comprehensive investigation plan alongside their initial findings — and to return to the commissioners if they want to make any changes once the investigation is underway, even for something as simple as making a phone call. Four out of the FEC’s six commissioners would have to approve any expansion of the investigation. With the current 3-3 makeup of the commission, and hyper partisan nature of today’s politics, a 4-2 vote to expand an investigation would be extremely difficult.

The goal of this action is to write the FEC and ask urge them not to adopt this rule change, so that investigations can proceed quickly to review campaign finance violations.

Original article for more background.

Contact info for commissioners

Background on the FEC


Action #2: Thank Senator Shaheen for introducing “Democracy for All” Constitutional Amendment

Last week, Senator Shaheen introduced the “Democracy for All” Constitutional Amendment that would overturn Citizen’s United and other cases that equate money with speech, to return power to the people. Please thank her, by sending a postcard to her Dover mailing address:

340 Central Avenue, Suite 205

Dover, NH 03820

Background on the amendment, cosponsors, and wording here.


Action #3: National Voter Registration Day Sep 19

Tell your community to get out there and register to vote! Sample social media here: Click to download

Additionally, if you are in a community that has a municipal election (ex: Berlin, Claremont, Concord, Dover, Keene, Laconia, Portsmouth, Rochester, Somersworth, Franklin, Manchester, Nashua), let folks know to register before this upcoming election, or that they can do so at the polls! The general election date for municipal elections is Nov 7, 2023.

Actions for Sep 11-15

Action #1: Urge a 4th grade student to submit, or 4th grade teacher to have students submit, sticker for “I Voted” sticker contest

A creative action to start the week! The Secretary of State’s office is hosting its first-ever “I Voted” sticker contest for 4th graders, and the three winning designs will be distributed as "I Voted" stickers to NH voters during the 2024 state elections. Submission deadline is 4pm Oct 4th. Details and entry info here:


Action #2: Celebrate Disability Voting Rights Week!

Sep 11 - 15 is national Disability Voting Rights Week, hosted by the American Association of People with Disabilities. Each day has a theme, and for this action you could share social media in line with the day’s theme, re-share our content, and/or share NH-based resources with your communities.


September 11: Register, Pledge to Vote

September 12: Learn What’s on Your Ballot

September 13: Make a Plan to Vote

September 14: Break Down Barriers

September 15: Celebrate Our Power


Events for the week HERE

More about the week HERE.

Accessible voting resources that are NH-specific here from:

-Future in Sight

-Disability Rights Center of NH


Sample social:

Celebrate equal access to the ballot this week with Disability Voting Rights Week! We want to see you REV UP the vote … Register, Educate, Vote and Use your Power. Call your town/city clerk to make sure you’re registered to vote, and check how to register to vote in NH here: #RevUp #DisabilityVote #DisabilityPower #DVRW2023


Action #3: Brainstorm a Get Out the Vote Project

In the lead up to National Voter Registration Day (Sep 19), this week is dedicated to planning/preparing an action that encourages folks in your community to register to vote, and vote. Team members have done many Get Out the Vote actions in the past, including sharing voting absentee information with Meals on Wheels, local community kitchens, postering local businesses, encouraging high school voter registration drives, sharing social media about registering to vote, and more! Let Sara know if you have an idea and need materials - [email protected] - and bring your idea to Teams next week!

Actions for August 28 - Sep 1

Action #1: Ballot Counting Devices in the Budget? Calls by Sep 15

The goal of this action is to call a spokesperson in your town who would know about the budget and voting machines (ex: clerk, moderator, selectperson, city council, etc) to determine if your municipality has set aside money to purchase new voting machines. We are working with the NH Coalition for Voting Rights on this, and the information gathered in these calls will help make a case for subsidizing the cost of purchasing new ballot counting devices for individual towns, by painting a clear picture of how prepared (or unprepared) New Hampshire election administration offices are to purchase new devices as soon as they are approved. 

Please let us know what town(s) you’ve called, so we can mark them off our tracking sheet as complete.

Background info on the project:

Form to log what you find out:

Call script:

Hi, is clerk, moderator, selectperson available?

Hi! My name is name, and I'm calling as a volunteer of NH Campaign for Voting Rights/Open Democracy. We’re a nonpartisan group that working to protect voting rights in NH. How are you?

Great! I’m calling because we’re trying to get a sense of how many towns in the state that currently use ballot counting devices have already budgeted money for the purchase of new devices once they are approved. The New Hampshire Ballot Law Commission has said they will approve new devices by the end of the year. 

Would you mind sharing whether the town of x has already budgeted money for the purchase of new machines? 

If yes:

Great! Thanks so much for sharing. 

How many machines do you plan on purchasing? 

Would you purchase them right away? 

How much money have you/are you planning to put aside?

Has this budget item passed?

Would you benefit from state/federal funds to subsidize the cost of new machines if they were available?

Have you had any technical trouble with the present ballot counting devices as they age?

If no:

Great! Do you have plans to budget that money soon? Do you anticipate it will be difficult? How many machines? 


Action #2: Cosponsors for filing deadlines

The House filling period is Sep 11-15, and the Senate filing period is Sep 28 - Oct 12.

Open Democracy Action is working with our allies in the House & Senate to submit two campaign finance reform-related bills for next session, and are supporting many voting related bills. The goal for this action is to:

1. Ask the democracy-supportive Reps you have if they would support or cosponsor:

        A. a bill requiring campaign finance reform to be filed online, rather than on paper.

        B. a bill requiring accessible voting devices to be used for municipal elections

        C. A bill allowing election workers to pre-process absentee ballots 

2. Ask the democracy supportive Senator you have if they would support or cosponsor:

        A. a bill for Voter-Owned Elections (info one-pager here)

        B. a bill adding illness as an excuse to the absentee ballot


Action #3: Enjoy the week off!

There will be no meetings Sep 4 - 8.


Actions for August 21- August 25

Action #1: Thank the Secretary of State for the New Americans’ Pocket Voter Guide

The goal of this action is to thank the Secretary of State for creating the pocket voter guide for New Americans, a project that Welcoming NH and other New American-led and focused groups have been working with the Secretary of State to provide. 

The guide can be viewed/downloaded here:


Secretary of State Scanlan

107 North Main Street

Concord, NH 03301

603-271-3242 | [email protected]


Action #2: Urge Senators Shaheen & Hassan to work to pass the $75 million appropriation for the Help America Vote Act Security Grants

The goal of this action is to show our federal Senators that constituents strongly support federal appropriations for Help America Vote Act Security Grants that will help keep the 2024 elections secure and adequately fund elections at the local level. We are outreaching to urge them to pass the Senate appropriation to the Help America Vote Act fund in the Fiscal Year 2024 budget at $75 million. The House is proposing to eliminate this funding in the 2024 budget. Particularly if you are an election worker, your story of how additional election funding would locally is valuable.


For Senator Shaheen:

  • Sen. Shaheen is on the Senate Appropriations Committee, and as such has a direct hand in appropriating the $75 million to the HAVA grants. It’s especially important that she hear from constituents that they value election security, and that fully funding $75 million in HAVA grants would help administer the 2024 election and beyond.
  • Contact:

    506 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510

    (202) 224-2841

For Senator Hassan: 

  • Sen. Hassan has a link with the disability rights community, and as such one thing you could mention in outreach to Sen. Hassan is that funding is needed to ensure the One4All accessible voting machines can be used for all future elections, especially the municipal elections where most towns don’t currently use them.
  • Contact:

    324 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510

    (202) 224-3324

Sample text:

Thank you for your continued support of our democracy. I am writing to urge you to fully fund the Help America Vote Act Security Grants at the Senate Appropriations level of $75 million. 


