Reform Caucus Legislative Update

#14, March 30, 2018

What you need to know in a nutshell (details follow)

SB 363 (banning donations from foreign nationals) had its hearing on March 29 and could be voted upon at the next House Election Law Committee meeting. While no date has been set for the Committee to meet, we urge advocates to contact Committee members and ask them to support the bill.

The details

The House Election Law Committee heard all remaining bills on its docket last Thursday. Included was SB 363 (banning donations from foreign nationals). Testimony was almost universally positive. You can find copies of Olivia Zink and Rick Bourdon's testimony at ODA's State House Page and contact information for House Election Law committee members here.

If ever there was a bill deserving quick passage, this is it. Given the nationwide concern about foreign meddling in US elections, a law outlawing foreign contributions should be a no-brainer. The Senate apparently felt that way, passing a strengthened version of SB 363 unanimously. The House, of course, is a different story. SB 363's fate in the House will be telling.

To contact ODA

Open Democracy Action: 4 Park Street Suite 301, Concord, NH 03301 

Office: (603) 715-8197 

Olivia Zink: [email protected]; (603) 661-8621 (cell)

Rick Bourdon: [email protected]; (603) 795-2818; (603) 759-1888 (cell) 

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