2020 Democracy Reform Bills - Voting Rights




2020-2029 HB relative to domicile residency, voter registration, and investigation of voter verification letters. Timothy Horrigan  
2020-2030 HB relative to the terms resident, inhabitant, residence, and residency. Timothy Horrigan  
2020-2089 HB relative to the form of a candidate's name on the official ballot in nonpartisan town elections. Robert Renny Cushing  
2020-2104 HB relative to access to ballots and verification counts of machine-counted ballots. Ellen Read  
2020-2137 HB establishing a commission to study the feasibility and financial impact of using electronic poll books. William Pearson  
2020-2139 HB directing the legislative budget assistant to conduct a financial audit of the secretary of state's office. William Pearson  
2020-2154 HB relative to removing party affiliations from general election ballots. Timothy Lang  
2020-2155 HB relative to selectmen pro tem on state election day. Timothy Lang  
2020-2204 HB relative to early voting for persons with disabilities. Richard Komi  
2020-2242 CACR relating to recall elections. Providing that the general court may authorize recall elections. Ellen Read  
2020-2308 HB relative to the use of an official ballot in towns. Kat McGhee  
2020-2335 HB relative to elections in collective bargaining. Hershel Nunez  
2020-2340 HB establishing the New Hampshire local election participation act. Katherine Rogers  
2020-2368 HB permitting certain political organizations to appear on a general election ballot after holding a nominating convention. Max Abramson  
2020-2387 HB relative to the definition of contracts relative to official ballot default budgets. Julie Gilman  
2020-2431 HB requiring election officers and supervisors of the checklist to visit skilled nursing facilities and elderly and disabled residences within their jurisdiction for the purpose of assisting with voter registration and casting absentee ballots. Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien  
2020-2463 HB permitting the processing of absentee ballots prior to election day, and relative to the absentee ballot application form. Keith Erf  
2020-2557 HB relative to the release of voting information in a presidential election. Andrew Prout  
2020-2558 HB allowing voters to vote by absentee ballot. Katherine Rogers  
2020-2559 HB relative to prisoners' voting rights. Andrew Bouldin  
2020-2580 HB establishing a commission to create online voter registration for the 2020 state elections. Barbara Griffin  
2020-2601 HB relative to the distribution of campaign materials inside a polling place. Timothy Smith  
2020-2650 HB relative to absentee ballot request forms. Paul Bergeron  
2020-2653 HB relative to sample ballots. Joshua Query

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