This additional funding will enable us to make substantial progress in fortifying our election systems—ensuring that they remain resilient, secure, and accessible to all voters. NH election administrators face numerous challenges in the upcoming elections including purchasing new ballot counting devices to replace outdated AccuVote machines, ensuring election administrators have adequately trained staff and volunteers at polling locations on Election Day, and combating the rising threat of misinformation and disinformation.

From my experience as an election worker, this funding would…

From my experience as a voter, this funding would…

From my experience as a democracy advocate, this funding would…

Please send this funding directly to local election administrators.



Action #3: Social Media for the 60th Anniversary of the March on Washington

The 60th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom is Aug 28, 2023. There will be a 2023 March On Washington Aug 26, and the goal of this action is to lift up these days. Feel free to use the samples below, or go to our Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram pages to share directly from us.

Sample celebrate post:

60 years ago, hundreds of thousands joined the #MarchOnWashington for Jobs and Freedom. These are issues still at stake today. We remember those who walked, and fight everyday to #ProtectDemocracy. 

Sample outreach post:

For the 60th anniversary of the #MarchOnWashington, head to DC Aug 26 to join the continued March for Jobs and Freedom. It’s time to take action and uphold our collective American values of freedom, equality, and justice. RSVP:



Actions for August 14th- August 18th

Action #1: Ballot Law Commission & Machines

The goal of this action is to (1) urge the Ballot Law Commission to approve only ONE machine, and (2) to weigh election worker opinions highly when choosing the new machine.
Contact info:
Chairman Brad Cook: [email protected]
David B. Campbell: [email protected]
Michael Eaton: [email protected]
Kathy Sullivan: [email protected]
Robert J. Letourneau:  [email protected]
Eugene Van Loan:  [email protected]
Christopher Messier:  [email protected]
David W. Hess:  [email protected]
James A. Normand:  [email protected]
Donald Manning:  [email protected]
Sample Letter:
Ballot Law Commission,
I attended the Secretary of State's ballot counting device preview two weeks ago and am writing with additional feedback. Thank you for taking public feedback into consideration when approving a machine. I am hopeful the Ballot Law Commission will approve a new machine relatively soon, so that towns/cities with machines have time to purchase new ones if they choose before the upcoming election, and so that election officials have time to get used to new machines before what's expected to be a high turnout election in 2024. One way to ease implementation of a new machine is to approve only one machine.
Please weigh election workers' input highly - these are the folks who will use the machines firsthand. Their comfort with the machine and experience on the ground is most important in choosing election infrastructure that will continue our track record of secure and efficient elections now and into the future.
Action #2: Celebrate Womens' Right to Vote
On Sep 10, 1919, NH signed the 19th amendment to the US Constitution that eventually received enough ratifications to become adopted August 18, 1920. The Nineteenth Amendment's adoption was certified on August 26, 1920.
On Women’s Equality Day, August 26, celebrate by joining a talk by Olivia Zink and Liz Tentarelli (President of League of Women Voters) to commemorate women’s efforts to win the vote 103 years ago. The talk will cover some of the tactics and key figures in the long struggle for women’s voting rights. It will also explore who else has been left out of voting, and why voting is so important but still at risk. RSVP:
If you can't join the talk, have a conversation with one or two folks about what this statement by an early activist for women’s rights means today: “Voting is the right by which we secure all our other rights”


Action #3: Share/Attend an Upcoming Event
Summer season is event season, and Open Democracy has three events coming up to wrap up the summer and take us into fall. Please join in or share around:
-Aug 22: Voter Owned Elections talk by Dan McMillan of Save Democracy in America in Concord.
-Aug 23: Voter Owned Elections talk by Dan McMillan of Save Democracy in America in Franklin.
-Sep 14: Open Democracy last book club of the year! Reading Becoming a Democracy:
All event details are available at

Actions for July 31- August 4th

Action #1: Share/Come to Campaign Finance training

Open Democracy Research Fellow Bayani will be sharing his research, and how to do campaign finance research, on August 15 at 7Pm EST. The presentation and workshop will be recorded, but to attend live follow this zoom link:

Action #2: Share LTEs written for Democracy Festival

Linda & Carol's LTEs made the papers! Please share these LTEs to spread the word about the Democracy Festival this Saturday August 5.


Union leader:


Keene Sentinel:

Action #3: Enjoy next week off!

There will be NO Team meetings next week.

Actions for July 24-28

Action #1: Join and Invite Your Friends to the Democracy Festival on August 5

On August 5, Open Democracy is hosting a Democracy Festival, starting with the annual Granny D walk at 9am and ending at Putnam Park with speakers and tabling by democracy groups. Please rsvp to the Festival, and share the link with your friends!


If you want to go the extra mile, you can start the Granny D quote brigade on social media by posting any one of the quotes below with the RSVP link:


Granny D walked across the U.S. and reflected: “I met and walked with so many wonderful people of every race, age, income and political persuasion. But through it all, I have yet to meet one person who believes we should hand over our democracy to those who would use their big dollars to take it from us." Join the Democracy Festival August 5 to continue Granny D's important work, double down on our commitment to practicing democracy daily so it continues to be a democracy of, by, and for the people:

"... we must also look for ways to strengthen the ability of ordinary people to have a meaningful voice.”


Wisdom of the day, from Doris “Granny D” Haddock! If you, too, would like to start a daily democracy practice, start by joining the Democracy Day Festival on Aug 5: “If the politics of a century ago can be likened to a banquet, the politics of today is like a fast food burger. I am going to try to sell you on the idea of a richer politics, so, let me tell you what it used to be like. Everybody used to be involved. You went to your Elks Club or your Women’s Club, but you went to your party meetings, too. You worked your neighborhoods. You talked up your issues and your candidates. It was a fairly constant thing, not just during election season. Why? Because democracy is a lifestyle, not a fringe benefit of paying your taxes. Self-governance is a lot of work, but it’s where you make your best friends and have your deepest satisfactions, after your family.”


Action #2: Have a Conversation With Your Representative about Sponsoring Democracy Related Bills
For those of us with Reps who have been supportive of democracy-related legislation this past year, please have a conversation with your Reps this summer about sponsoring (1) public funding of elections, (2) a bill that would make redistricting more fair by creating criteria for mapmaking and/or (3) adding "illness" as a reason for requesting an absentee ballot. Let us know what they say, and we can take the organizing from there! Sep 11-15 at 4pm is the filling period for new bills.

Sample call conversation:


[You]: Hi this is _____ a voter in ____ town, can I speak with Rep. ____?


[Rep] This is Rep _____.


[You] Thank you for speaking with me. Thank you for supporting democracy this legislative session with your votes. I'm calling to ask if you would be interested in sponsoring a bill related to public funding of elections/fair redistricting/expanding the absentee ballot to include "illness" as a reason for requesting next year?


[Rep] I would! Tell me more about it.


[You] Wonderful! It is ok if I share your contact information with a group I'm a member of and who is connecting Reps interested in cosponsoring with sponsors of these bills more info?


[Rep] Sure! Here's my info.


[You] Thank you!


Action #3: Share Dan McMillan's article with friends and on social media about voter dollars

Actions for July 17-21

Action #1: Calls/Social Media for the reintroduction of the Freedom To Vote Act
The Freedom to Vote Act is was reintroduced July 18! It's a critical piece of democracy legislation that would create national standards to protect our freedom to vote, combat the influence of big money in politics, block partisan election subversion, and guarantee that congressional districts are drawn fairly. The Freedom to Vote Act overwhelmingly passed the House of Representatives in both 2019 and 2021, and we are aiming to ensure our federal delegation know that this package is still a top priority for constituents.

Social Media:

There is a Twitter storm (tweeting together all at once on social media) TODAY (July 18) at 4pm to raise awareness of the reintroduction and please call NH’s federal delegation to express your support for the bill.

Why pass the Freedom to Vote Act? Explainer

What does the Freedom to Vote Act do? Explainer here.

More talking points are here on page 3. 

