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2020 Priority Democracy Reform Bills

Establish small donor, voter-owned elections

*SB 304 Voter-Owned Elections Act was amended to be a legislative study committee, rather than a full-fledged bill. This committee will allow us to educate the legislature on the value of publicly-funded elections. With record amounts of money in NH’s elections expected in 2020, the question is no longer whether we can afford public financing of elections; it's whether we can afford not to.  On Jan 8, 2020 this was passed by the Senate and is heading to the House. 

End gerrymandering and modernize voting 


*HB1665  establishes an independent redistricting commission to overcome partisan gerrymandering.  

SB 8, which establishes an independent redistricting commission, passed the senate and the house, is in finance. 

Modernize voting 

SB 7 - establishing the secure modern accurate registration act (SMART ACT) which creates an automatic voter registration system for NH, passed the senate and the house, is currently in house finance.

SB 305- Online Voter Registration and establishment of an election information portal, passed the Senate, referred to the Finance Committee. 

HB 1534, establishing a commission to study the creation of online voter registration for the 2022 state elections. 

Eradicate Super Pac & neutralize Citizens United 

*HB 1643, a bill banning corporations  and special interests from making donations directly to candidates using unrestricted funds.


Expose unlimited, anonymous Dark Money

*HB 1525, which requires registration and reporting of groups spending $2500 or more of political activity in New Hampshire to register with the Secretary of State's office.  

HB 1415 this bill was amendment 2020-0052h to prohibit independent expenditures within 90 days unless it is reported. 


Eliminate Pay-To-Play Lobbyist & contractor donations 

SB 490,  Eliminate Pay-To-Play contractor donations, this gives the voters confidence that the State of New Hampshire is looking out for their interests, and will eliminate the “appearance of impropriety” from our system.

Lobbyist Reform

*HB1669, requiring electronic filing of lobbyist forms.

HB1413, requiring lobbyist forms submitted in writing to be legible.

HB 1183,  establishing a committee to study RSA 15 relative to lobbyists.

HB 1584, relative to the penalty for failure to comply with the statutory requirements for lobbyists


Enforce campaign finance laws & close loopholes

HB 1191, defining what campaign funds can and cannot be used for.

HB 1296, requiring municipal offices to comply with campaign finance laws.

SB 586, requiring back up receipts for candidates who give more than $1,000 to themselves or family.


Educate voters and citizens

SB 537, Proclaiming Granny D Day, Senate Election law passed this 5-0.

HB1395, establishing a committee to study ballot access and improve civic engagement.

*Open Democracy Action top priorities bills



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