Advocates who feel passionately about issues can create change by "bird-dogging" candidates for national, state, and local offices.

Bird-dogging means finding opportunities in public forums to ask candidates specific questions or share information that reveals (and sometimes changes) their views.

New Hampshire's First-In-The Nation primary, which demands that candidates meet and answer questions from voters, and which is covered extensively by national and international news media, is the perfect place to bird-dog presidential hopefuls. However, local races matter, and it's also important to bird-dog state and local candidates.

You can find high quality, up to date information on candidate events using the Bird Dog NH New Hampshire Candidate Events Calendar.

Need a question for the presidential candidates? We suggest these:

  • I agree with many people in government who say that the way campaigns are funded results in an uneven playing field--big-money donors and lobbyists have too much influence on laws and policies. Would you support campaign finance reform on the federal level, and if so, what type of system would you propose to return government to the people?
  • Poll after poll tell us that New Hampshire voters are hungry for solutions that reduce the power of wealthy donors in political campaigns and give everyday people a stronger voice. Would you support campaign finance reform, and if so, what type of system do you think would return government to the people?
  • 80% of voters see big money in elections as a problem. They know that, compared to big-money donors and lobbyists, they have no voice. Do you believe its time for Congress to fix to the way elections are funded, and if so, what solution would you propose?

We hope you get your question answered. If you do, please let us know! Try to get the candidate response on video or audio record, and send that to Olivia