Sample social media is here on page 5. (or you can retweet/share our content)

Contact info for US Reps & Senators:

Rep. Kuster, (202) 225-5206, Email                        Rep. Pappas, (202) 225-5456, Email

Sen. Hassan, (202) 224- 3324, Email                      Sen. Shaheen, 202-224-2841, Email 


Action #2: Share Aug 2 Public Ballot Counting Device Testing With Election Workers, and Attend!
On Aug 2 in the Legislative Office Building from 9am - 12:30pm and then from 1pm - 4:30pm, the Ballot Law Commission and Secretary of State’s Office will be hosting a convening for in-person testing of several ballot counting devices that may be approved for New Hampshire to replace our dated machines. If you are able to attend and provide public feedback, the Ballot Law Commission would definitely benefit from the perspectives of voters who care deeply about fair elections, and election workers familiar with the voting process. You *must* RSVP, the deadline is July 31:

Action #3: Thank Gov. Sununu for signing HB195
On June 30, Gov. Sununu signed into law HB195 which strengthens disclosure requirements for political advocacy organizations, allowing voters to know more clearly who is spending money on elections communications in NH. Please contact the Governor and thank him for signing this law so he knows constituents are watching. If you haven't already, please contact Gov. Sununu around the two remaining bills on their way to the Governor's desk:


Actions for July 10-14

Action #1: Finding business owners/leaders to attend Dan McMillan rotary meetings.

  • *CANCELLED* Wednesday, July 19, 12:15 pm, Tilton-Northfield Rotary Club, in the basement meeting room of the Praise Assembly of God Church, 180 School Street, Tilton.
  • Thursday, July 20, 7:30 am, Capital City Sunrise Rotary of Concord, at CSI Charter School, 26 Washington Street, Penacook. The meeting opens at 7:15 but they do a little club business first. I'll speak and field questions 7:30-8:00 am.
  • Thursday, July 20, 12 Noon, Rotary Club of Lebanon, Service Credit Union, 225 Mechanic Street, Lebanon.
  •  Thursday, July 20, 5:30 pm, Alton Centennial Rotary Club, Alton Community Action Center, 7 Pearson Road.
  • Dan talks and ODA will table July 22 Peaches and Politics 

Action#2: Thank Reps/Senators for pro-democracy votes

As our legislative session comes to an end, we’d like to start sending out thank you letters/emails to representatives who supported democracy this session. This, as well as sending out letters of disappointment to representatives who did not decide to support democracy this session. 

What Did my Rep. vote for? -- Oscar Lakowicz


HIGHEST PRIORITY bills tracked 2023


Action#3: LTE for our upcoming Granny D Walk

Our Granny D walk is coming up soon, we are looking at a date of August 5th walking from Dublin to Peterborough.

The theme for the walk will be ‘Practicing Democracy Together’ 

An LTE should be made for: 

Keene Sentinel


Monadnock Ledger-Transcript


Let Sara know if you'd like a draft LTE! We can write one for you. ([email protected])

Actions for June 26-30

Action #1: Come to Birddog Training (and/or share with others!)

Tomorrow, 6/28 we are hosting a birddog training at 4 Park Street in Concord at 2PM (in the conference room, turn right out of the elevator). We are training volunteers to ask presidential hopefuls about their democracy policy. Our goal is to move the public narrative and policy around the need to end the influence of money in politics and protect the freedom to vote in the lead up to NH’s first in the nation primary.

Action #2: Press the Secretary of State to Prepare for an Election Information Portal

The Secretary of State’s office is currently upgrading ElectionNet, and our goal of this action is to encourage the office to upgrade ElectionNet with an eye to incorporating an election information portal. Although SB70 died in Committee of Conference, we know that Senator Gray is planning on reintroducing the bill next year. If the Secretary of State’s office has already prepared for this possibility in their technology, when the bill passes, they can just flip the on switch rather than having the public wait for the system to be built. 

Sample (handwritten!) letter:

Dear Secretary of State Scanlan, 

Thank you for your support of SB70, the election information portal. I am disappointed to see that the bill was one vote shy of passing, but hope it will be reintroduced next year.

It is my understanding your office is currently making upgrades to ElectionNet. I am writing to urge you to incorporate an election portal into these upgrades. There is bipartisan and public support for a portal, and it would be a boost to NH's already great elections if voters could take full advantage of a portal as soon as the legislation is passed. 

Thank you for continuing to run NH’s “best in the nation” elections. It is my firm belief that allowing Granite Staters to access an election information portal will only improve this great reputation.





Secretary of State Scanlan

107 North Main Street

Concord, NH 03301


Action #3: Share on Social Media the impacts of the Shelby County v. Holder Decision

This June is the 10th anniversary of the Shelby County v. Holder decision, the Supreme Court's decision that undermined the "preclearance" section of the Voting Rights Act. That section required places with histories of racial discrimination in voting to seek federal approval for new voting policies, the intent to end racially discriminatory voting practices. Since 2013, the Brennan Center reports that the Black/white voter turnout gap has become worse, and hundreds of laws aimed at restricting the right to vote have been passed across the nation.

Articles/Sample Social:

“At the 10-year anniversary of Shelby County, current data shows why formerly covered states like Alabama need federal protections in place to make certain that voters of color are not disenfranchised by discriminatory and retrogressive voting laws.” #VotingRights

The gap between Black/white voter turnout in AL has tripled since SCOTUS removed key protections of the Voting Rights Act in 2013. We have work to do to build a fully inclusive democracy where all voices are heard #VotingRightsAct #DefendDemocracy

Since the #ShelbyCountyDecision that gutted the #VotingRightsAct, at least 94 laws restricting the right to vote have passed in 29 states. At least a third of those would not have passed with the full power of the VRA. Congress can reverse this trend by passing the John R Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act & the Freedom To Vote Act.

Actions for June 19-24

Action #1: Join the Seacoast Walk to Practice Democracy Together!

Our 9th annual Seacoast walk is this year on July 8 at 2:30PM starting at Rock Street Park. We will have speakers to start us off with the importance of practicing democracy, and will walk to Market Square and back.


Share our graphic here (click to download):

*Calling all you LTE rockstars!* An LTE sharing the story of how you got civically involved is powerful, too, to attract people to the walk! Something potentially like:

Affordable housing is an important issue to me, but when I heard about XYZ policy I felt called to act. I called my legislators, and together with XYZ coalition we were able to stop the bill. Our voices are stronger, together, to make democracy work. Imagine a world where XYZ policies/systems are possible - a daily democracy practice can make that happen. This year, the Open Democracy Seacoast walk’s theme is Practicing Democracy, and I’ll be walking alongside other people who are civically involved. Join us July 8 at 2:30pm at Rock Street Park in Portsmouth to reaffirm our commitment to democracy. RSVP:


Action #2: Committees of Conference

Committees of Conference meet this week (the committees that form to reconcile differences between the House’s version of a bill and the Senate’s version, and vice versa) to talk through SB70 and HB75. Action details on:


Action #3: Encourage friends to come visit our Pride tabling events!

Open Democracy will be tabling at:

   Nashua Pride - June 24 (sharing a table with League of Women Voters - thanks Joanne!)

   Portsmouth Pride - June 24 (sharing a table with David Holt's org. - thank you David!)

   Keene Pride - Sept 17

And we would love to see you at our table! Please come say hi and invite your friends to visit Open Democracy’s table to learn about the amazing work the Teams are doing and how new folks can get involved.


Actions for June 5-9

Action #1: Legislation Action for June 7 & 8

The Election Information Portal (SB70), the gerrymandered/non-transparently passed Strafford County commissioners redistricting map (HB75), and budget amendment #595 that makes it possible for candidate committees, non-candidate political committees, or political advocacy organizations to donate unlimited sums to candidates or candidate committees are all coming up for votes this week! Please take a moment to take action for democracy by:

More details on the legislation action page.

