Gubernatorial Democracy Town Hall with Andru Volinsky

Welcome to the NH Gubernatorial Democracy Town Hall Series!

Open Democracy Action and its democracy partners invite you to an evening with candidate for NH Governor and Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky on Tuesday, July 21 at 7 p.m. via video conference.   Read more about Counselor Volinsky at his web page

As you know, Open Democracy Action and Equal Citizens conducted 11 nonpartisan Presidential Democracy Town Halls in 2019 and early 2020, including Republicans and Democrats, and has invited all candidates currently on the ballot*, including Governor Chris Sununu.   

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The Format

The Democracy Town Hall is one hour long, with the first 30 minutes being indepth questions from the moderators, including our executive director, Olivia Zink and other coalition leaders.   The second 30 minutes will be questions you've submitted in advance, and the moderators will be monitoring the chat for important follow-up questions.

The DTH format has been excellent for both the voters and the candidates, allowing a forum for discussing the democracy erosion issues that underpin the lack of progress on a host of issues:   Climate change; education; prescription drugs and healthcare; clean air and clean water; a living wage; Medicare and Medicaid; and scores of other issues where manipulation of our electoral system, and Big Money's influence of our elected officials, diminishes the voice of the people.

Focused on Democracy

Among the issues we'll explore will be: 

  • Corporate and LLC donations, and getting around NH's $7,000 donation limit
  • Endng voters suppression and making voting more accessible
  • Solutions for redistricting and fixing gerrymandering
  • Ranked Choice Voting
  • Corporate donations
  • Dark money 501C4s and C6s, & transparency
  • Requiring campaign finance
  • Lobbying reforms like submitting reports online
  • Enforcing of lobbying and campaign finance rules - which rarely happens in NH

How to Ask a Question of the Candidate  

Our conversation with the candidate will be limited to democracy issues, or how our broken structure affects an issue such as Climate Change, for example.   When you RSVP, your confirmation email will have a link where you can submit your question in advance.  If you have a question for a specific candidate, please indicate to which candidate it's directed.

Our Sponsors

We are joined by several hard-working groups who believe in a system which works for the People.    Our NH Gubernatorial Democracy Town Hall is co-hosted by Equal Citizens, NH Ranked Choice Voting, NH Voters Restoring Democracy, an NH Independent Voters.

RSVP for the Video Conference Event

The event will be live via video conference, and an RSVP is required for all participants.   The RSVP link is below, and space is limited in the conference, so please act quickly to reserve a spot.  

Thank you for participating.  As Granny D said, "Democracy isn't something we HAVE.  It is something we DO." 

For questions or special accommodations, please contact Open Democracy Action's administrator Doreen, and she'll be happy to help you.  

*There may be additional candidates pending obtaining the required signatures to be added to the NH State ballot.







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July 21, 2020 at 7:00pm - 8pm
Online via Zoom

Who's RSVPing

Kristen MacWilliams
Daniel Holmes
Susan Read-Smith
Joanne eMUS
Richard Maynard
Barbara Hughes
Stephanie Weiner
Arnie Alpert
Betsy Loughran
Bev Cotton
Olivia Zink
Marcia Garber
Martha Jane Rich
Christine Murphy
Steve Rand
Corinne Dodge
Robert Butler
Larry Haddock
Ann Garland
Brian Beihl

Will you come?

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