HR7 Talking Points



  • HR 7, the Real Reform Amendment, requests the US Senate and US House of Representatives consider a Constitutional Amendment requiring that all contributions to federal candidates come from eligible voters in that federal jurisdiction. In other words, all contributions to a US Senate campaign must come from voters in the state holding the election and all contributions to a US House campaign must come from voters in that congressional district. Eligible voters from any state may contribute to a Presidential campaign.
  • This amendment eliminates Political Action Committees, Independent Expenditures and contributions arranged by lobbyists except for their clients within that jurisdiction. Individual contributions would be the only financial contributions permitted by law. The Federal Election Commission sets individual contribution limits every campaign cycle. In 2016, the limit was $2,700 to any one candidate in a primary and an additional $2,700 in the general election. 
  • The Real Reform Amendment favors no party or interest group.
  • The affect of this amendment would be to take the FOR SALE sign down over Washington, DC. 
  • The Real Reform Amendment does not affect campaigns for state, county or municipal offices as each of the individual states establishes their own laws regarding state, county and local races.


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