Action #2: Share about/come to the Annual Meeting June 14 at 5:30PM

The joint annual meeting of Open Democracy and Open Democracy Action is June 14 at 5:30PM in Concord (52 Fisk Road). We have a great lineup of speakers, music, and delicious food, and we hope to see you all there to build community and celebrate our collective wins of the past year! RSVP:

Action #3: Share about/come to the Book Club June 13 at 7PM

We will discuss One Person, No Vote by Carol Anderson. RSVP:

Focusing on the aftermath of Shelby, Anderson follows the astonishing story of government-dictated racial discrimination unfolding before our very eyes as more and more states adopt voter suppression laws. In gripping, enlightening detail she explains how voter suppression works, from photo ID requirements to gerrymandering to poll closures. In a powerful new afterword, she examines the repercussions of the 2018 midterm elections. And with vivid characters, she explores the resistance: the organizing, activism, and court battles to restore the basic right to vote to all Americans.


*Bonus Action*: Enjoy a week without Teams or Actions next week!

We hope to see you all either over zoom for the book club, in person for the annual meeting, or both! Now that we are almost to the end of a well-fought legislative session, please take the week off from teams and actions to enjoy a well earned break. 

No team meetings June 12-16. Teams will begin as usual the week of June 19th.


Actions for May 29-June 2

Action #1: Share Open Democracy + NH Gives  June 6 at 5PM to June 7 at 5PM

NH Gives is coming up June 6 at 5PM to June 7 at 5PM! For these 24 hours, Granite Staters will be supporting organizations they care about, and we hope to spread the word that we are participating and draw support for the Teams’ yearly efforts protecting the freedom to vote, ending the influence of money in politics, and ensuring fair maps.

Please share this donation link:

Action #2: Ask 3 friends to contact their Representatives to support Election Info Portal (sb70)

Team members have reached out in Strafford, Northwood, Somersworth, Epsom, Sunapee, Dover, Grantham, Hollis, Concord, New Castle, Lyme, Franklin, Keene & Tamworth. Can you ask 3 people in other districts to contact their Reps to support an election information portal? Everything you need for this is on the legislation action page.

Action #3: Submit a letter to the editor for the verdict in Moore v. Harper

The US Supreme Court's current term is set to end in June, and any day they are set to rule on Moore v Harper. For a refresher on this case, check out the articles here, here, and here.

In short, this is the case that brought the "Independent State Legislature Theory" to public discourse and has the potential to upend how federal elections are run across the country. One way you can have your voice heard for this decision is to write a letter to the editor reaffirming judicial oversight of redistricting. Common Cause has a handy tool that makes this easy:


Actions for May 22-26

Action #1: Write to the Governor and urge him to sign HB 195 

HB195 is a bill that shines a light on spending in NH elections by political advocacy organizations, giving voters the power to know who is paying to sway our votes, and is on its way to the Governor's desk. HB195 lowers the threshold for political advocacy organizations to disclose their spending in elections, from the current threshold of expenditures over $5000 to the new lower threshold of expenditures over $2500. Urge Gov. Sununu to pass this bill:


Office of the Governor
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301

Phone: (603) 271-2121

Email: [email protected]

Action #2: Recruit pro-democracy candidates for municipal elections

Certain municipalities/cities across NH have elections coming up Nov 7 for election official positions like moderator, clerk, selectperson, and other city roles like mayor, city council, etc. Filing periods differ, but some are as early as this summer. Nashua’s filing period is June 12 - 23 and Manchester’s is July 10 -21 for municipal elections. Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to recruit pro-democracy candidates to file for these elections to continue strengthening democracy from the local up, and ensure our elections in 2024 and beyond run smoothly.

Action #3: Memorial Day gratitude for democracy

Next Monday is Memorial Day, and in the past we have taken the day to remember those who fought/fight for our democracy, and also as an opportunity to let our elected officials know we urge them to vote for policies that strengthen our democracy. Potential options for this year:

  • Contact the Governor and urge him to strengthen the democracy our troops fought/fight for, by passing HB195. (contact info above)
  • Contact your Representatives asking them to vote for SB70 (election information portal) when it comes to session, so that every Granite Stater can participate in our democracy.

If you are a Team member who fought/fights for our democracy, thank you for your service!


Actions for May 15-19

Action #1: Thank your Senator for passing HB195

Last week the Senate passed HB195, a step in the right direction for better transparency in political advocacy organization spending. Please take a moment this week to thank your Senator, to build goodwill for the passage of more disclosure legislation in the future.

Click here to find your Senator 

About HB195: This bill lowers the threshold for political advocacy organizations to disclose their spending in elections, from the current threshold of expenditures over $5000 to the new lower threshold of expenditures over $2500. Overall, this bill empowers voters to know who is spending money to elect candidates by requiring greater disclosure.


Action #2: Brainstorm and report back - trainings for the summer?

Take the week to brainstorm and report back next week - what skills would you like to learn this summer to improve your democracy work? What workshops could we host to help you grow our power at the local/state level? Let us know next week, or email Sara ([email protected]).


Action #3: Come to the Annual Meeting and bring a friend!

The joint annual meeting of Open Democracy and Open Democracy Action is June 14 at 5:30PM in Concord (52 Fisk Road). We have a great lineup of speakers, music, and delicious food, and we hope to see you all there to build community and celebrate our collective wins of the past year! RSVP:


(click to download)

Actions for May 8 - 12

Action #1 - Join the book club June 13 at 7PM and invite a friend

The book club is currently reading One Person, No Vote by Carol Anderson. RSVP:

Focusing on the aftermath of Shelby, Anderson follows the astonishing story of government-dictated racial discrimination unfolding before our very eyes as more and more states adopt voter suppression laws. In gripping, enlightening detail she explains how voter suppression works, from photo ID requirements to gerrymandering to poll closures. In a powerful new afterword, she examines the repercussions of the 2018 midterm elections. And with vivid characters, she explores the resistance: the organizing, activism, and court battles to restore the basic right to vote to all Americans.


Action #2 - Action for Election Information Portal (Sb70)

Early action for the Election Information Portal (SB70), so your Reps know they should support this bill when it is scheduled for a House Floor vote. In the next week, please:


Email Your Representative HERE   

       (Talking points HERE)

Call Your Representative HERE


or Submit an LTE!

A few samples from Team members:

Voter Information Portal by Bev Cotton in the Concord Monitor

I am happy to be seeing an online voter information portal making its way through our legislature. This tool will allow our citizens to create a new voter application, request an absentee ballot and update their demographic information. The portal would allow our voter rolls to remain current with up-to-date information and allow for less burden on our town clerks. Today, 40 states and Washington D.C. use portals and they describe a significant reduction in omitted information and paper forms, very labor-intensive work. NH spends $1.5 to nearly $4 million processing paper forms (EAVS data). This bill is a common-sense step towards making our elections more efficient. We should be working to make voting as accessible as possible for voters who have a right to take part in our elections, and this bill will move the ball forward.

It still requires all of the same identification support that our current voter processes require. It simply allows many of the forms to be completed in advance. The system is of modest cost: under a half million dollars to get up and running and maintained. The municipal savings of a large portion of the $10 million in paper processing we have spent since 2014 would seem to make that well worthwhile. This bipartisan bill, SB 70, passed easily in the Senate and now will be heard in the House on Tuesday the 11th. Please urge your legislator to support this sensible bill to improve the accuracy and ease of obtaining current voter data.


Support election information portal by Anne Huberman in the Monadnock Ledger Transcript

 Have you ever requested an absentee ballot? Have you had to change your voting address? Have you paid bills? Have you re-registered your car?

You probably know that you can choose to pay your bills or re-register your car online, but to request an absentee ballot or to change your voting address or to take various other actions related to voting in New Hampshire, you have to either show up in person at the town clerk’s office or, if you qualify, figure out how to print out and mail various forms.

