Take Action on the HB 1665 Independent Redistricting Commission

Together we end gerrymandering!

Join the NH Fair Maps in sharing public testimony on HB 1665 Independent Redistricting Commission and the need to eliminate back room, partisan gerrymandering in New Hampshire. Please sign with Open Democracy Action and hold a sign prior to the hearing.
If you're unable to submit testimony in person, you can share your thoughts with the Election Law committee by contacting them at [email protected] by noon on Monday.
HB 1665 is a bipartisan-crafted, constitutional, New Hampshire solution to creating fair maps. Gerrymandering is a real problem in New Hampshire, just look at the Executive Council! The commission created in HB 1665 is advisory only – the legislature still needs to approve the maps, thereby ensuring the bill’s constitutionality. Click here to learn more about redistricting.
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