Forty other states and Washington, D.C., have secure election information portals on the internet that provide easier and more efficient ways for voters to transact their business with the town and state if they choose to use them.

Two New Hampshire Republican senators introduced a bill this year, SB70, to establish an election information portal in our state. It has been approved by the Senate and passed on to the House. The House Election Law Committee will soon have a hearing on it.

The portal will make the lives of voters and election officials easier, allowing voters to interact with the town clerk's office without having to go in person during work hours, and saving town officials time and taxpayer money processing paper forms.

Please join me in emailing members of the House Election Law Committee at houseelectionlawcommittee@ Urge them to support SB70.


Action #3 - Spring Tabling!

'Tis the season for tabling events to talk with folks about what the Teams and Open Democracy do! May14th Open Democracy will be tabling at Franklin Community Day in Franklin (can you join??), and we will also be at a few Pride events in June. If there is an event happening in your community over the spring/summer months, please let us know and table as a representative of Open Democracy!


Actions for May 1 - 5

Action #1 - Submit a Redistricting LTE in lead up to gerrymandering cases
The case to answer the question of gerrymandering in the Senate/Executive Council redistricting maps is coming up for oral arguments May 11, and the Dover case on representation for the House of Representatives map is moving forward this Friday. Now is the time to renew the public narrative in opposition to gerrymandering. Please submit a letter to the editor (or edit and resubmit, if you already placed one during the redistricting period) that will call attention to the need for fair maps.

Sample LTE:
I am a voter in ____ town and did my civic duty last election to vote all the way down the ballot. I knew going in however that redistricting had just occurred. While a majority of folks voted in my district for one party somehow the other party received a majority of seats. This is textbook gerrymandering, and it robs all of us of fair representation and the potential to have our community’s needs met. The Senate and Executive Council maps were especially gerrymandered last year during redistricting, and I am heartened to know that May 11 the Supreme Court has the chance to put the maps right in Brown v. Scanlan. All Granite Staters deserve fair representation, and a fair chance to have legislators who accurately represent us. I will be watching Brown v. Scanlan closely and hope the court comes down on the side of the voters. Voters have the power to choose our leaders, our leaders should not have the power to cherry pick their voters.


Action #2 - High School Voter Registration Drive follow up

Did you reach out to a school/social studies teacher for high school voter registration drives? Teachers are now coming off spring break, and may need an extra nudge to refocus on hosting a drive. Now is a perfect time to follow up!

As a reminder, here are a few previous materials to share: 

How to Host a Drive Training:
Recording HERE

Passcode: ND+80*ve

Registration drive ACTION PLAN

Registration drive TOOLKIT


Action #3 - Thank Senator Shaheen for cosponsoring/introducing the Election Worker Protection Act

Our Senator Shaheen and a group of Senators led by U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) introduced the Election Worker Protection Act last week, which would provide states with the resources to recruit and train election workers to help ensure their safety, while also instituting federal safeguards to shield election workers from intimidation and threats. The Brennan Center found that at least 11% of election workers are likely to resign from their roles before the 2024 election.

The legislation would establish grants for states and certain local governments to use for poll worker recruitment, training, and retention, as well as election worker safety. Further, it would direct the Department of Justice (DOJ) to provide training regarding
the identification and investigation of threats to election workers. It also works to protect important information about election workers and extends the federal prohibition on doxxing to include election workers. It would also establish threatening, intimidating,
or coercing election workers as a federal crime.

Senator Shaheen phone #202-224-2841 or email HERE



Actions for April 17 - May 1

Action #1: Sign in on bills, plus emails/calls - 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Email your Senator to support HB195: Email tool
Email your Representatives to support SB70: Email tool
Details about both bills on the leg action page.


Action #2: Social Media for Democracy

This action has three options:

1) Share info about money in politics for Earth Day! Open Democracy will have a post live on April 22nd that you can reshare, or create your own with our graphics. Click the image for the link to download.


2) Share the Boston Globe story about high school voter registration to attract more schools to the project. Share HERE on twitter, HERE on facebook.

3) Leave a "birddog" comment on social media! Ask candidates questions when they post about upcoming events/trips to New Hampshire. Social media is another way to candidates to uplift their campaigns, so this is another opportunity we can take to ask them questions to shape the national democracy narrative. Birddog questions at the top of the page.


Action #3: Practicing Democracy Project - Join the Video April 24th!

ODA's Practicing Democracy Project (formerly Practicing Democracy Pledge) is making an outreach video to get more folks involved in the work we're all doing to strengthen our democracy. A first pass of the filming will happen April 24th at 10am outside the State House, with Brian Beihl as MC, and will include YOUR stories of how you get sparked to civic engagement.

There's nothing you need to prepare - just come and share your story! RSVP with Olivia or contact her for more info, we're hoping to see two or three of you there. Sharing your story is a powerful way to inspire others to take action, and contribute to the effort to make the promise of democracy real for all.

Actions for April 10 - 14

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.

Action #2: Email your Senator for HB195 + Email your Rep for SB70

The goal of this action is to increase support for our few remaining pro-democracy bills as they pass through committee and to the Senate/House floor. We have seen especially in the Senate that bills move to the floor incredibly fast, so our ask this week is to do a bit of preemptive emailing to your OWN Senator/Representative to ask them to:

SUPPORT HB195. Email your Senator:  Email tool 
Details about the bill on the leg action page.

SUPPORT SB70. Email your Representatives: Email tool
Details about the bill on the leg action page.


If you submitted testimony for either of these bills, you could even send that right to your Senator or Rep!


Action #3: Share high school voter registration drive training/materials with educators & students

Maybe you know a teacher or student who missed the training, or who might want to work on a drive in the future. These are materials you can share with anyone who might want to put on a high school voter registration drive.

How to Host a Drive Training:
Recording HERE
Passcode: ND+80*ve

Registration drive ACTION PLAN

Registration drive TOOLKIT


Actions for April 3 - 7

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 - Presidential Primary Candidate Questions

The goal of this action is to raise the issues we care about - ending the influence of big money politics, fair redistricting, and protecting the freedom to vote - to the national debate during Presidential Primary season by getting Presidential hopefuls on record sharing how they plan to tackle these issues, if elected. This action has three parts:

  1. Candidate appearances - Let Doreen ([email protected]) know if you hear of any candidate appearances so she can post on
  2. Questions - There is a sample list of democracy-related questions for 2024 HERE and a past sampling of 2022 election (many state-specific) questions HERE for you to pull from, or you’re welcome to make your own! Pick a question or two you’d like to ask a candidate, head to an event, and be sure to get the candidate’s response on record to share with us. We will post candidate stances to
  3. Birddog trainings - If you are a part of a group, or know of a group, that wants a training on how to birddog candidates, let us know. Open Democracy will be scheduling trainings for groups in the coming months leading up to the 2024 primary.


Action #3 - Thank Election Workers for Town Meetings

The goal of this action is to set a positive tone and thank your election heroes via email, postcard, call, however works best for you for the work they did at town meeting during the snowstorm, after the storm on the rescheduled date, or are currently doing preparing for town elections coming up in May. Partially, this action is in reaction to the news about the violence against the Moderator in Raymond last week, and ongoing intimidation against election workers as a result of the Big Lie. But, instead of making violence or the Big Lie center stage, we are hoping to to drown out the hate with love and gratitude to let election workers know how vital they are to our democracy and that we hope they continue.


Actions for March 27 - 31

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 -  Attend & Share April 13th Book Club

April 13 at 7PM we are excited to welcome author Hedrick Smith to discuss Who Stole the American Dream  and talk through our key book club questions: where are we, how did we get here, and what do we do about it? RSVP:

Social media to share -




Action #3 -  Write a letter to the editor in support of Election Information Portal (SB70)

SB70, the bill that would create an election information portal voters could use to complete a new voter application, request an absentee ballot, and update their address and other voter information made it through the Senate and is now on its way to the House. Though the bill has not been scheduled for a public hearing yet it will be soon, so now is the perfect time to raise awareness of this important modernization that will increase access to the ballot. 

Talking points on the bill HERE.

Letter to the Editor submission tool HERE.

Sample letter (please customize):

Today, I could register my dog or pay my bills online. We do most things online, but if I move or get married I have to finagle a visit in person to the town/city clerk's office to register this simple change to my voter information, around the few hours they are open during hours most people are working. The House Election Law Committee will soon hear a commonsense bill, SB70, that will allow voters to complete a new voter application, request an absentee ballot, and update their information via an election information portal. The portal is a means to make the lives of voters and election officials easier, allowing voters to interact with their town/city clerk's office without having to go in person during work hours, and saving town/city officials time and taxpayer money processing paper forms. New Hampshire is among only ten states that have yet to implement this commonsense reform, and it's time we join the majority of states safely and securely using an election information portal. Join me in emailing members of House Election Law and urge them to support SB70: [email protected]


*Bonus* -  Find pro-democracy/pro-voter election officials to run for May town elections

If you have a May town election, the filing period for positions is this week (March 22 - 31).


Actions for March 20 - 25

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 -  Share April 4th High School Voter Registration Workshop with Educators and High Schoolers You Know

Open Democracy is co-hosting a workshop with The Civics Center, specifically for high schoolers and educators, on how to host a high school registration drive at their local school. Please share this workshop with any educators and high schoolers you know! 

Sample social media:
High schoolers: your #vote is your voice! Join @TheCivicsCenter and @OpenDemocracyNH for a workshop on how to help the class of 2023 have your voices heard through a high school voter registration drive April 4 at 5PM. High schoolers AND educators welcome! RSVP:


Action #3 - Take OD/ODA's Strategic Planning Survey

OD/ODA is completing the process of gathering information for our 3-year strategic plan. Part of that process is hearing from you - our members, volunteers, and donors - your thoughts on OD/ODA's strengths and areas for growth to determine what the next three years should hold. Help us plan the next three years and take the survey here:


Open Democracy and its sister organization Open Democracy Action are conducting our 3 year strategic planning process. You are among a select group of community leaders identified by Open Democracy to participate in this survey. This critical part of the information gathering process will help Open Democracy understand political issues and trends in New Hampshire as you and your organization perceive them. We also want to gauge your level of involvement with Open Democracy and what you perceive as our strengths and ways we can become more effective. Open Democracy is particularly interested in your thoughts on specific challenges and opportunities for increasing democratic action among communities in NH that you believe may have been missed by Open Democracy  so we can improve our outreach in our updated strategic plan.

The survey will take you about 10 minutes.


Actions for March 13 - March 17

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 - Write an LTE in opposition to HB460

Hb460, the anti-voter bill that would eliminate the ability to sign an affidavit to prove your citizenship/age/identity/domicile, is coming up for a vote by the full House of Representatives the week of March 20th. The bill left the House Election Law Committee with a 10-10 vote, so the committee gave it no recommendation. To give the bill the best chance of being voted "Inexpedient to Legislative" on the House floor, we are asking for a few letters to the editor to make public noise, calling on Granite Staters to call their Reps. 

If you wrote testimony for hb460, writing an LTE is a good way to repurpose that testimony!

LTE tool - where/how to submit:

Additional talking points:

Email tool:


Sample LTE:

Protect the Freedom to Vote

NH runs some of the best elections in the nation, but, there is a bill coming up for a vote next week that would make it impossible for many to vote. HB460, coming up for a vote by the House of Representatives, would eliminate the ability for many to register to vote at the polls by eliminating tried and true affidavits that voters can sign if they forget to bring their documents to the polls. Someone might not have documents to prove their age, identity, citizenship, and domicile for any reason. My neighbor, for example, is a high schooler who hasn't gotten their driver's license yet, and would instead rely on the identity affidavit. HB460 penalizes the hundreds of voters who forget to bring, or might not have, documents, with the steep price of taking away their right to vote. I hope you will join me in calling our state Reps and ask them to protect our freedom to vote, and vote HB460 "Inexpedient to Legislate."


Action #3 - Invite others to/attend "How Getting Money Out of Politics Can Bring Americans Together"

Dan founded and leads Save Democracy in America, a non-partisan campaign to get big money out politics. He describes a common-sense solution to the biggest flaw in our political system: our government is for sale to high-dollar campaign donors, and this is not government by the people. We can help fix this problem by making ourselves the donors. This reform is called Democracy Dollars and it is gaining steam from coast to coast. Under this system, the government would give every registered voter vouchers for campaign cash. You can’t spend this money for yourself, but you will be able to give these vouchers to the candidates you want to support. Once candidates get their money from us instead of from special interests, politicians will listen to us and serve us. Republicans and Democrats both support this reform, so it’s a great opportunity to bring us together and cool off the partisan anger which threatens our democracy. 

Mascoma area via Zoom

Saturday, March 25, 10 am EASTERN.  Mascoma Forward will be holding a zoom meeting for purposes of caucusing to select new leadership for 2023-2024.  Dan and Olivia Zink will be the guest speakers.  The public is invited to attend.  Please email Tom Oppel for the link. 


Saturday, March 25, 2 pm, Portsmouth Public Library, Hilton Garden Room, 175 Parrott Ave. Light refreshments will be served.  RSVP HERE


Sunday, March 26, 4 pm, Concord Unitarian Universalist Church, 274 Pleasant St. Light refreshments will be served. RSVP HERE


On Tuesday, March 28 at 7:30 am, The Grand Monadnock Rotary Club  will host Dan at its monthly meeting at MaxT Makerspace, 49 Vose Farm Rd, Ste 110, Peterborough, NH 03458. Open to the public.  Please email Tom if you plan to attend.


Tuesday, March 28, 11 am, Keene Public Library, 60 Winter St. Light refreshments will be served.  RSVP HERE

Shareable graphic:



Actions for March 6 - March 11

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 - Call Senator Shaheen to direct election infrastructure dollars directly to towns/cities 

The goal of this action is to connect with Senator Shaheen's office, and share the state of affairs concerning the Secretary of State's opposition to use of Help American Vote Act funds and the urgent need to upgrade election equipment. We are hoping to connect with Senator Shaheen given her power on the federal Appropriations Committee, and ask her to direct any future federal funds that might come NH's way directly to town/cities for spending on election infrastructure rather than routing them through the Secretary of State's office.

Senator Shaheen (202-224-2841)

Sample call script:

Hello, my name is ___ and I am a voter in ____. I am calling to talk to Sen. Shaheen about money for upgrades to election infrastructure. 

New Hampshire's ballot counting machines are almost 30 years old, and the manufacturer has stated they will not be maintained past the 2024 election. We need to upgrade these machines, ideally before the 2024 election. The Secretary of State's office has $12.9 million dollars in our state's Help America Vote Act fund that could be used just for this purpose, but the office is opposed to releasing these funds so that towns/cities can upgrade election equipment. It is my understanding that there may be funds coming to NH for election infrastructure upgrades. I am calling to ask that any future funds be directed right to the towns/cities that need funding so that money is accessible. Help America Vote Act funds are my taxpayer dollars, and they should not just be sitting in an account collecting interest. We need to upgrade our election equipment.

Thank you for your service.

Action #3 - Join the Freedom to Vote Act call March 9 @ 7PM

The national Declaration for American Democracy coalition, which Open Democracy is a part of, is hosting a movement call on the expected reintroduction of the Freedom to Vote Act for this Congress. Rep. Sarbanes will join the call, and cover first/next steps for the legislation.



Actions for Feb 28 - March 6

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 - Letters to the Editor for HAVA Funds and/or Letters to Secretary of State Scanlan

New Hampshire's Help America Vote Act (HAVA) fund has about $12 million dollars in it, but under current statute and practice those funds are being used for precious little. Towns/cities will need to purchase new vote tabulators when the current machines becomes unserviceable in 2024, and updated vote tabulators are a perfect use of HAVA funds so local taxpayers don't have to shoulder this burden. 

The goal of this action is to (1) fire up the public and put a little pressure on the Secretary of State to release funds for cities and towns so municipalities do not have to shoulder the cost of machines themselves and (2) to drive momentum in support of HB447, a bill in House Election Law that would allow towns and cities to access HAVA funds for election equipment upgrades.

Sample LTE:

Our elections are some of the best in the nation, so it really feels like common sense to me that every effort would be made to maintain that reputation. New Hampshire actually has a fund for just the purpose of helping Granite Staters vote and maintaining our election equipment, funds from the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). We have a staggering $12 million dollars in our state's HAVA fund, yet none of that is set to be allocated for upgrades to voting tabulators which will need to be completed by 2024. 

It really is common sense. My town has no choice but to buy new equipment, so why should I take on the tax burden when there is $12 million dollars sitting idly available for instances like this? The Secretary of State should make HAVA funds available to towns and cities for election equipment upgrades. I am also hopeful the legislature will pass HB447, which is another way HAVA funds could be made available to municipalities.


Any testimony written for HB447 is also perfect to be repurposed as an LTE!

Talking points HB447:

HB447 text:


If you would like to repurpose your letter into a hand-written letter to Secretary of State Scanlan, so he knows Granite Staters are concerned and paying attention, you can do so here:

Secretary of State Scanlan

107 North Main Street

Concord, NH 03301


Action #3 - Email House Election Law to read out web portal sign ins

Email: [email protected]

Many of the bills you have been registering your support or opposition to have had landslide sign ins online, but it seems that House Election Law does not pay attention to the online portal. In the past they have read the online sign ins aloud in the committee room, and the goal of this action is to give the committee a gentle nudge to do so again.

The email could be short and to the point, or a gentle PS on the next email you send to the committee about a bill. One sample:

Chairman Smith and members of House Election Law,

Good afternoon! I've watched several hearings recently and noticed that House Election Law no longer reads out the sign ins from the online NHGENCOURT portal. The web portal is an important way people who can't make it to Concord have their voices heard, like a virtual blue sheet, and I hope that you will read these numbers out in the future. 

To find who signed in on each bill, you visit:

Enter House Election Law and the bill number, and you will be able to read public testimony and see additional sign ins.

Thank you for your service.



Bonus Action - Continue to share Remembering Selma

and join the march & panel discussion this Sunday at 5PM! RSVP:


Actions for Feb 20 - Feb 24

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 - Voter Owned Elections Follow Up - Thank Reps, or Ask Why?

The goal of this action is to (1) Thank your Reps who voted to pass Voter Owned Elections, and (2) to gather information from legislators who voted against the Ought to Pass motion. We are hoping to contact all the Reps who voted against the Ought to Pass motion, to understand why these Reps voted against Voter Owned Elections and improve the bill/our advocacy for future tries to pass the bill.

You can see if your Rep vote for or against Voter Owned Elections here:


Action #3 - March 5th @ 2:30 - Save the Date to March to Remember 'Bloody Sunday'

The goal of this action is to join and share the invite to join the march a coalition of groups are planning to remember Selma and 'Bloody Sunday'. A panel of speakers will follow the march, who will speak on what's next for NH and charting the path forward to a multiracial democracy. 

One of the battles for an equal voice in our democracy was fought on the Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama on March 7, 1965.  The day became known as "Bloody Sunday"  and it turned out to be a pivotal event in the civil rights movement and in United States history.

RSVP here:



Actions for Feb 13 - Feb 17

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 - Invite one person to the Lunch & Learn Friday Feb 17th at noon

Open Democracy is hosting a Lunch & Learn Friday at noon, for folks interested in getting more involved at the State House to learn how to have their voices heard. The goal of this training is to both to train current Open Democracy members who might want to take the next step in their civic activism, and to bring new members into the Teams. We know you are all EXPERTS at this stuff and are next expecting attendance from current Team members, but if you know of one or two people who might want to get involved please invite them along! RSVP:


Action #3 - Town Meetings! 

The goal of this action is to (1) spread the word about town meeting day so that folks in your town attend and (2) to read your town's warrant article and spread the word about what is coming up for a vote. Is there anything related to voting/voting machines on your warrant article? Please let us know, positive or negative. Is your town readying funds for new voting machines? Is there anything about hand counting ballots, like we've seen in the past?


Actions for Feb 6 - Feb 10

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 - Call/Email your NH Rep to pass Voter Owned Elections (hb324)

The goal of this action is to have every team member have a conversation with their NH Rep about voter owned elections (hb324), and have that Rep commit to supporting the bill and attending session on Feb 14th to vote in favor of the bill.

Contact info for all Reps HERE or HERE

Voter Owned Elections Toolkit HERE (talking points, email tool, call script, etc)

Call script sample (more full script in toolkit):

[YOU]: Hello, my name is ____ and I am your constituent/a voter in ______. How are you today?


[YOU]: Glad to hear it! Do you have a minute to chat about a bill coming up for a vote Feb 14th? It is HB324, a bill for voter owned elections.


[YOU]: Share your story! Talk about what the bill does, but most importantly, why it matters to you. You are welcome to send your Rep a copy of our bill explainer here. The talking points page is a reference for you to drive the conversation.

[REPRESENTATIVE]: Interesting, that sounds like a good idea.

[YOU]: Can I count on your support for HB324?


[YOU]: Thank you!


Action #3 - For the love of democracy, write a Valentine's Day card!

The goal of this action is to tell your Rep and/or Senator that democracy is important to you (and potentially what bills you hope they will support) via democracy-themed Valentine's Day postcard!

Some sample messages might include:

To Rep/Senator, from democracy with love. Please support HB324 on Valentine's Day to make the promise of democracy real for us all.

Dear Rep/Senator, Roses are red, violets are blue, for being a champion of democracy, we thank YOU. Thank you for supporting HB324.

Dear Rep/Senator, Roses are red, violets are blue, democracy isn't something we have, it's something we DO. Please support HB324.

To Rep/Senator, democracy is important to me because everyone should have a say in the decisions that affect our lives. I love democracy, and I hope you will support policies that protect the freedom to vote for all Granite Staters this year.

Sample postcard:



Actions for Jan 30 - Feb 3

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Action #2 - Call Pres. Biden to talk about democracy at State of the Union Feb 7

The goal of this action is to contact President Biden to speak about democracy, the need for democracy reform, and the many solutions out there to make the promise of democracy real for us all. 

Comments: 202-456-1111    Email:

Possible script:

Good afternoon, I am calling to ask Pres. Biden to speak about the state of our democracy at his State of the Union speech next Thursday. I am concerned that the price tag of this past election broke records, and I would like to hear what Pres. Biden plans to do to the end the influence of wealthy interest groups so that voters can have the biggest say in our government. Thank you for taking my call.

If you want to take your email/call to social media, you can tweet @POTUS. Ex: I am hopeful @POTUS will talk about the state of our democracy at his State of the Union next week. Esp. excited to hear how he plans to protect our #FreedomToVote!

Action #3 - Adopt a Committee Member on House & Senate Election Law

The goal of this action is to develop grassroots constituent support in the districts of the members of House & Senate Election Law, so members can hear directly from constituents when priority bills come up in their committee. When you adopt a committee member, the hope is that you be the point person for that committee, and, you will reach out to Open Democracy members in your committee member's district to determine what issues those OD members care about, and how to get them engaged. We will provide you with a contact list.

House Election Law Rep Towns Senate Election Law District/Towns
Aidan Ankarberg Rochester, Ward 3  Chairman Gray Alton, Farmington, Gilmanton, New Durham, Rochester, and Strafford. 
Luz Bay Dover Wards 1-3, and 5-6  Chairman Murphy Manchester (Ward 1), and Candia, Goffstown, Hooksett, and Raymond. 
Ross Berry Manchester Ward 6, 8, 9  Daryl Abbas Atkinson, Pelham, Plaistow, and Salem. 
Ralph Boehm Litchfield  Donna Soucy Manchester (Wards 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9) and Litchfield 
Angela Brennan Bow, Hopkinton  Rebecca Perkins Kwoka Durham, Lee, Madbury, New Castle, Newfields, Newington, Newmarket, and Portsmouth. 

Claudine Burnham

Milton, Rochester Ward 5    
Jessica Grill Manchester Ward 12    
Joan Hamblet Portsmouth Ward 3    
Heidi Hamer Manchester Ward 10    

Heath Howard

Strafford, Barrington    
Stephen Kennedy Hudson    
Connie Lane Concord Ward 2    
Russell Muirhead Hanover, Lyme    
Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien  Derry    
James Qualey  Dublin, Jaffrey, Rindge    
Chairman Steven Smith  Charlestown, Unity, Newport    
Gerald Ward  Portsmouth Ward 4    
Robert Wherry  Hudson    
Clayton Wood  Chichester & Pittsfield    


Bonus Action - Find a pro-voter Supervisor of the Checklist to run for March election! Filing deadline Friday, Feb 3

The goal of this action is to forward pro-democracy/pro-voter supervisors of the checklist for March town elections, if you have March town meetings and a supervisor position is open. The filing period is this week for these positions!

If you are an SB2/May town meeting town, your filing period is March 22 - March 31.


Actions for Jan 23-28

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.

Action #2 - Join Voting Legislation Briefing

Open Democracy is co-sponsoring a briefing on voting legislation with NHCVR Thursday, Feb 2 from 6-7:30. The briefing will be an overview of our priority voting bills this session, and bills that we anticipate defending against. 

RSVP here!


Action #3 - Call House Election Law to support HB324 OR write an LTE about Money in Politics 

Thanks to your sign ins and action shares, we got an amazing 256 sign ins and 105 emails to the committee in support of Voter-Owned Elections!! Next step, continue to urge the Committee to vote HB324 favorably out of committee, and continue to connect the dots on money in politics, what Voter-Owned Elections are and why NH needs them.

Rep Number     Rep Number
Aidan Ankarberg 603-770-1795     Heath Howard 603-413-0090
Luz Bay 603.743.3440     Stephen Kennedy 603-880.4567
Ross Berry 603.944.9531     Connie Lane 603-491-7379
Ralph Boehm 603.860.6309     Russell Muirhead 617-767-6540
Angela Brennan 914.443.8595     Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien 603-339-4598

Claudine Burnham

603.755.9820     James Qualey 603-562-8951
Jessica Grill 603-566-6132     Steven Smith 603.826.5940
Joan Hamblet 603.205.4925     Gerald Ward 603.436.6142
Heidi Hamer 603.625.4895     Robert Wherry 603-247-7409
        Clayton Wood 603.396.6663


LTE Sample:

Voter Owned Elections-

I know I'm not the only one who has noticed my electricity and heating prices skyrocket as the temperatures have dropped. Curious that some of our elected officials' biggest donors are reaping profits on our ever-increasing cost of living, as the average voter struggles to make ends meet. New Hampshire needs a change that will put our freedoms front and center, not the bottom line of the wealthiest campaign donors. The solution is Voter-Owned Elections, HB324.

Voter-Owned Elections undermine the influence of corporations and non-NH donors in our politics, giving Granite Staters the power to determine our futures. It's an idea that's good for voters and candidates, that is used in other states by both Dems and Repubs, and that needs your support to pass. Call the NH House Election Law Committee and tell the members you want Voter-Owned Elections, that they should pass HB324:



If you wrote testimony for this bill, repurpose it as an LTE!

LTE submission tool HERE

Voter Owned Elections Talking Points

HB324 specifics HERE


Actions for Jan 16-20

Action #1 - Learn about "Democracy Vouchers" + Support HB324

The goal of this action is to review the policy details of "Democracy Dollars/Vouchers" to prepare for testimony on our publicly funded elections bill for Tuesday, 1/24 when it's up for public hearing in House Election Law. The Open Democracy book club hosted Tom Latkowski, who explained the details of this policy from his book, and Rep. Muirhead joined us to talk about NH's version of this policy (HB324) that we are supporting.


Sign in and submit testimony to SUPPORT HB324 (House Election Law, 10AM, 1/24):

Talking points HERE

About Voter Dollars:



Action #2 - Teach How to Sign in on Bills

The goal of this action is to build civic engagement and shine a spotlight on your action knowledge, by teaching a group local to your area how to sign in on bills. We talked about this in terms of a presentation last week, but this could also take the from of writing a synopsis of how to do this in your local paper, teaching a group of friends, or putting on a presentation for a group you're a part of.

HERE is the powerpoint we talked about last week, with directions on how to sign in on bills.


Action #3 - Sign in on Bills 

The Legislation Action page will be updated weekly, and ready for action every Friday.


Bonus Action - Social Media...

1) For a multiracial democracy:

In celebration of Dr. King's life and work, we must continue to build a multiracial democracy where the promises and freedoms of democracy are assured for all. This legislative session, let's work together to protect the freedom to vote and ensure every Granite Stater's voice and vote is heard. Contact your Rep/Senator and ask them to protect the freedom to vote:


2) To end Citizens United:

Open Democracy will be joining our national allies in Declaration for American Democracy in their twitter storm on Friday, Jan 20, 2-3PM, prior to the 13th Anniversary of the ruling in Citizens United on Jan 21st. Sample tweets and talking points are available HERE.


Actions for Jan 9-13, 2023

Action #1 - Sign in on Bills

There is a bill to make Jan 24th "Granny D Day" in New Hampshire coming up for a public hearing Wednesday Jan 11th.

The goal of this action is also to familiarize yourself with the slightly new layout of our 2023 legislation action page, so it's easy for you to navigate in the future. If you have questions as you're looking, let us know!

Legislation Action Page 2023:

Action #2 - Attend the Granny D birthday celebration! (and bring a friend!)

January 24, 7PM EST on Zoom. RSVP:


Action #3 - Watch House Election Law Orientation

The goal of this action is to meet the members of House Election Law, who had their orientation Tuesday morning Jan 10th. They introduced themselves and who they represent, heard a summary of news from the Secretary of State and Attorney General's Office, and did an overview of expectations for the session. All members of the Committee are listed HERE. Video recording HERE.


Actions for Dec 14 - Jan 1, 2023

Action #1 - Chat with Clerk

SB418, the bill that requires voters to cast a provisional ballot if they come to the polls without photo ID or if they register same-day for the first time in NH, goes into effect in 2023. Clerks and election workers will need to learn and put in place these new procedures in a matter of weeks. The goal of this action is to continue relationship building with our clerks, and reach out to see:

1. Does your clerk need help implementing the new rules of SB418?


2. Do they need any extra poll workers for any upcoming elections (town meetings, school board, etc)?

We may be able to help clerks with extra resources about the law change, and/or locate additional poll workers.

Please let Sara ([email protected]) or Olivia ([email protected]) know by email if you talked to your clerks, and what they said, since we will not see you all next week for a report back. Reminder: Dec 16th is the last team meeting for 2022.


Action #2 - Share Jan 17 book club - Democracy Vouchers

The Open Democracy Book Club returns Jan 17th, 2023 at 7PM EST on zoom!

Please spread the word and join us, RSVP here:


Sample social/graphics:

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